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The Best 3 Mortgage Brokers in Aurora [2024]

Pursuing the Canadian dream of homeownership in Aurora? Let us introduce the city’s top 3 mortgage brokers, recognized for their ability to turn such dreams into realities, based on client reviews, social media testimonials, and our personal experiences.

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On your path to homeownership? Consult with one of Aurora’s top mortgage brokers today!

Why Working with a Mortgage Broker Makes a Difference

Investing in property is a significant financial decision and having the right support in this journey can make a vast difference. Here’s why working with a mortgage broker can give you an edge:

  1. Access to Multiple Lenders: Mortgage brokers have connections with a variety of lenders, including many you might not know about. This can help you get a wider range of loan options and potentially better deals than you could find on your own.
  2. Expertise: Mortgage brokers understand the complexities of the lending market and have extensive knowledge of the mortgage process. They’ll assist you in finding a mortgage deal that suits your financial situation and long-term goals, guiding you through every step from pre-approval to closing.
  3. Time Saving: Searching for a mortgage on your own can be time-consuming. Mortgage brokers do the legwork for you, compare various mortgage options, and bring you the best deals. They manage the documentation, apply for loans with different lenders, and handle the back-and-forth communication, saving you valuable time.
  4. Better Rates: Often, mortgage brokers can negotiate better interest rates due to their vast network and volume of business with lenders. Even a slightly lower interest rate can result in substantial savings over the life of a loan.
  5. Personalized Service: When working with a mortgage broker, you’ll receive service tailored to your specific needs. They consider your financial circumstances and property goals before suggesting the best course of action, ensuring you get a mortgage that matches your unique situation.
  6. Assistance for Difficult Approvals: If you have a low credit score, irregular income, or are self-employed, securing a mortgage can prove challenging. Mortgage brokers have experience working with all types of borrowers and can help guide and support you through the approval process.

Having a seasoned professional in your corner can make a difference and aid your journey towards home ownership or real estate investment.

The Top 3 Mortgage Brokers in Aurora

Let’s delve into the distinctive perks of working with Aurora’s top three brokers:

1) Michelle Ghazouli

Helping clients weave through the financial maze with ease and understanding is Michelle Ghazouli’s forte. We were inspired by her commendable twenty-year track record and enriched by her clear-cut industry insights. Friendly, knowledgeable, and seasoned – Michelle has it all.

Business Information:

Phone: +19058309669
Address: 446 Hollandview Trail, Aurora, ON L4G 0G3, Canada

Customer Review:

My wife and I had a fantastic experience working with Michelle.  We found her by searching online for ‘local mortgage brokers’ and her website was one of the first we saw.  Naturally,  one can be a bit hesitant searching on-line for something as important as mortgages, refinancing, etc,  however within much of the first conversation,  that hesitancy faded.  I found Michelle to be friendly, personable and very knowledgeable.   We had many questions and she provided great direction and prompt responses.  In end we were very happy with the plan/solution that Michelle was able to facilitate for us.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a mortgage, refinance, etc – she is amazing!!

2) Warren Fetterly

Sturdy as a rock and just as reliable, Warren Fetterly stands as a beacon for mortgage seekers in Aurora. An expert in his service area, he swiftly translates his clients’ home dreams into reality. Warren’s warm approach and proven track record make him a standout choice.

Business Information:

Phone: +12892211981
Address: 118 Allenvale Dr, Aurora, ON L4G 6P8, Canada

Customer Review:

Purchasing our first home was a whirlwind of emotions. We had what felt like a list of never ending questions and possible scenarios with the quick changing market.  Warren was absolutely fantastic to deal with. He was patient, efficient, personable, kind, knowledgeable and honest. Warren took the time to answer all our questions in detail and walked us through the entire process with ease. I will be sure to use his services in the future and highly recommend him.

3) Fortune Funding

Experience the luxury of tailored solutions with Fortune Funding. They simplify the complexity of homeownership for first-time buyers, seasoned investors, and everyone in between. Witnessing their dedication to their clients’ needs felt like a refreshing plunge into professionalism.

Business Information:

Phone: +14168919118
Address: 237 Carisbrooke Cir, Aurora, ON L4G 0K4, Canada

Customer Review:

When my partner and I were buying our first home and had to consider financing, there were way too many options available to us. It was impossible to choose from a long list of mortgage brokers on the web. We were fortunate enough to have a friend recommend Azie! She and her team at Fortune Funding made the whole process so much less stressful. She helped us along the way to get all our documents in order, all the way to the final sale and release of funds to purchase our new home! I thought I would pass along the recommendation and say if you’re on the fence, choose Azie at Fortune Funding, you wont regret it!

FAQs on Real Estate Lawyers

Mortgage Brokers act as go-betweens for borrowers and lenders, helping borrowers secure the best possible terms and rates.



Usually, the lender covers the cost of a Mortgage Broker’s service as a “finder’s fee” for bringing in a client. 

Mortgage Brokers can provide access to a variety of lenders, broadening your choices and potentially fetching better deals. 

No, these brokers offer their services beyond Aurora. Please contact them directly to learn more about their specific service areas.

Final Thoughts

Guiding you down the road to homeownership, Michelle Ghazouli, Warren Fetterly, and Fortune Funding stand out in Aurora’s mortgage landscape. The next chapter of your financial journey could start with any of these seasoned professionals.