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We do a detailed research on all services we review in GTA.

The 4 Best Flooring Stores In Toronto [2024]

As a vibrant city, Toronto is famed for its diverse array of businesses delivering exceptional services, with the flooring industry keeping step. Building on our personal experiences and comprehensive research, we are thrilled to share our handpicked selection of the finest flooring stores in Toronto!

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How Do I Choose The Best Flooring Store?

Choosing the best flooring store involves a blend of research, personal preferences, and practical considerations. Here’s a quick guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Range of Products: Ensure the store offers a wide variety of flooring options. From different materials like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, to various patterns and colors, more choices allow for better customization to suit your taste.
  2. Quality of Material: The quality of the flooring is crucial as it affects longevity and how well it withstands everyday wear and tear. Check for warranties and see where their products are sourced.
  3. Customer Service: Good customer service cannot be overemphasized. From helpful sales representatives who guide you through the selection process to responsive post-installation service, quality customer service greatly influences your shopping experience.
  4. Professional Installation: Check if the flooring store offers professional installation services. Expert installation ensures your flooring is properly laid, contributing to its longevity.
  5. Pricing: Consider your budget and try to balance cost with quality. Remember, sometimes an initially cheap floor can turn out expensive in the long run due to maintenance and durability issues.


Remember, the best flooring store for you will seamlessly combine your personal needs with professional service, quality products, and delivering value for your money!

The Best Flooring Stores In Toronto

Now that you’ve gained insights into Toronto’s top flooring stores, why not explore them for your next home renovation or improvement project?

1) Nissa Flooring & Interior

During our in-person visit to Nissa Flooring, a family-owned business, we discovered an establishment dedicated to stunning flooring & interior designs. From budget-friendly options to high-end offerings, Nissa truly encapsulates the saying, “home is where the heart is”.

Business Information:

Address: 100 St Regis Crescent S unit 5, Toronto, ON M3J 1Y8
Phone: +14166331135

Customer Review:

“I have required Nissa’s services on more than one occasion in many applications. I can confidently say the work performed was perfect. They took care of an occupied area, the work was done cleanly with precision. As well areas with existing damage or a complete retrofit. Remove and install new flooring. They have hard working, dedicated staff members with a wide variety of product to choose from. Great experiences working with Nissa.”

2) Zelta Flooring

Our conversation with a satisfied Zelta customer revealed their impeccable reputation. They recommend Zelta not just for their vast range of flooring options, but for their professional and efficient installation services which saved them time and stress.

Business Information:

Address: 1315 Lawrence Ave E Unit 403, Toronto, ON M3A 3R3
Phone: +16479975114

Customer Review:

“Was very happy with Zelta. Responsive and accommodating. They gave me suggestions to keep my project (stair refinishing) within budget. Was very pleased to see that the workers arrived on time each day and finished the project when they said they would. Workers worked diligently, had good workmanship and left my house in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the job.  Would recommend.”

3) The Floor Shop

Scouring through their social media accounts, our Toronto Blogs experts uncovered a plethora of positive reviews praising The Floor Shop for their superior quality products and outstanding customer service, making it a standout choice in Toronto’s flooring landscape.

Business Information:

Address: 154 Wicksteed Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 2B6
Phone: +14164218588

Customer Review:

“We loved the variety of flooring this location had! We ended up choosing a cool tone for our new flooring in our house and it’s made the space look comfortable and peaceful. I’m really thankful that they were patient with us choosing what kind of flooring we wanted and they did a great job installing it. Overall I’m really happy!”

4) Toronto Flooring Solutions

Looking at the reviews for Toronto Flooring Solutions, it’s clear people trust this company with over 30 years in the flooring business. They’re known for giving customers exactly what they need, offering a wide range of flooring options, and taking good care of their customers even after installation with warranties.

Business Information:

Address: 679 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Y 1K8
Phone: +14165036666

Customer Review:

“I got a new flooring installed in my condo by Toronto Flooring Solutions. Gurp and the team were very responsive and easy to communicate with. They got the job done very quickly with quality. I am very happy with my new flooring and I would definitely recommend using their service. Thank you Toronto Flooring Solutions!”

FAQs About Flooring Stores

Most stores offer a wide array of flooring options from vinyl and laminate to hardwood.

Yes, all the stores listed above offer professional installation services alongside their products.

The cost of flooring in Toronto ranges fromCAD 7 to CAD 15 per square foot for hardwood or CAD 1 to CAD 6 per square foot for laminate, before installation However, it varies depending on the material and whether installation is needed.

Yes, all the featured stores provide free, no-obligation estimates for all your flooring needs.

Final Thoughts

Comparing different stores, asking the right questions, and understanding your personal needs allows you to maximize your investment in flooring renovations. Whether you are a homeowner looking to increase property value or someone seeking to upgrade their living space, these stores offer cost-effective solutions accompanied by professional services!

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