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The 4 Best Garage Door Repair In Mississauga [2024]

In the heart of Mississauga, a selection of reputable garage door repair services are ready to address any issues that homeowners might face. These top 4 establishments are geared towards providing top-notch services that ensure the security and functionality of your garage doors. Here are the 4 best garage door repair services in Mississauga!

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What Is The Cost Of Garage Door Repair In Mississauga?

The cost of repairing a garage door in Mississauga can vary depending on several factors, like the scale of damage and type of the door. Here’s a general overview of potential costs:

  • Diagnosis and Inspection: Initially, there’s usually a diagnosis and inspection which could be free or may cost about $40 – $70. This involves identifying the problem and giving you a cost estimate.
  • Minor Fixes: Simple issues, such as fixing door openers or realigning safety sensors, could cost approximately $85 – $150.
  • Parts Replacement: If parts like the springs, cables or rollers need to be replaced, it can cost anywhere between $150 and $650, depending on which parts are needed.
  • Major Overhauls or Door Replacement: If the door has extensive damage and requires large part replacements, or if a whole door replacement is necessary, this could cost from $700 up to over $2,000.

Keep in mind these are just estimates. The actual cost can vary depending on factors such as door type, labor charges, material costs, and the company you choose for the repair. 

The Best Garage Door Repair Services in Mississauga

Now that you know how much garage door repairs might cost in Mississauga, let’s look at the best places in the city to get your garage door fixed!

1) Royal Garage Doors

Our visit to Royal Garage Doors showed us a commitment to excellent services and top-quality products. Their quick response to service requests, attention to detail, and high customer satisfaction make them a trusted choice for garage door repair and maintenance solutions.

Business Information:

Phone: +14372659995
Address: 2963 Windjammer Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 1S8, Canada

2) The Garage Door Depot

Our exploration of The Garage Door Depot showcased their expertise in garage door services. High-quality products combined with a team of well-trained technicians ensure that your garage door issues are promptly rectified.

Business Information:

Phone: +14164243400
Address: 3061 Universal Dr, Mississauga, ON L4X 2E2, Canada

3) Garage MasterTech

Garage MasterTech impressed us with their professionalism and range of services covering all aspects of garage door repair. From regular maintenance to complex repairs, their team leaves no stone unturned to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Business Information:

Phone: +16478917387
Address: 3600 Colonial Dr #52, Mississauga, ON L5L 5P5, Canada

4) JT Garage Door Systems

At JT Garage Door Systems, we observed a dedication to superior service and excellent craftsmanship. Their services encompass installation, repair, and maintenance, safeguarding the smooth operation of your garage doors.

Business Information:

Phone: +14168870248
Address: 1050 Bristol Rd W #123, Mississauga, ON L5V 2E8, Canada

FAQs About Garage Door Repair Services
Yes, most garage door repair services in Mississauga, including the ones listed, offer emergency repair services to address unexpected problems promptly.
These services can repair a variety of garage doors, including sectional doors, roll-up doors, side-hinged doors, and tilt-up/over canopy doors. It’s best to contact them with specifics about your door for more detailed assistance.
These establishments offer comprehensive services, including repair, sales, and installation of new garage doors. They provide a range of quality products to select from based on your requirements and preferences.
Absolutely! Most of these garage door repair services provide warranties on their work, ensuring quality and reliability. For specifics, it’s recommended to inquire with the individual service provider.
Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a quick fix, regular maintenance, or a complete door makeover, Mississauga’s garage door services are ready to resolve your issues promptly. Relying on these experts not only ensures the proper functioning of your garage door but also provides peace of mind regarding your property’s security!

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