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The 5 Best Vet Clinics in Oakville [2023]

Ensure your pet’s well-being with Oakville’s top vet clinics! They offer a range of services and boast licensed, experienced vets, earning their place through stellar customer reviews and quality care. And for more animal services in the GTA, be sure to check out:

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Trust these veterinarians for your furry friend’s best care!

What's the Average Cost of a Vet Visit in Oakville?

The average cost of a vet visit in Oakville is $50. However, this price can vary depending on the type of care your pet needs. For example, if your pet requires surgery, the cost will be much higher. 

Some of the most common treatments and their cost are as follows:

  • Vaccinations: $20-$30
  • Dental cleaning: $200
  • X-rays: $100
  • Surgery: $1,000+ 

Of course, these prices are just estimates. The actual cost will depend on the vet clinic you visit and the type of care your pet needs. 

The Best Vet Clinics in Oakville

If you’re looking for the best possible care for your pet, then you’ll want to take them to one of the top vet clinics in Oakville. Here are our picks for the five best vet clinics in the city!

1) Animal Hospital of Oakville

The Animal Hospital of Oakville is committed to providing the best veterinary services for all your furry friends. Their doctors are licensed to provide medical, surgical, and dental care for cats and dogs along with routine pet wellness visits. They are happy to provide personalized attention to pets so that they can provide companionship to individuals and families day in and day out. 

They provide expert care for all family pets including spaying and neutering, vaccinations, sick visits, senior care, and more. In addition to their comprehensive medical services, they also offer a variety of products and services to help keep your pet healthy and happy including nutritional counseling, weight loss programs, behavioral training, and much more.

 Whether you have a new puppy or an elderly cat, the Animal Hospital of Oakville is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your furry friend.

Business Information:
234 South Service Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 2X5

Customer Review:
“I have been completely satisfied with the care and courtesy of all the staff at the Animal Hospital of Oakville. Thank you for taking care of our dog!”
“My family has been going her forever and when I got a dog this is the first place I wanted my dog to go. All the staff there are amazing and very welcoming. Dr. Mat best is a fantastic veterinarian who deeply cares for the animals and makes sure all your concerns and worries are answered. Definitely recommend.”

2) Oakville Animal Clinic

The Oakville Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinarian clinic that provides care for all types of animals. Their services include vaccinations, spay and neuter procedures, pet behavioral counseling, and emergency care. This pet clinic is passionate about providing superior quality care and service for pets in need. 

Their primary focus is to educate pet owners to prevent diseases that affect their pets in the first place. The staff at the Oakville Animal Clinic are highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet. 

If you are ever in need of veterinary services, be sure to check out the Oakville Animal Clinic. You and your pet will be glad you did!

Business Information:
218 Kerr St, Oakville, ON L6K 3A8

Customer Review:
“Dr. Warren has been amazing with our bulldog Trevor. The staff are so nice and very good at their jobs. Everyone makes time for you and everyone has a smile on their face!!!”
“Took my Boots (rag doll cat) in today as I thought she had a chest infection. Dr Waters examined her and it turned out she had late stage cancer. Can’t say enough good things about Dr Waters and the team at the clinic. Thank you for being so compassionate and caring for both Boots and me. ❤️😪”

3) Sixteen Mile Veterinary Clinic

When it comes to finding a trusted veterinarian, look no further than Sixteen Mile Veterinary Clinic. For over three decades, this clinic has been providing top-notch care for all kinds of animals, from the family dog to the neighborhood cat. 

The team of veterinarians and support staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care for each and every patient, and they offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of pet owners. 

In addition to routine annual visits, they also offer emergency care and vaccinations, which can be essential for pet owners who travel with their pets. Whether you’re looking for a new vet for your furry friend or you need someone to trust in an emergency, Sixteen Mile Veterinary Clinic is the perfect choice.

Business Information:
483 Dundas St W, Oakville, ON L6M 1L9

Customer Review:
“Thankful I found this vet! They were able to fit me in last minute after my kitten had an emergency. They got me in right away and the vet took her time to talk to me, examine Charlie, and tell me the $ amounts of everything. Definitely felt well taken care of and that I had options. Thank you!”
“We had the best experience at Sixteen Mile. All the staff were super nice and professional. Dr. Sohpie was so good with our puppy and gave us all the information we needed and chatted about all our options for different medications and vaccines. We loved our entire experience and would highly recommend.”

4) Oakpark Pet Hospital

Oakpark Pet Hospital is a well run veterinary hospital that strives to provide the best care for animals in need. They are at the forefront of technology, offering the most up-to-date procedures and treatments for pets. Their caring staff includes veterinarians, vet technicians, and receptionists.

They have trained staff devoted to the human-animal bond with commitment and professionalism. Your pets will always receive the excellent medical care they deserve, along with the love and kindness they would receive if they were at home.

Business Information:
370 Dundas St E C1, Oakville, ON L6H 6Z9

Customer Review:
“Oakpark is the best we have ever been too! We switched vets when our American Bulldog was a puppy and have had a great experience. They don't blame/shame, they help to educate, and are raw food friendly. We recently moved 2+ hours away and will continue to take our boy here, as it is worth the drive. All of the vets and staff are amazing and so friendly.”
“The awesomest veterinarian/pet hospital we have ever dealt with. Friendliest staff, excellent care for our senior dog and convenient for us. I cannot say enough how appreciative we are for everyone here. Like family.”

5) Lakeshore Road Animal Hospital

Lake Shore Road Animal Hospital is a one-stop shop for all of your pet needs. From medical care to behavioral training, they have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your furry friend. 

Their state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to handle both routine and emergency care, and their digital x-ray apparatuses, urinalysis machines, and on-site blood machines make it one of the most comfortable establishments around. 

So whether you need a place to take your pet for their annual check-up or you find yourself in the middle of a pet emergency, Lake Shore Road Animal Hospital is the perfect place to go.

Business Information:
2319 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6L 1H2

Customer Review:
“Staff and Vet are amazing. Truly care about your animal. My 13 year old dog was very sick and I was nervous about what that might mean for her. The team took her in at their earliest convenience and thanks to them she was on the mend within an hour. I’m so grateful!!”
“Lovely staff! I was recommended here after going to a different clinic for ten years. Within minute si knew lakeshore road animal hospital was THE best place we could have chosen. Front staff and vet were amazing to our chihuahua.”
FAQs about Vet Clinics
Most pet insurance policies will cover at least a portion of the cost of vet clinic visits. It is always best to check with your specific insurer to see what is covered.
It is always best to call ahead and make an appointment, especially if you are seening a specific vet. However, many clinics also accept walk-ins.
There are many different services a vet clinic provides that will make your pet happy and healthy. Here are a few common services they offer; medical care, surgery, grooming, boarding, and more. Vet clinics typically have a multitude of veterinarians on hand to provide the best possible care for your pet.
When your pet is suddenly acting out of character, has an injury, or you notice something unusual about them or they suddenly collapse, it is time to go to the vet. Taking your pet in for regular checkups with your veterinarian can help them live longer with fewer health problems.
Final Thoughts

Oakville is lucky to have so many high-quality vet clinics. If you’re looking for the best care for your furry friend, any of these five clinics would be a great choice. But don’t wait too long – appointments fill up fast, especially during busy times like summer and the holidays!  read more