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The 4 Best Employment Lawyers In Newmarket [2023]

Are you in Newmarket and facing workplace challenges? Discover the best employment lawyers in town who can safeguard your rights and offer expert guidance. Whether it’s wrongful termination, discrimination, or any other employment issue, these legal professionals have your back!

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How We Choose The Best Employment Lawyers

Selecting the best employment lawyers in Newmarket and other GTA cities involves a careful selection process. We follow a comprehensive set of criteria to ensure you receive expert legal representation for your workplace issues:

  • Expertise: We prioritize lawyers specializing in employment law with in-depth knowledge of labor regulations, employment standards, and workplace rights.
  • Track Record: We review their past cases to determine their ability to achieve favorable outcomes for clients.
  • Client Feedback: We talk to past clients to understand the quality of service, communication, and outcomes.
  • Communication: Lawyers who can explain complex legal matters in a straightforward way earn high marks.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: We ensure fair pricing for the services provided.
  • Local Knowledge: Local expertise in Newmarket and the GTA’s specific regulations is essential.
  • Accessibility: We appreciate lawyers who are accessible and responsive to clients’ needs.

Our selection process guarantees that recommended lawyers are skilled in employment law, dedicated, and client-focused. With these top-tier employment lawyers, you can confidently address any workplace challenge!

The Best Employment Lawyers In Newmarket

Now that you’re acquainted with our criteria for choosing the top employment lawyers, let’s meet these legal experts!

1) Nadi Law

Nadi Law is an experienced law firm that focuses on criminal and employment law. They have offices in Whitby and Newmarket, Ontario. They’re experts in things like wrongful job terminations, severance pay, unfair job changes, and workplace rights violations. We talked to their team, and they’re dedicated to protecting people’s rights at work. 

They help folks in many areas, not just Whitby and Newmarket, like Toronto and more. Nadi Law is a trustworthy choice for people dealing with criminal charges or workplace problems!

Business Information:

Address: 17075 Leslie St Unit 7, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8E1
Phone: +12894705350

Customer Review:
“Going up against a big company is never easy. Mr. Nadi made the experience so much easier for me. It was really a low point in my life and Mr. Nadi made sure to be honest and upfront with me from the beginning. He took the time to explain every step of the process and exactly what to expect. He was able to get me a settlement relatively quickly and much more than I had hoped for! Highly recommend Nadi Law for anyone going after an employer.”

2) Stiver Vale

Stiver Vale, a legal institution in York Region since 1926, offers a rich history of excellent legal service, particularly in employment law, wrongful dismissal, employment contracts, and termination of employment. Recently we’ve visited their office and met their dedicated team, who provide dependable legal advice and professional representation.

With a strong commitment to client service, they maintain a trusted and respected presence in York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. Count on their legacy of quality legal support and a tradition of excellence!

Business Information:

195 Main St S, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Y9

Customer Review:
“I have found them to be very helpful and accommodating. Used them for wills, real estate, and other independent legal advice”

3) HHL Law Firm LLP

HHL Law Firm, established in Newmarket in 1978, is a trusted name in employment law, catering to both employees and employers. We’ve personally engaged with their team and talked to satisfied clients who commend their dedication and expertise in employment matters. HHL provides practical and cost-effective advice to ensure compliance with federal and provincial employment laws. 

With their extensive experience, they handle various employment-related issues, including wrongful dismissal, harassment, workplace discrimination, and more. Clients value their unwavering commitment to success and integrity in serving the Newmarket community!

Business Information:

Address: 17360 Yonge St Suite 200, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7R6
Phone: +19058951007

Customer Review:
“Hill Hunter Losell has been my trusted legal advisor since 2011. They have provided consistent, reliable and friendly legal consultation to Foundation BTS on a variety of corporate matters and have given me great peace of mind. Besides providing excellent legal service they have been involved in charities in our community which are close to my heart. I whole heartedly recommend Hill Hunter Losell Law Firm to any corporation operating in the GTA.”

4) Mark J. Stewart Professional Corporation

The Mark J. Stewart Professional Corporation, personally-visited by our team, is a reputable law firm nestled in Newmarket, Ontario. With a mission centered on client well-being, they excel in employment law and litigation. Whether you’re an employee or employer, their dedicated legal advice and advocacy shine. 

Our conversation with one of their satisfied clients reaffirms their commitment to protecting legal rights. As a trusted partner for individuals and businesses across Ontario, they offer top-tier legal solutions!

Business Information:

Address: 411 Queen St Unit #6, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2G9
Phone: +19058360088

Customer Review:
“Mark is an excellent lawyer, and as with most is extremely intelligent. The thing that stands Mark apart from other lawyers is his genuine compassion and relentless support. I felt truly supported through a difficult circumstance, and he always had my best interest at heart. And even referred me to another person who became more suitable to my needs. I would recommend Mark without any hesitation or doubt.”
FAQs About Employment Law In Ontario
The Employment Standards Act Ontario is a crucial piece of legislation governing employment standards in the province. It sets out the minimum rights and entitlements for most employees, covering areas such as pay, working conditions, and leave. Understanding this act is essential for both employers and employees to ensure compliance with labor laws.
Workers in Ontario who are not covered by the Employment Standards Act include independent contractors, federally regulated employees, and those governed by collective agreements. These categories of employees have different regulations and protections.
Basic employment standards in Ontario include minimum wage, limits on working hours, overtime pay, public holiday entitlements, vacation leave, and various forms of unpaid leave. These standards aim to protect workers and ensure fair working conditions within the province.
In Ontario, employees can typically work up to 48 hours in a workweek, with a daily limit of 8 hours. They must have a 30-minute eating period for every five consecutive hours of work and a minimum of 11 consecutive hours off between workdays. Specific rules apply to rest periods, eating periods, and overtime, so it’s essential to refer to the Employment Standards Act, 2000, for full details.
Final Thoughts

When employment issues arise in Newmarket, these top employment lawyers are here to guide you. With their expertise and dedication, you’re in capable hands for resolving workplace disputes, wrongful dismissals, and more. Trust these legal professionals to protect your employment rights and seek justice on your behalf. Your employment matters, and these attorneys are your trusted allies!

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