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The 4 Best Dog Trainers in Richmond Hill [2023]

Seeking experienced dog trainers in Richmond Hill? Check out our top 4 professionals, each selected based on customer reviews and ratings.

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Help your furry friend be their best! Reach out to one of the top dog trainers in Richmond Hill today!

1) Sit Stay Learn

At SitStayLearn Dog Training they use the most up-to-date science-based positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Their trainers are experts in teaching dogs of all ages and breeds how to behave in a way that is conducive to happy home life. They believe that through positive reinforcement dog training, all dogs can learn to be well-mannered members of their family and community.

Business Information:
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Customer Review:
“Janis has been so accommodating throughout the whole puppy phase! She's always there to answer your questions and provide any guidance. Her approach to training was not only fun for my puppy but also myself and my partner. Don't hesitate to reach out to Janis if you're considering training for your pup!”
“Janis is a wealth of information for all things puppy - behaviours, crate training, feeding, toys, grooming etc. She was the guiding voice we needed as we brought our puppy home - and was always accessible when needed. I highly recommend Janis to anyone who is considering bringing home a puppy. Thank you Janis!”

2) My Obedient Dog

My Obedient Dog is a company in Richmond Hill that teaches you the language of dogs. Their training consists of obedience, behaviour modification, as well as dog psychology. They offer private lessons indoors year-round as well as group classes outdoors all throughout the spring, summer, and fall semester at various times daily!

Business Information:

Google listing –
36 Edelweiss Ave. Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4L8, Canada

Customer Review:
“Sho is extremely knowledgeable about dog behaviours. She helped our little Norfolk terrier Riley with recall and proper walking on leash. In a few lessons, our dog had learned many new skills and corrected her bad behaviours. And she trained the owner (me) too!! Highly recommend!!”
“Thanks Sho for helping us train our puppy. We are so happy with how well he's behaving and we'll definitely continue to use and practise the techniques you've taught us. He has definitely come a long way and we couldn't have done it without your expertise.

3) Pal In-Home Dog Training

Pal In-Home Dog Training offers in-home dog training services. The company’s trainers are experienced and have a lot of knowledge about dog behaviour. They use positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs, which helps to create a strong bond between the dog and the owner. Pal In-Home Dog Training also offers obedience classes, which are a great way for dogs to learn basic commands and manners.

Business Information:
Thornhill, Vaughan  & GTA

Customer Review:
“Bryan does a great job on answering questions and being informed. He comes prepared with a schedule, some learning material for us and overall a positive attitude. Our puppy Lily loves him and we look forward to our lessons every week.”
“Working with Bryan was great. He's very knowledgeable and generous with his time going over anything you want to review. First course is great to get you set up and working on fundamentals”

4) Benridge Canine Services

If you’re looking for a place that will work with your dog and help him overcome any problems, look no further than Benridge Canine Services. Whether it’s aggression or separation anxiety- they’ve got this! 

The family business is passionate about taking care of each case in the best possible manner while following all results from their rehabilitation process which includes addressing various issues that your dog may be facing.

Business Information:
3237 Bayview Ave Unit PH1310, North York, ON M2K 2J7, Canada

Customer Review:
“My mother in law sent her dog Harry to stay with Emmanuel for a board and train and Harry came back a completely different dog! He was calm, controlled his food impulses and was manageable during walks. Emmanuel was fantastic! Sent updates, photos and tips for when Harry came home. We could not recommend him enough!”
“My puppy was really hard to walk bc she pulled way too hard, thanks for correcting it. Also she experienced a lot with the trainer and came back way more relaxed and calm. Good experience”
FAQs about Dog Training

The average cost of dog training in Richmond Hill is about $60 for a one-hour session. However, the price can vary depending on the experience and expertise of the trainer, as well as the size and breed of the dog. 

Dog training is the process of teaching a dog how to behave in a specific way. This can include basic commands such as sit, stay, and come, as well as more complex behaviours such as retrieving items or behaving appropriately around other animals. 

There are many benefits to dog training, including reducing the risk of biting and aggression, helping the dog learn commands and how to behave appropriately, and improving the overall relationship between dog and owner.

The amount of training will vary depending on the dog’s personality, obedience level desired, and how much effort the owner puts into training. However, on average, it takes about six months to a year to train a dog completely. 


If you’re looking for the best dog training in Richmond Hill, any of these four businesses will be able to help. They all have proven track records of success, and they will be more than happy to work with you and your furry friend. So what are you waiting for? Give them a call today!