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Best Appliance Repair Companies in Oakville
Best Appliance Repair Companies in Oakville
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The 5 Best Appliance Repair Companies in Oakville [2023]

Oakville’s top appliance repair companies ensure your appliances last for years. Regular maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your fridge, stove, dishwasher, and more. For more repair services in the GTA, be sure to check out our other pieces on:

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Based on customer service, repair quality, and value, we’ve listed the top five Oakville companies to keep your appliances in excellent shape. For any appliance needs, trust these experts to get it done right.

What's the Average Cost of Appliance Repair in Oakville?

The average cost of appliance repair in Oakville is $100-$200. This range includes the cost of parts and labour for most common repairs. Some companies may charge a flat rate for their services, while others charge by the hour.

Some other factors that can affect the cost of appliance repair include:

  • The severity of the problem
  • If parts need to be replaced
  • The make and model of the appliance
  • The warranty

When choosing an appliance repair company, be sure to compare prices and services to find the best value for your needs.

The Best Appliance Repair Companies in Oakville

Now that you know what to expect in terms of cost, let’s take a look at the best appliance repair companies in Oakville.

1) Elite Appliance Service Hamilton

Elite Appliance Service is the go-to source for all your appliance repair needs. The staff is highly trained and certified to work on a variety of brands, making them the most qualified in the area. In addition to repair services, they also offer appliance parts, so you can rest assured that your repairs will be done quickly and efficiently.

Elite Appliance stands out from the competition because of their dedication to customer service. They understand that when something goes wrong with your appliances, it can be a major inconvenience. 

That’s why they offer convenient scheduling and prompt service so you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Business Information:
760 Pacific Rd #9, Oakville, ON L6L 6M4

Customer Review:
“Order # 363598. We got our cook top fixed from elite appliance services. They gave us appointment quickly and also during weekend. The person was very friendly and fixed the appliance quickly.”
“457448 Extremely satisfied with the service provided by Elite Appliance Service. Quite to respond, great communication keeping me up to date on my appointment time, professional technician that was well organized and did a fantastic job repairing our LG range. I would certainly recommend them!”

2) Appliance Repair Oakville

Looking for someone to help you with your appliances? Look no further than Appliance Repair Oakville. Their team of experienced professionals is knowledgeable in all things appliance-related and can help you with everything from maintenance to repairs.

They work quickly and efficiently to get your appliances back up and running in no time. Plus, they’re always happy to offer advice on how to keep your appliances in tip-top condition. 

So if you’re in need of some appliance assistance, give them a call today.

Business Information:
1225 Trafalgar Rd unit 7 Oakville Ontario L6H 5K7

Customer Review:
“It was a blessing this appliances service provider could come even late in the afternoon to diagnose the trouble with my faulty dryer. Early the next day, their technician came back with the replacement part and finished the job without fuss. I highly recommend this repair service to everyone.”
“This highly dependable service was my trusted companion for all of my home appliance troubles the last 5 years. They were always on time and fully equipped, ready to take on any repair challenge for all sorts of items.”

3) A1 Appliance Repairs

A1 Appliance Repair is a leading appliance repair service in Oakville. They work on a wide range of appliance brands, models and types, regardless of where you purchased them. No matter the brand, no matter the model, and no matter where you bought it, if it’s an appliance, A1 can fix it! 

A1’s technicians are skilled at repairing all of the most common brands that homeowners prefer, including refrigerators, ice makers, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, cooktops, washers, dryers, and more. 

Best of all, they use genuine factory replacement parts to perform their high-quality repairs, so you can extend the life of your appliances. 

For top-notch appliance repair services at competitive prices, call A1 Appliance Repair!

Business Information:
2020 Winston Park Dr, Oakville, ON L6H 6X7

Customer Review:
“Eric showed up earlier than our appointment time which in my case I was very happy he did. We both wore masks to be safe and he even had shoe covers as well. He was very professional and fixed my dryer very quickly and the price was very reasonable. I would hire him again for the future.”
“They were able to take a look at my washer the same day I called. I found their communication and service to be top notch. My washer was working like new and has been taking heavy loads without a problem since.”

4) GTA Appliance Repair INC.

GTA Appliance Repair’s team of highly-skilled and licensed technicians are experts in repairing all sorts of gas and electric appliances, regardless of brand. They’re also proud to offer a wide range of services, including refrigerator repair, stove repair, dishwasher repair, and more. 

They’re a reliable and experienced company that’s been in business for many years. They have a strong customer base who continue to use their services time and again because they know they can count on them for high-quality workmanship.

Additionally, their rates are highly competitive, and they always strive for quick turnaround times so that you can get back to your lives as soon as possible. 

If you’re in need of appliance repair, there’s no need to look any further than GTA Appliance Repair.

Business Information:

Customer Review:
“Ayman was very professional and fixed the issue with our dryer on the same day. He was very efficient and prepared for the worst but luckily it was a minor repair. His price was fair- I would highly recommend his services.”
“AYMAN AZIZ came to repair my freezer. It had not been keeping cold enough to keep my groceries frozen. It was quick to identify the problem. He came on a Friday late afternoon and had the new part installed by mid-afternoon Monday. Very impressed, he was quick, responsive and very professional😊”

5) Appleby Systems

Appleby Systems has been a trusted name in comfort for over 50 years. They offer a wide range of services to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Their experienced technicians can recommend various services to meet your heating and cooling needs.

They also offer furnace repair and maintenance so you can be sure your furnace is working properly when you need it most. Whether you need a new air conditioner or just want to make sure your old one is working properly, they can help.

Contact them today to learn more about their services and how they can help you stay comfortable all year long.

Business Information:
2086 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 2X8

Customer Review:
“Thank you for Andrew for the furnace and humidifier maintenance yesterday. His keen eye found some small broken parts in the humidifier that would have caused bigger problems in the coming months. He took the time to explain best practices when using the humidifier. Thanks you very much. Best to all the support staff at office for keeping us updated to arrival times. Cheers”
“Great service, James arrived within the timeframe I was given and carried out his routine as efficiently as before. James is a great representative of the company, punctual, friendly and mindful. Very happy.”
FAQs about Appliance Repair
It’s generally recommended that you have your appliances serviced once a year to ensure they’re running properly and to prevent any potential problems. However, some appliance types may need to be serviced more frequently depending on how often they’re used.

There are several benefits to repairing appliances instead of replacing them. When repairing appliances, it can be cheaper than buying new ones, it helps reduce wastefulness, and it can be more environmentally friendly. Additionally, repairing appliances can help extend their lifespan, which can save money in the long run.

It all depends on the condition your appliance is in and what kind of appliance needs repaired. An appliance repair shop can help you determine how much the repair will cost and how long it will take. Most repairs take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours, but it really depends on the severity of the damage and what needs to be done.

An appliance repair company can provide many other services than just repairing appliances. They can provide installation services, removal services, and even recycling services for your old appliances. They can also provide diagnostic services to help you figure out why your appliance is not working properly.


If you are in need of an appliance repair, one of these five businesses would be a great option. They all have a great reputation and provide quality service. So, if your refrigerator is on the fritz or your dishwasher needs some attention, be sure to give one of these businesses a call.