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4 Best Indian Restaurants in Burlington [2023]

If you’re craving authentic Indian cuisine in Burlington, Ontario, you’re in luck. The city is home to a selection of Indian restaurants that offer a range of flavorful dishes. From traditional North Indian curries to South Indian delicacies, you’ll find a variety of options to satisfy your taste buds. Here are the four best Indian restaurants in Burlington.

1) Prince of India Burlington

As part of the Toronto Blogs team, we uncovered the culinary delights of Prince of India. This Indian hotspot boasts a menu blending North and South Indian flavors. Our taste buds reveled in the carefully crafted dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and secret family recipes. The fully licensed bar provided a perfect accompaniment to the authentic experience, making it a must-visit for those craving traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist.

Business Information: 
1235 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7S 2H9, Canada

2) 7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill

During our gastronomic exploration, 7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill captured our attention with its diverse range of Indian flavors. From aromatic curries to tandoori delights and tempting vegetarian options, 7 Spice ensures a burst of authenticity in every dish. The option for takeout and delivery adds convenience, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the vibrant tastes of India in the comfort of their homes.

Business Information:
4460 Fairview St Unit B104, Burlington, ON L7L 5P9, Canada

3) Honest Restaurant Burlington

Honest Restaurant emerged as a standout in our culinary journey. With a menu featuring classic and contemporary Indian dishes, this spot offers a mouthwatering experience. Fresh ingredients and authentic spices set the stage for flavorful curries, tandoori specialties, and aromatic biryanis. The warm ambiance and friendly staff contribute to making Honest Restaurant a go-to destination for Indian food enthusiasts.

Business Information:
1250 Brant St #4, Burlington, ON L7P 1X8, Canada

4) The Bombay Grill

 Our exploration also led us to The Bombay Grill, a vibrant Indian restaurant infusing the spirit of Mumbai into its offerings. The menu, a fusion of Indian street food and classic dishes, delighted our senses. Meticulously crafted kebabs, biryanis, and curries showcased the culinary expertise, making The Bombay Grill an excellent choice for those seeking a lively atmosphere and diverse Indian flavors.

Business Information: 
3480 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7N 2R5, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of the mentioned Indian restaurants in Burlington offer vegetarian options on their menus. From a variety of vegetable curries to delicious paneer dishes, you’ll find plenty of choices to satisfy your vegetarian palate.

Yes, many of these Indian restaurants are mindful of dietary restrictions and offer gluten-free options. It’s recommended to inform the restaurant staff about your dietary needs, and they will guide you in selecting suitable dishes.

Yes, Prince of India and many other Indian restaurants in Burlington accept reservations. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation, especially during peak dining hours or on weekends, to ensure you have a table available.

Yes, all of the mentioned Indian restaurants provide takeout and some even offer delivery services. This allows you to enjoy your favorite Indian dishes in the comfort of your own home. Check their websites or give them a call to inquire about their takeout and delivery options.
Final Thoughts

Burlington is home to some fantastic Indian restaurants that offer a culinary journey through the flavors of India. From the traditional North and South Indian dishes at Prince of India to the fusion delights at The Bombay Grill, each restaurant brings its unique charm and authentic flavors to the dining experience. So, go ahead and indulge in the vibrant flavors and warm hospitality of the best Indian cuisine in Burlington.