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The 3 Best Real Estate Agents In Richmond Hill [2024]

Embarking on a property journey in Richmond Hill? Allow us to introduce our top 3 real estate agents, each well-recognized for their real estate acumen and ability to exceed client expectations.

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Ready to embark on your property journey? Reach out to one of Richmond Hill’s top real estate agents today!

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Cost in Richmond Hill?

The average commission rate in Richmond Hill and the broader Ontario region is usually between 3-5%. In Richmond Hill, as throughout most of Canada, real estate agents typically work on a commission-based model. This means they earn a percentage of the selling price as their payment, typically paid at the point of closing the transaction.

This fee is often split evenly between the buyer’s and the seller’s agents. However, it’s important to note that commission rates can vary depending on factors such as the agent’s experience, the complexity of the transaction, and prevailing trends in the local real estate market. In some cases, these rates may be negotiable.

Let’s paint a picture with an average commission rate of roughly 4% for example. For a home sold at the median price in Richmond Hill, which is approximately CAD 1 million (as of 2023), the commission would amount to CAD 40,000. This would be usually be divided equally between the buyer’s and seller’s agents, with each receiving CAD 20,000.

While commissions might seem hefty, remember that real estate agents take on significant responsibilities, including marketing the property, coordinating viewings, negotiating offers, and handling a raft of paperwork. 

Please note that real estate regulations and market practices can vary, and rates are just averages.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Richmond Hill

The Richmond Hill real estate market can present unique challenges and opportunities. Check out these top-rated agents who have solid experience in navigating this market:

1) Sze Lau

Sze Lau has earned a name for herself as a client-centric real estate agent. Known for her prompt response, professionalism, and market knowledge, she constantly strives to place her clients’ needs first. She successfully maintains a high success ratio and is commended for her invaluable advice and hands-on approach.

Business Information:

Phone: 905-888-6201
Address: 670 HIGHWAY 7 E # 66 RICHMOND HILL, Ontario L4B3P2

Customer Review:

“Sze Lau is a very responsible professional! I would highly recommend working with her. She is very friendly, knowledgeable and honest. She made the experience easy and pleasant! She always her puts her clients first.”

2) Aydin Rahimy

Aydin Rahimy comes highly recommendedin the Richmond Hill real estate arena. His experience and client dedication play crucial roles in his successful transactions. Rahimy’s empathetic approach ensures each of his clients feels heard, understood, and supported throughout their real estate journey. His professional team provides a wealth of information and resources that potential buyers or sellers might find useful.

Business Information:

Phone: +16478797917
Address: 1396 Don Mills Rd. unit E101, North York, ON M3B 3N1

Customer Review:

“We’ve worked closely with Aydin since 2022, and his deep market knowledge, real estate expertise, and a valuable network of professionals, including mortgage brokers and lawyers, make him an exceptional realtor. He goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience, and his dedication to our real estate needs is unmatched. If you want a realtor who cares about your success, Aydin is the one to trust.highly recommended!”

3) George Paul Vlahakis

George Paul Vlahakis is recognized for his unmatched professionalism and exceptional market knowledge. His client reviews are a testament to his expertise in assisting clients to navigate the property market in Richmond Hill. Vlahakis’s years of experience and deep understanding of the community he serves make him a valuable asset to any buyer or seller in the area.

Business Information:

Phone: +14165565656
Address: 1121 O’Connor Dr, East York, ON M4B 2T5

Customer Review:

“​​One of the best real estate experience’s I’ve ever had. They’re professional, experts in all facets of real estate, and extremely helpful. And they helped me find the home I live in, and love. Overall, great service!”

FAQs About Real Estate Agents

A knowledgeable agent guides you through the buying or selling process, leveraging their expertise to negotiate deals, identify potential issues with properties, manage paperwork, and provide deep local market knowledge.

Real estate agents are typically paid through commissions on property sales. The commission rate can be negotiated and is typically split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents.

Look at an agent’s track record, client reviews, communication style, understanding of the local market, and their commitment to serving your needs.

Lawyer fees for closing a house in Ontario can vary based on the transaction’s complexity and the lawyer’s experience. Overall, you can expect legal fees in the range of CAD $1,000 to $2,500, excluding disbursements and taxes.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the Richmond Hill property market doesn’t have to be daunting, stressful, or complex. With a top-rated real estate agent by your side, your property journey can become more manageable, pleasing, and potentially profitable.