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The 5 Best Gym Memberships in Markham [2024]

Are you looking for the best gym membership in Markham? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will introduce you to five of the best gyms in town. We have done all the hard work for you and sorted through all of the options so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. And if you’re looking for more fitness services in the GTA, check out:

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All of these gyms offer excellent facilities, top-of-the-line equipment, friendly staff and more. So what are you waiting for? Read on to discover which gym is right for you!

1) Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is renowned for its unique blend of science, coaching, and technology, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience. With a focus on heart rate-based interval training, the gym promises an efficient calorie burn and increased metabolic rate. What sets Orangetheory apart is its community-oriented approach, fostering a motivating environment that drives you to reach your fitness milestones.

Business Information:
8630 Woodbine Ave Unit A3, Markham, ON L3R 4X8

Customer Review:
“Orangetheory is the best . Loved the class given by Coach Emily she was really good and explained the exercises in detail and helped me in the class. All of the staff is also very friendly and approachable. Head Coach Aidan is also very nice and friendly”
- Anmol Sandhu
“I have been going to OTF for over two years. Excellent service, professional, always following health and safety protocols. Amazing coaches that will help you achieve your fitness goals.”
- Aleem Ebrahim

2) Markville Fitness

Markville Fitness prides itself on being more than just a gym; it’s a community hub where fitness and wellness goals are pursued with passion. The gym offers a wide selection of classes and state-of-the-art equipment, accommodating everyone from the casual gym-goer to dedicated athletes. Members appreciate the personalized attention from friendly and professional staff, ensuring a supportive fitness journey.

Business Information:
Customer Review:
“Markville Fitness is a great place for daily workout and most affordable in the area. My whole family had been going there for few years before Covid-19 breakout. The customer service is great. They welcome all with a great smile. Chris (the owner) is friendly and helpful and looks after the clients.”
- Pinkee Kamra
“Most gyms never have good prices for the holidays but Markville Fitness had a awesome promo! Not only that, the gym is top notch and has everything you need. The staff is awesome and Roberta is a awesome employee”
- Sheeeb One

3) The Markham Gym

The Markham Gym introduces an innovative concept, providing personal trainers the freedom to operate independently within a high-quality facility. This unique model benefits members by offering varied and specialized training options under one roof. The gym’s commitment to functional fitness and cutting-edge equipment promotes a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Business Information:
166 bullock drive, Units 6 & 7, Markham, ON L3P 1W2

Customer Review:
“My experience with the Markham Gym.. Great place to workout, clean, cozy and has everything that I need. Furthermore Baku is the best trainer I have ever had. He pushes me to my limits, he truly motivates and gets results for all of his clients. I recommend Baku and the Markham Gym to anyone who wants to get healthier, feel better and essentially be happier.”
- Afsi Varasteh
“Pleasure to work with Baku! So grateful to have found a trainer that is super passionate and dedicated to their job to help you achieve your goals. If you're looking for a knowledgeable, committed and attentive trainer, definitely check them out. They can help you achieve your goals within just a few weeks, and I promise, you'll walk out of the gym feeling super refreshed after every workout!”
- Jennifer Wong

4) Iron Fitness Strength Club

With a focus on strength and functional training, Iron Fitness Strength Club caters to those looking to elevate their fitness regime beyond conventional workouts. The gym boasts an impressive range of equipment, making it a haven for weightlifting enthusiasts. The community spirit and welcoming atmosphere encourage members to challenge themselves and achieve new personal bests.

Business Information:
9833 Markham Rd #4, Markham, ON L3P 3J3

Customer Review:
“This gym is amazing. The variety of equipment is great, the staff and members are quite nice and everyone in the gym is here for one thing and one thing only. To be healthy and better versions of themselves”
- Eric Phung
“Love this place. No one bothers you and everyone is welcoming. They have all the essentials that you would need at a gym. Not busy and do not need to wait for any equipment. Great place!”
- Alexandrea G

5) Unionville Athletic Club

Unionville Athletic Club combines luxurious amenities with comprehensive fitness programs, making it a standout choice for those seeking a premium gym experience. Members enjoy access to a warm pool, hot tub, and a variety of classes led by expert instructors. The club emphasizes holistic well-being, offering services that extend beyond physical fitness.

Business Information:
8500 Warden Ave., Markham, ON L6G 1A5

Customer Review:
“Staff are very friendly, comprehensive equipment, super clean at all time, I see the staff tidy up the free weight area almost every hour. The change room and shower area are well renovated, although no barriers for privacy.”
- Dennis Hsu
“Favorite club of Markham boomers because of luxurious amenities for an affordable monthly fee. Warm pool/hot tub overlooking the roof top terrace, take a class in a well equipped dance room, tons of treadmills and weight lifting machines. Towel service and comfortable change rooms, and a steam room for those achy cold grey days... Not to be missed are Sholina's yoga classes because she finds sore deep muscles and helps you gently stretch them.”
- Catherine Dove
FAQs about Gym Memberships

A gym membership provides access to a variety of services, such as equipment usage, group classes, and personal training. It also includes towel service and locker rental. Some gyms may offer discounts on other services like spa treatments or food purchases.

The cost of a gym membership can vary depending on the location, type of membership and other factors. However, according to recent research, the average cost of a gym membership in Markham is around $55 per month.

There are many benefits of going to the gym, including improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle mass and stronger bones. Working out at the gym can also help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, and improve your mood.

It depends on a variety of factors such as your intensity, frequency and type of workout routine. However, most people start seeing results within the first 3-4 weeks of starting their new fitness regime.


There are many great gyms in Markham, but the five listed above offer some of the best deals and amenities around. Whether you’re looking for a large gym with plenty of equipment or a smaller studio that focuses on personal training, there’s sure to be a membership option that fits your needs. Be sure to check out each one before making your final decision – you won’t regret it!