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The 5 Best Dermatologists in Richmond Hill [2023]

In need of expert skin care assistance in Richmond Hill? Browse through our selection of the top-rated dermatologists, particularly chosen based on customer reviews, locality, and range of services on offer.

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Take proper care of your skin. Make an appointment with one of the best dermatologists in Richmond Hill today!

1) Danesh Aesthetics - Dr.M.Danesh ND

Danesh Aesthetics’ practice is based on integrating conventional, alternative, and functional medicine to craft a method based on your medical and cosmetic needs. At their clinics, their goal is to help you achieve excellent health and beauty by using the actions of dissimilar conventional and alternative medical procedures and treatments. 

Danesh Aesthetics’ goal is to provide medical and cosmetic care to your hair and scalp, including conditions such as acne treatment and removal of blemishes and scars, as well as salons specializing in preparing your hair for special social events.

Business Information:
11160 Yonge St #7, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1K9, Canada

Customer Review:
“Dr. Danesh is amazing. He listens to his patients carefully and provides the best solution. He helped me to resolve some diet issues which improved my health significantly. He is one of the BEST doctors I’ve seen in my life!”
“I had indented ance scars on my cheek area for many years(more than 20 years).Dr.Danesh helped me to treat and resurface the scar.I am very happy with the result and I definitely recommend Danesh Aesthetics.”

2) Vanish Cosmetic Clinic

At the Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, they offer state-of-the-art devices that are expensive and exclusive in Toronto. In addition to that, their exceptional service team is unique for being useful and courteous to all your cosmetic issues. 

Their medical professionals are experts at cosmetic dermatology, and they offer an array of individualized skin care treatment options. One such treatment can help you overcome issues with dry, dull, flaky, protruding skin, discoloration, wrinkles, pitted/scarlet, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation.

Business Information: 
9201 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1H9, Canada

Customer Review:
“After a few years of looking for someone to help me with my tattoo removal i finally ended up at vanish. and let me tell you what an amazing experience. they did a very good job at removing my tattoo. everything healed perfectly fine and i couldn’t be happier. 10/10 would recommend”
“Today I came for my third RF treatment and have already seen a major difference in my skin. I had also done diamond polar for a few sessions to help contour my face. My skin is more firm and I have a more pronounced jaw line. Thank you Vanish”

3) Unique Cosmetic Clinic

Unique Cosmetic Clinic offers a variety of professional cosmetic services in Richmond Hill. When you come to Unique Cosmetic Clinic, they will work with you to develop a unique, personalized treatment plan. Understanding the personal goals and needs they are known for helps them give you the personal level of care you deserve.

Business Information:
1650 Elgin Mills Rd E Unit 207, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 0B2, Canada

Customer Review:
“I'm glad I found unique cosmetic clinic. Dr. Bimesl and his Staff are very friendly and professional. I love the results of my treatment. And will definitely refer him to my friends.”
“Dr. Bimesl is a very talented and knowledgeable doctor. I had contemplated doing filler injections for many years and was never able to find a clinic I could trust. I have had dermal fillers done by him twice and absolutely love the results. Thank you!!”

4) Richmond Hill Cosmetic Clinic

They attempt to serve their clients to the fullest, so they can see quick, effective results while being comfortable in all facets of their health. Richmond Hill Cosmetic Clinic aims to fulfill every guest’s expectations and to allow them to look much about the way they’ve always hoped to. Their staff is dedicated to the construction of highly effective, individual treatment plans.

Business Information:

Google listing – Richmondhillcosmeticclinic
9080 Yonge St Unit 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0Y7, Canada

Customer Review:
“I am impressed with this clinic, the office and the treatment rooms are very clean. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. Loved my experience with Danielle. My family is also happy with their services. Highly recommended!”
“Definitely recommend this place. The staff are super friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable in their work. They make me feel very comfortable and I have been happy with the results.”

5) York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre

York Dermatology Clinic and Research Centre is handily located in Richmond Hill, where it provides medical treatment, cosmetic services, and clinical research for chronic dermatological conditions. Patients have access to a comprehensive range of treatment options for both medical and cosmetic dermatology. They perform non-invasive cosmetic procedures on-site for your convenience.

Business Information:

Google listing –
250 Harding Blvd W #202, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9M7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Dr Cecchini and staff are all wonderful! Friendly environment, I never wait long for my appointment and always feel my skin needs are met when I leave.”
“Dr. Cecchini is a great dermatologist! I've been taking accutane for 10 months and my skin looks amazing. The staff are also very friendly and helpful.”
FAQs about Dermatologists

The cost to see a dermatologist in the area of Richmond Hill can vary depending on the provider. In general, however, the average cost to visit a dermatologist in Richmond Hill is between $75 and $125 per visit.

A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Dermatologists can offer a wide range of treatments for conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer. They can also provide advice on how to protect your skin from the sun and other environmental factors that can damage it. 

Dermatologists are experts in diagnosing and treating skin conditions. How often you should visit a dermatologist depends on your age, health, and skin condition. Adults should visit a dermatologist at least once a year, while children should visit every six months to one year.

Dermatologist clinics provide a variety of services that can help improve the health and appearance of skin. Services offered by dermatologist clinics include skin cancer screenings, cosmetic procedures, and treatment for skin conditions. 


If you are looking for a dermatologist in Richmond Hill, the five doctors we have listed should be at the top of your list. They all have excellent ratings and years of experience. We hope this article has been helpful and that you find the perfect doctor to suit your needs.