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The 8 Best Animal Clinics in Mississauga [2023]

Animal clinics are an important part of any community, and Mississauga is no exception. Pets are a big part of many families’ lives, so it’s crucial that there be reliable animal clinics in the area that can offer quality care for them when they need it.

In this article, we will introduce you to seven great animal clinics in Mississauga. We have done our research and selected these clinics based on their years of experience, reputation among pet owners, variety of services offered and more!

 So whether your furry friend needs a routine check-up or emergency surgery, one (or more) of these amazing animal clinics should be able to help.

1) Mississauga Animal Hospital

The Mississauga Animal Hospital has been around for over 30 years and has seen a lot of growth in that time. From being just one small vet practice, the clinic has now become an established family business with two highly-skilled vets. 

Veterinarians and staff at the hospital are ready to provide cutting-edge veterinary care for all of your pet’s needs – from wellness exams to vaccines (including infectious disease prevention) and advanced diagnostics like radiographs or ultrasounds.

If you’re ever uncomfortable asking questions about what happens during surgery, don’t worry because the doctors here always go into detail on anything which is necessary. 

Plus, you get excellent rates and quality services when traveling from other cities!

Business Information:
365 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L5A 1X3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Dr. Paul Walker, his veterinarians and his staff are very professional. When I take my pet there, I know he is in the best of care. They explain everything they've done and anything else that has to be done. They even forward claims to the pet insurance company! Thank you, Dr. Paul and everyone at Mississauga Animal Hospital!”
- Billy Cruise
I have been to this hospital for checkups and much tougher situations over the years. They have always been so compassionate and gentle with my cats and kind to me.
- Leanne Ramnarine

2) Truscott Animal Hospital

At Truscott Animal Hospital, your pet’s medical needs are always a top priority. That’s why they have a preparation room and operating suite that are fully equipped with everything necessary to make sure dogs or cats feel as comfortable as possible during surgery. 

This includes a fully equipped anesthetic machine with monitors in case they wake up before doctors have finished! 

Plus, their use of modern technology like digital x-rays means that they’re able to get started treating right away – no more waiting around for results!

Business Information:
2425 Truscott Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 2B4, Canada

Customer Review:
“Dr. Erini A, is such a wonderful vet. She was compassionate, gentle and so sweet with my scared little Gigi. Her surgery went very well, the meds Dr. Erini wrote out were super detailed. The prices are fair. I highly recommend this hospital.”
- M. Slocinska
“The vets are caring, thoughtful and kind. their number one priority is your pets health. I couldn’t feel happier. The staff are also very nice as well. Danielle and Wania are wonderful, professional and caring. My puppy adores them.”
- Diane T.

3) Erindale Animal Hospital

Erindale Animal Hospital is a professional and caring vet clinic run by Dr. Chung, who listens attentively to pet owners’ needs before providing them with treatment options tailored just for their furry friends! 

The team at Erindale Animal Hospital strives on being up-to-date with all advancements in veterinary technology while remembering that every animal deserves loving care from checkup through surgery or procedure. 

Their professional services allow owners to feel confident knowing that they will be taken good care of if it’s just one visit or an ongoing relationship.

Business Information:
4040 Creditview Rd #27, Mississauga, ON L5C 3Y8, Canada

Customer Review:
“Dr. Chang is a wonderful veterinary doctor. She has a lot of compassion towards the pets and therefore, she treats them like babies. I’m grateful that I found her for my puppy.”
- Maria Naylor
“Thank you so much Dr. Chung and your team for giving my dog a successful dental surgery, he is so happy now! Thanks again from Mickey!!
- Luke Lau

4) The Collegeway Animal Hospital

The Clinic is located in Mississauga and provides veterinary care for dogs, cats, and pocket pets. 

The clinic has a full service orientation to keep your pet healthy with vaccinations as well as other types of medical treatment like surgical procedures or dental check-ups; they also use digital x-rays which gives them an edge over their competitors. 

When owners bring their pets to the clinic, they will receive loving attention from amazing staff who are always happy when faced by furry friends because it shows how much love animals deserve. 

The staff at this clinic really understand what’s important – quick response time! When an animal becomes seriously ill, doctors are able to provide the most effective treatment so that the owner can be updated on their condition quickly.

Business Information:
2686 The Collegeway #101, Mississauga, ON L5L 2M9, Canada

Customer Review:
“We are so happy with Dr. Hanna. As new puppy owners, we have had a lot of questions. Dr. Hanna always makes us feel welcomed and reassured and gives loving care to our puppy.”
- Jane Zingone
The care and dedication of Dr. Hanna and his team is like no other. Every animal and their pawrent matters. A true blessing to the animal care industry. Thank you for loving our animals the way we do!
- Glynis H

5) Lorne Park Animal Hospital

Lorne Park Animal Hospital is a low-cost clinic that provides the best possible care for furry friends. Clinic has an expert team of doctors who take excellent preparation before providing any procedure, so owners can be confident in what vets do together! 

Hospital offers a wide range of services including routine vaccines/ examinations along with emergency medical attention when needed. 

Vets always take the time to explain things in detail – ensuring that you understand everything that’s happening every step of the way. 

Plus, staff at this clinic are all professional and very gentle with animals – making sure they’re as comfortable as possible during their visit.

Business Information:
1107 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga, ON L5H 3A1, Canada

Customer Review:
“Amazing staff and service!! Dr.Memon is extremely knowledgeable and takes his time to explain everything and answer all my questions. The staff is also super amazing with my puppy, everytime i bring him in they always show him love and he actually enjoys visiting the vet!“
- Mikail Khan
“I've been using this veterinarian for about 4 years. They have saved me a lot of money and they have saved my dog's life multiple times.”
- Joseph Barker

6) Burnhamthorpe Animal Hospital

Burnhamthorpe Animal Hospital is a team of 4 veterinarians, 2 registered veterinary technicians and a host of other caring support staff who work to serve you and your beloved furry friends as if they were our own! 

They have been serving the local Mississauga community for over 30 years now and provide a wide range of veterinary services and pet care to their clients. 

From routine check-ups to surgeries, Burnhamthorpe Animal Hospital has got you covered when it comes to ensuring that your pet remains happy and healthy!

Business Information:
600 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C4, Canada

Customer Review:
“We have been bringing our dog here for over a year. The staff is excellent, friendly and knowledgeable. Recently we had an emergency, and they were very accommodating and found time to help us. We are very lucky to find a vet that is so close to us, and very helpful.”
- Clift Liem
“The staff are very compassionate and friendly. All the doctors are very good and our cat Simi’s doctor, Melissa McPhee, is one of the most compassionate and caring doctors you can find. Overall, there is nothing negative I can say. I highly recommend this clinic.”
- Rashid Parekh

7) Southdown Animal Clinic

Southdown Animal Clinic has been around for over 40 years and was founded by Dr D V Warren. They offer a variety of services that are beneficial to both your pet’s health and well-being. 

This clinic emphasizes client education and preventative medicine in order to provide the best possible care for your beloved companion animal. 

From medical needs to surgical procedures, this clinic can cater to all of your pet’s health concerns!

Business Information:
2106 Truscott Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 2A6, Canada

Customer Review:
“The entire staff is Kind caring and compassionate. They always treat us and our babies like family.”
- Mike Leonardo
“The vet was very kind, treated my cat well, and gave us some medicine. She then called back a few days later to check how he was doing, which was much appreciated.”
- Steven Dirckze

8) Hwy 403-Dundas Animal Hospital

Dundas Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic that has been providing high-quality care to pets in the Mississauga area for many years. They offer everything from routine vaccinations and checkups to surgery and dental services. 

Dundas Animal Hospital also has a staff of experienced animal nutritionists who can help you create a diet plan tailored specifically for your pet! 

Their team of qualified professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care, so you can rest assured knowing that they’re in good hands.

Business Information:
3075 Ridgeway Dr #22, Mississauga, ON L5L 5M6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Very knowledgeable and professional staff. We had a problem with the dog. The dog was diagnosed immediately and surgery was offered. It was the lowest price among other clinics which we checked later. But the best service.”
- Jessica Owens
“I've been coming here with my cats for years, and I find that this vet is very understanding, affordable (especially for low income families), and who actually cares not only about our pets but us - the owners well-being as well. I highly believe in their service and definitely agree they deserve 5 stars. “
- Chelsea Penner
FAQs About Animal Clinics

There is no real difference between a veterinary hospital and clinic – it’s all about personal preference when the owner designs their building or decides on what to call their clinic.

There are many animal clinics to choose from and to find which one is right for your pet, here are a few steps to take in account; ask for recommendations, visit the clinic, ask questions and feel the atmosphere of the clinic.
Every clinic is different but has a variety of services that will help you pet. Here are a few; laser surgeries, dental procedures, digital radiography, pet grooming and much more.
To get your pet their regular examination check up, it is recommended to bring them to the clinic about once a year.

There are many great animal clinics in Mississauga, but the seven listed above stand out from the rest. These clinics offer quality care at an affordable price, and they always put the welfare of their patients first. 

If you’re looking for a reliable clinic to take your pet to, be sure to check out one of these establishments.