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Best Basement Renovation Companies In Markham
Best Basement Renovation Companies In Markham
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The 5 Best Basement Renovation Companies In Markham

The best basement renovation companies in Markham will have your basement looking amazing in no time. They can help you with everything from waterproofing to adding an extra bedroom or bathroom.

Renovating your basement can be a great way to increase the value of your home, and it can also provide you with extra living space. If you’re considering a basement renovation, here are the best companies in Markham to help you get the job done.

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What's the Average Cost of Basement Renovation in Markham?

The cost of a basement renovation can vary depending on the size of your basement and the scope of the project. However, on average, you can expect to pay between $25 and $55 per square foot for a complete basement renovation.

This price range includes the cost of materials, labour, and any other associated costs. 

Some other factors that can affect the cost of your renovation include:

  • The condition of your basement: If your basement is already in good shape, it will likely cost less to renovate than if it needs extensive repairs.
  • The type of renovations you’re doing: Simple projects like painting or adding new flooring will generally be less expensive than more complex renovations like adding an extra bedroom or bathroom.
  • The quality of materials you choose: Using high-end materials will obviously cost more than using budget-friendly options.

Keep in mind that the cost of your renovation can also vary depending on who you hire to do the work. 

The Best Basement Renovation Companies in Markham

Now that you know what to expect in terms of cost, it’s time to start planning your basement renovation. To help you get started, here are the best basement renovation companies in Markham.

1) X&H Construction

X&H Construction is a construction company that does work ranging from single washroom renovations to brand new residential builds. They have two 3300 sqft warehouse/showroom locations in Markham, and they pride themselves on guaranteeing the work for 3 years. 

This is an important part of building trust and developing long term relationships with all of their customers. In addition, X&H offers 5 year warranty on all of their projects because they are very proud of – and stand behind – the quality of their workmanship. 

For most customers, this may seem like too good to be true offer, but developing long-term relationships with clients is what drives their business forward!

Business Information:
 3200 14th Ave Unit #2, Markham, ON L3R 0H8

Customer Review:
“Very happy with the work. The team was very respectful of my home and took a lot of precaution to not spread dust and were very clean. Highlights were the tiling and the shower glass door. When we had a few minor scoping changes through the project, they were great partners and didn't up charge us. Also, they were very understanding when we found ourselves short on materials (my fault - I didn't order enough), and they waited for the new materials to arrive to finish the job. Strong recommend.”
- Andrew Knight
“Had a good experience working with Greg here. The team is pretty solid overall and final results were pretty nice looking.”
- Janice Stanley

2) The Renovators of Canada

The Renovators of Canada have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Ontario. They are Markham’s first choice for renovators because they offer a 10 year warranty on all craftsmanship, 1 year call back to ensure you’re still satisfied with your renovation, and specialized Client software that allows you to see the entire schedule and pictures of your renovation as it unfolds. 

Plus, their dedicated production team guarantees that your renovation comes in on time – no more waiting around for months on end! 

If you’re thinking about making renovations to your home, then don’t hesitate to give them a call today – they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Business Information:
15 Allstate Pkwy #674, Markham, ON L3R 5B4

Customer Review:
“Amazing craftsmanship and quality! I am so happy with the work TROC has completed on my home. They stand behind their work and provide the utmost in quality. Highly trustworthy and I would recommend to anyone looking for work to be done on their home.”
- Linda Linton
“Great work and service! Contractors showed up on time and project was finished on budget and on schedule. They were very accommodating when we asked for a couple of extra things to be done. Very happy with the finished work. Thanks TROC!”
- Paul Rai (PRai)

3) HTR Basements

High Tech Reno has been in business for over 10 years and is the leading basement finishing company in the Greater Toronto Area. They specialize exclusively in all aspects of Basement Finishing, from 3D Basement Designs and Interior Layout Planning to Basement Construction that can be tailored to any budget or design. 

Clients who are looking for high-end finishes and features can benefit from their years of experience with fabrication and installation of built-in wall systems, kitchens, audio/video equipment, and home automation systems -basically anything your heart desires! 

Plus, they’re always up for a new challenge so no matter how unique or difficult your request may seem – rest assured that they will take on the task head-on and deliver results that you’ll love.

Business Information:
9225 Leslie St #201, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3H6

Customer Review:
“I would recommend HTR Basements. From the quoting phase and through the project execution, HTR Basements was responsive and clear about the work, the costing and the payment schedule. All the contractors were respectful of us and of our home. Our basement finishing project was completed on budget and on time. We are happy with the end result. Thank you HTR Basements team!”
- Lawrence Tsuji
“Fast, professional, great value, clean, and very respectful of our home. Basement project was done well as planned and was finished ahead of schedule! Alex, Dimitri and their team was great to work with! Already recommended to our neighbourhood!”
- charles collantes

4) 2x2 Construction

2×2 Construction is a family-owned and operated construction company with over 50 years of home improvement and renovation experience. From their senior contractors and dedicated project managers, to their licensed trades, they pride themselves on being polite, punctual, respectful and diligent from A-Z. 

Being homeowners themselves, they know the difficulties you’re faced with when looking to renovate your home – which is why at 2×2 Construction, their mission is to provide quality work at fair prices above all else! 

From staying within your budget constraints to finding a trustworthy contractor that you can rely on – the challenges can seem endless at times. 

But with every project that they take on, their goal is always treat your home as if it were their own – ensuring that you’re happy with the final results in the end.

Business Information:
250 Cochrane Dr #6, Markham, ON L3R 8E8

Customer Review:
“We give Kyle and 2x2 5 stars for their excellent work and timing. We have only 1 bathroom in our home that we wanted a total renovation but were a bit weary about proceeding on it so timing was a big factor. 2x2 worked with us on design and came through with a terrific total reno that was on budget and on time.. we couldn’t be happier with our new bathroom.”
“We had 2x2 do an extension on our house. Very grateful for the overall positive experience I had working with these guys. They really helped me navigate through the whole process. Highly recommend.”
- Dave Orzakovski

5) Desire Basements

Desire Basements is the perfect place to go for all your basement renovation needs. With a team that is skilled in maximizing your investment while creating the basement of your dreams, they will ensure that each and every project is handled with care and attention. 

Plus, their customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help you out with anything you need – from beginning to end, Desire Basements has got you covered! 

Not only this, but they also offer various levels of support, such as having your own project manager who will be there throughout the entire process to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

This ensures that no detail goes unnoticed and helps keep the renovation on track. They do everything from flooring, and paint, to electrical wiring.

So whatever level of assistance or support you might need, Desire Basements has got it all taken care of for you!

Business Information:
10520 Yonge St unit 35b suite 153, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C7

Customer Review:
“Desire Basements always delivers great work. They improve the quality of interior space by constructing above and beyond Ontario Building Code. They always use best construction practice to bring safety and comfort to home owners and occupants.”
- Mohsen N. Yasour
“WE CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH! We have been planning and saving for our project for years, I had to make sure I found a company that gave me everything I needed and more, desire gave us an amazing price with material better than ANY other company I had previously met with, highly recommending this group”
- Manoj Gupta
FAQs about Basement Renovations
In most cases, you will not need a permit for your basement renovation. However, there are some exceptions, so it’s always best to check with your local municipality to be sure.

Basement renovations can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Always be sure to consult with a professional contractor before starting any major renovation work in order to get an accurate estimate of how long the project will take.

Basement renovations companies provide a variety of services, including waterproofing, mold removal, and foundation repair. They can also install new flooring, insulation, and drywall in your basement. Additionally, they can help you create a functional living space in your basement by adding electrical wiring and plumbing.

Basement renovations can offer many benefits, including increased living space, improved comfort levels and energy efficiency, and added storage. If you’re considering renovating your basement, be sure to work with a qualified contractor who can help you achieve your desired results.


Basement renovations can add tremendous value to your home and provide a much-needed living space. If you’re thinking of renovating your basement, the list above provides some great examples of what has been done in Markham. 

From adding extra bedrooms to creating a home theatre or wine cellar, there are many possibilities when it comes to transforming your basement. So if you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out the projects listed above – they’ll give you a good idea of what’s possible with this type of renovation.