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The 7 Best Butter Chicken in Mississauga [2024]

Craving the creamy, tangy delight of butter chicken in Mississauga? Let’s help you discover the top 7 eateries where this Indian delicacy takes the spotlight.

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Ready to embark on a butter chicken culinary journey? Check out one of the top restaurants in Mississauga today!

1) Bombay To Go

Located in a bustling part of Scarborough, Bombay To Go offers an authentic taste of Indian cuisine. The butter chicken here is creamy and generously seasoned, capturing the essence of Indian flavours.

Business Information:

1530 Markham Road, Scarborough

Customer Review:
“Got an event of about 20 people catered for through them and the food was absolutely fantastic! The portion sizes were enormous, fed all 20 of us with lots of leftover! They had options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets! Everyone loved the sauce in both the chicken and vegan options! Overall the best experience I’ve had at an Indian restaurant hands down!”

2) Rick's Good Eats

Rick’s Good Eats in Mississauga is beloved for its fusion of Indian and Canadian cuisines. The butter chicken here is served with a twist, combining traditional flavours with a dash of modern inspiration.

Business Information:

6660 Kennedy Road Unit 1, Mississauga 

Customer Review:
“This is my second time at Rick’s Good Eat and brought my boyfriend here for his birthday lunch. The last time I was here, I took home the left overs and he said it’s so was good despite it being cold. This time he ate the food while it was hot and he loved it even more.”

3) Karahi Point

Karahi Point trumps in serving traditional Pakistani and Indian cuisine. The butter chicken is a patron favourite, with its smooth tomato gravy, gently cooked chicken, and aromatic spices.

Business Information:

2642 Islington Avenue, Etobicoke

Customer Review:
“The food is amazing. Super flavourful and juicy. It was my first time here and our waiter took the time to explain the menu and described the different flavours that the dishes had:) we will be returning to this fantastic restaurant!”

4) Nirvana The Flavours Of India

Nirvana The Flavours Of India is renowned for serving classic Indian dishes in an elegant setting. The luxuriousness of the interior is matched by their butter chicken, a luscious dish with succulent chicken pieces soaked in creamy tomato sauce.

Business Information:

35 Brunel Road, Mississauga 

Customer Review:
“One of the best Rogan Josh I had in Canada. It was soo amazing. Overall food was good, service was very quick and the vibes took me back to India. Its a must try place. Will definitely visit again.”

5) The Maharaja

The Maharaja is an upscale Indian restaurant in Mississauga offering a royal dining experience. The restaurant’s butter chicken is a regal dish, seamlessly blending a perfect balance of spices in a velvety gravy.

Business Information:

4646 Heritage Hills Blvd #3, Mississauga 

Customer Review:
“In the heart of Mississauga we discovered a fine dining place truly authentic Indian cuisine. A real joy and treat to the eyes heart and definitely to our stomach. Be it the non veg platter we had or the rose lady drink or even the panner, fish and chicken was served with utmost care and superb presentation and extremely refreshing. A place must visit for delicious tasting food, ambiance and a soft music playing in the background. A must place to go.”

6) Tamarind Modern Indian Bistro

At Tamarind Modern Indian Bistro, traditional Indian cuisine is served with a contemporary touch. Their butter chicken is popular for its unique blend of spices, captivating aroma, and soft, tender chicken.

Business Information:

33 City Centre Drive, Mississauga  

Customer Review:
“Delicious food, great ambiance and wonderful service. It was our first time there and loved everything we ordered.”

7) Spice Culture

Featuring a menu of Indian classics, Spice Culture is known for its homely atmosphere. The butter chicken is lauded for its classic taste that transports you to India right in the heart of Mississauga.

Business Information:

8401 Weston Rd Unit 5, Woodbridge  

Customer Review:
“We recently went to this restaurant and witnessed a tasty food. We ordered some starters, drinks, followed by main course everything was tasty. (Just 1 or 2 pieces of chicken in starter platter was under cooked)”
FAQs About Butter Chicken
Butter chicken is traditionally served with naan or roti. Both are types of Indian bread. Naan is usually softer and fluffier while roti is thinner and crisper. The choice between them largely comes down to personal preference.
Butter chicken sauce, also known as Makhani sauce, is made with a mixture of tomatoes, spices, butter, and cream. Ingredients usually include garlic, ginger, chili, garam masala, cumin, and, often, honey for a touch of sweetness.

Curry chicken and butter chicken are both popular Indian dishes but have some key differences. Curry chicken uses a base of curry spice mix which gives it a robust and slightly spicy taste. Butter chicken is cooked with butter and cream, making it richer and milder, and it also often includes a hint of sweetness.

Butter chicken is traditionally eaten with naan or roti, both types of Indian bread, as well as basmati rice. These accompaniments help to soak up the rich and flavorful sauce. It’s common to see it served with a side of cucumber raita (a yogurt-based side dish) or a refreshing salad to balance the richness of the dish.


Whether you’re searching for a traditional rendition or an innovative twist, you’re bound to find a butter chicken that satisfies your cravings in Mississauga. Each restaurant mentioned offers a culinary experience sure to delight any butter chicken enthusiast, underscoring why they embody the best butter chicken in Mississauga.