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The 6 Best Roofing Contractors in Mississauga [2024]

Mississauga is a bustling city with a growing need for reliable roofing services. Whether you’re planning a new roof installation, dealing with repairs, or looking for maintenance, choosing a professional and experienced roofing contractor is crucial. Here’s a detailed guide to the six best roofing contractors in Mississauga for 2024, each known for their exceptional service, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality.

1) Nailed It Roofing & Construction Ltd.

Nailed It Roofing boasts a team of highly trained professionals who are available 24/7 to address any roofing emergencies. Known for their meticulous approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, they have built a strong reputation since 2003.

Business Information:
26-3105 Unity Dr, Mississauga, ON L5L 4L3

Customer Review:
“Getting in touch with the folks at Nailed It Roofing was not easy, but that’s because they were super busy, and they were busy because they are really good at what they do! Damian, the owner is a sincere gentleman to deal with.”
- John Koshy
“The winter winds came howling and it appeared that many home owners had an emergency roof repair, including myself. Roofing companies were overwhelmed with demand and a good deal of them took advantage of pricing. Nail It Roofing provided a very fair price and was empathetic to the situation.”
- Roman

2) Real Blue Roofing Services Inc.

Real Blue Roofing Services Inc. offers comprehensive roofing solutions for both residential and commercial properties. They are known for their skilled professionals and a wide range of services tailored to meet various needs.

Business Information: 
2255 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON L5K 1R6 

Customer Review:
“I am so impressed with blue roofing services. Dill was amazing. He came out to my house explained everything. His crew were amazing very knowledgable very polite. They cleaned up the mess afterwards I have never had a job done so smoothly hassle free in my life.”
- Debbie Salituro
“Very professional staff. Workers showed up on time, we’re organized and took good care of the roof and the surroundings. Communication was excellent and fast. Dill Singh was very patient and knowledgeable and took all our phone calls and answered all my questions, taking us through the whole process before the job.”
- andrew bringas

3) Toronto Roof Repairs Inc

Toronto Roof Repairs Inc, with years of industry experience, ensures high-quality roofing solutions. They pride themselves on their honesty, professionalism, and use of certified materials to provide the best possible outcomes.

Business Information:
2175 Dunwin Dr unit 6, Mississauga, ON L5L 1X2

Customer Review:
“Such a great & professional team! They completed the job in such a clean and timely manner. Used good quality materials and equipment. I definitely recommend them to anyone that needs roof repairs. Amazing service, for a reasonable price!”
- Sobika Ganeshalingam
“Toronto Roof Repairs did an amazing job with our home. They were responsive in terms of questions, on time to complete the work and clean up was perfect. Highly recommend this company. Pricing very fair as well!”
- Mattie Marsh

4) Olympia Roofing INC

Olympia Roofing INC offers prompt and efficient roofing services with a focus on customer satisfaction. Their free consultation helps provide clear estimates without hidden fees, ensuring peace of mind for their clients.

Business Information:
65 Trailwood Dr Unit 121, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3L1

Customer Review:
“Fabio did a fantastic job . I really needed to get my roof repaired. As soon as I called them they came and took a look at my roof and new exactly what they had to do to fix it . Fabio and his team is very knowledgeable , one thing I admire about them is how they get everything done in a timely matter”
- Lisa White
“I had Fabio, his dad and cousins worked on my roof yesterday and today my house looks gorgeous! Fabio is a kind of contractor that is straight-forward and easy to work with. Would definitely introduce him to everyone I know. Faleminderit Fabio!”
- red cruz

5) D'Angelo and Sons

D’Angelo and Sons is a family-owned business providing personalized roofing and exterior finishing services. They combine quality workmanship with affordability, ensuring long-lasting results that meet individual customer needs.

Business Information:
1310 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4Y 2C1

Customer Review:
“Everyone was super-nice and worked very hard to keep us happy. Mark came in to give us a quote within a few hours of calling him. He talked us through the whole process. Carlos was the Project Manager and he worked hard at getting the whole team together as we needed some comprehensive work done quite quickly. ”
- Lisa Egri
“Great company. Was very impressed by the response of this company. Was in contact with Megan. She was very professional and answered all of our questions while keeping our project on track. Would highly recommend.”
- D Baker

6) FALX LTD. Metal Roofing

FALX LTD. Metal Roofing is experienced in manufacturing and installing high-quality metal roofs. Their focus on safety and customer satisfaction, coupled with competitive pricing, makes them a reliable choice for those seeking durable roofing solutions.

Business Information:
2455 Cawthra Rd Unit #14, Mississauga, ON L5A 3P1

Customer Review:
“They did our metal roofing and we were very happy with their service. Excellent work, fast and they clean up all the debris after the job is done. Very good price! They help put leaf guard around with no extra charge, very happy with their work!“
- Pam J
“Thank you Myron and FALX Team for a professional, prompt and reliable service experience. My Metal Roof job was very well executed and I am very much pleased with the quality. I would recommend FALX and Myron for getting a reliable and quality service.”
- Girish Chaudhari
FAQs About Roofing
When looking for a roofing contractor, it’s important to consider the following factors: the contractor’s experience and qualifications, the quality of their workmanship and referrals from past clients. Also do research on the roofing company before hiring them.
A roofing contract should always include a detailed description of the work to be done, as well as the materials that will be used. It’s also important to specify who is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, and whether or not the contractor will provide a warranty on their work.
The average cost for roofing contractors in Mississauga will vary depending on the specific services that are required. Typically, the price range for a standard installation or repair job is between $500 and $1,500. However, it’s important to get an accurate estimate before hiring a contractor.
Roofing contractors provide a wide range of services, from roof repairs to full roof replacements. They can also install new gutters and downspouts, as well as flashing and skylights. Additionally, many contractors offer attic insulation installation and ventilation services.

When it comes time to repair or replace your roof, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced contractor. The list above provides some of the best roofing contractors in Mississauga, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

These companies have years of experience and are dedicated to providing quality workmanship. So if you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor, be sure to check out one of these businesses.