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The 4 Best Fence Contractors In Mississauga [2023]

Discover the top-tier fence contractors in Mississauga! When it comes to securing your property, enhancing its aesthetics, and ensuring quality craftsmanship, these four professionals stand out as the best in the business. 

Whether you’re seeking privacy, security, or a stylish addition to your outdoor space, these experts have you covered. Discover the finest fence contractors Mississauga has to offer and make your fencing project a breeze!

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What Is The Cost Of Fences In Mississauga?

Here’s a rough estimate of the cost for different types of fences in Mississauga:

  • Wooden Fence: Wood fences can range from $25 to $60 per linear foot, depending on the type of wood, style, and height.
  • Vinyl Fence: Vinyl fences typically cost between $40 to $60 per linear foot. They are known for their low maintenance and durability.
  • Chain-Link Fence: Chain-link fences are more budget-friendly and may cost around $10 to $30 per linear foot, depending on height and quality.
  • Wrought Iron Fence: Wrought iron fences tend to be on the higher end, ranging from $50 to $120 per linear foot due to their ornate design and durability.
  • Aluminum Fence: Aluminum fences can cost between $30 to $60 per linear foot. They are lightweight and low maintenance.

Please note that these are approximate costs and can vary based on market conditions, location, labor costs, and specific project requirements. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from local fence contractors for accurate pricing that reflects current rates in Mississauga.

The Best Fence Contractors In Mississauga

1) Art Metal Railings Mississauga

Meet your friendly local railing experts in Mississauga. With over 18 years of dedicated service and a portfolio of 12,000+ completed ironwork projects in the GTA, they’ve proudly held the #1 spot on from 2010 to 2023. 

They offer a wide range of services, from carefully crafted railings to stunning ironwork. When you choose them, you’re not just getting quality work; you’re also getting a lifetime warranty, a strong commitment to excellence, and a free estimate to turn your ideas into reality!

Business Information:

Address: 1627 Blanefield Rd, Mississauga, ON L5G 4H3, Canada
Phone: +16479306674

Customer Review:
“The best glass railings contractor in the GTA. We did multiple projects with them”

2) Kranle Fence & Metal Inc

Kranle Fence & Metal Inc is your go-to for all things fencing. Why choose them? They’re passionate about fences and dedicated to your satisfaction. Their high-quality fencing products meet your needs and comply with regulations. 

With over 35 years of experience, they’re your trusted local partners. Got questions? They’re here to help every step of the way. Your success is their satisfaction, and they look forward to providing you with top-notch fencing solutions!

Business Information:

Address: 570 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1J4, Canada
Phone: +19052785558

Customer Review:
“I recently worked with Karina and her team at Kranle. I have a work yard that I needed to fence and they did a fantastic job! Her crew were very friendly and professional. I am very happy with the iron fence they installed. Not only is Karina very friendly and professional , she is very knowledgeable about the materials they are using to build and install fences. I would highly recommend consulting Kranle for any of your fencing needs!”

3) Leone Fence Group of Company's

Established in 1975, Leone Fence Co. Ltd. embarked on its journey as a humble one-truck fence installation company. Over the decades, they have evolved into one of Southern Ontario’s leading commercial and industrial fence installation specialists. Their exclusive focus on serving the commercial and industrial sectors has allowed us to remain dedicated to their clientele, fostering continuous improvement and growth.

Today, Leone Fence Co. Ltd. stands tall as an industry-recognized expert in handling large-scale projects. Whether it’s highway fencing, industrial property enclosures, sound barriers for new home subdivisions, or chain link fencing for garden centers and sports fields, they excel in delivering exceptional solutions tailored to your needs!

Business Information:

Address: 1256 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S 1R1, Canad
Phone: +19056702515

Customer Review:
“Everyone is extremely nice and made it very easy to figure the right type of fencing I needed. Much more flexibility and more variety than your local Home Depot or Lowe's.”

4) Flawless Fence

Flawless Fence, based in Mississauga, Ontario, proudly serves both residential and commercial clients throughout the western GTA, including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, and Milton. With over a decade of experience in the fencing business, we offer a wide range of fencing solutions, from backyard, pool, garden, to neighbor-friendly options. 

Their experienced team provides free estimates, and they firmly believe that a carefully chosen fence can significantly enhance both the appearance and functionality of your property. Whether you seek beauty, privacy, or security, partnering with a trusted fence company like them is a step in the right direction!

Business Information:

Address: 50 Elm Dr E, Mississauga, ON L5A 3X2, Canada
Phone: +14164191721

Customer Review:
“Exceptional service from Flawless fence and the crew that put up our fence. They were courteous, quick to respond and helpful every step of the way. I would recommend them wholeheartedly”
FAQs about Fence Contractors
When installing a fence, it’s important to consider its purpose, local regulations, choice of materials, installation planning, budgeting, neighbor communication, and the potential need for professional assistance.
To ensure a successful fence installation, avoid disregarding local regulations, inadequate planning, improper post placement, insufficient digging depth, low-quality materials, and neglecting maintenance.
Small fences typically take a few days, while larger projects can extend over several weeks. The duration of fence installation varies based on factors such as project size, chosen materials, skill level, and whether professionals are involved.
The choice of the best fence depends on your specific needs, budget, and local regulations. Consider materials like wood, vinyl, or metal based on your objectives and desired aesthetics.

In summary, when searching for the best fence contractors in Mississauga, prioritize licensed, experienced professionals with a good track record. Check references and past work, ensure compliance with local regulations, and consider both quality and affordability. With careful selection, you can expect a top-notch fence installation that meets your needs!

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