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The 4 Best Divorce Lawyers In Newmarket [2023]

When it comes to getting through a tough divorce, finding the right lawyer is super important. In Newmarket, we’ve found four awesome divorce lawyers who are really good at helping people. They’ll support you, protect your interests, and solve legal problems, whether your divorce is friendly or more complicated. They’ve got tons of experience and they care about their clients, making them your best choice for divorce lawyers in Newmarket!

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How We Choose The Best Divorce Lawyers

When selecting the best employment lawyers in Aurora, we employ a rigorous and comprehensive approach to ensure you receive the finest legal representation. Here’s how we choose these experts:
  • Qualifications and Expertise: Assessing their qualifications and divorce law expertise, favoring experienced specialists.
  • Client Feedback: Considering client reviews and case success rates to discover client satisfaction and performance.
  • Ethical Standards: Ensuring adherence to professional ethics and standards.
  • Compatibility and Communication: Matching client needs with the lawyer’s approach and evaluating communication skills.
  • Continuing Legal Education: We assess whether the lawyers actively engage in ongoing legal education and training.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills: We consider a lawyer’s proficiency in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and collaborative law.
  • Cost Transparency: Verifying transparent fee structures.
Our thorough evaluation process guarantees our clients top-notch legal representation for their divorce cases!

The Best Divorce Lawyers In Newmarket

Now that you know our criteria of selecting the best divorce lawyers in Newmarket, let’s take a closer look at these pros!

1) Dunsmuir Ridler

Navigating the complexities of divorce? Look no further. We’ve personally consulted with Dunsmuir Ridler, located right by the Newmarket Courthouse, and their Family Law expertise has been indispensable. They’ve helped countless individuals in Newmarket, York Region, Durham Region, Simcoe County, King Township, and the Greater Toronto Area transition through divorce efficiently, even in contested cases involving child custody, support, and property division. 

With their guidance, an uncontested divorce becomes a smoother path forward. If divorce is on your horizon, or if you’ve been served divorce papers, their 30-minute consultation can provide the crucial information to support your journey.

Business Information:

Address: 17070 Yonge St #100, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6W4
Phone: +19058957741

Customer Review:
“The Dunsmuir-Ridley law firm truly stands out in their dedication to putting their clients first. From the initial consultation with Glenn to the final resolution of the case taken by Daniel, they were consistently outstanding as they prioritized the needs and concerns of myself, their client. I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with them and I have never experienced that before with previous law firms. It feels like a close-knit efficient, effective cooperative team and I would recommend them unreservedly. Also, thanks to Erin and Angelo (Hope I have the name correct) Great work guys!”

2) Galbraith Family Law

Galbraith Family Law truly stands out in their client-centered approach, and this isn’t just a marketing statement. One of our colleagues recently used their services during a challenging divorce, and their commitment to treating clients with empathy, respect, and understanding was evident throughout the entire process. The founder, Brian Galbraith, draws from his personal divorce experience, ensuring a peaceful, timely, and cost-effective resolution while safeguarding his clients’ rights. 

Their emphasis on compassionate conflict resolution is at the core of their mission. Galbraith Family Law specializes in Collaborative Divorce Practice, focusing on reduced conflict, open communication, personalized solutions, and cost-effectiveness. They are committed to preserving the family unit and promoting positive relationships post-separation!

Business Information:

Address: 1195 Stellar Dr #4, Newmarket, ON L3Y 7B8
Phone: +18662591156

Customer Review:
“I recently had to engage Galbraith Family Law to help me resolve some family law matters and I highly recommend them. Their attention to detail and how they treat their clients is top notch. Harrison, Kathy and Anna were very great to work with and guided me through the process. They are great people to work with.”

3) Epstein & Associates

Based on our recent conversation with a satisfied client, Epstein & Associates is the trusted choice for legal matters, particularly divorce cases. They serve Newmarket, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, and Barrie, ensuring that their experienced divorce lawyers are nearby and readily available. 

One key takeaway from the client’s experience was Epstein & Associates’ emphasis on helping clients find the right lawyer for their specific situation. If you’re not satisfied with your current attorney’s results, Epstein & Associates offers complimentary consultations to discuss your case and explore better options.

The tailored approach and commitment to guidance and understanding were evident, setting Epstein & Associates apart from other divorce law firms. Their experienced divorce lawyers handle a wide range of matters, from contracts to litigation, child and spousal support, custody, property division, and uncontested divorce applications.

Business Information:

Address: 235 Eagle St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1J8
Phone: +19058982266

Customer Review:
“I recently had the pleasure of working with Epstein and Associates, a renowned law firm specializing in Wills and Estates, and I couldn't be happier with their exceptional legal services. From their knowledgeable and attentive attorneys who guided me through every step of the process with clarity and patience, in what was a very complex and urgent matter. Their professionalism, prompt communication, and compassionate approach made the entire experience stress-free. I highly recommend Epstein and Associates to anyone in need of reliable legal services – they are truly outstanding.”

4) De Krupe Law

After speaking with several of their clients, De Krupe Law is undoubtedly a trusted name among divorce lawyers in the GTA, including Newmarket. They’re well-known for their top-tier legal assistance in family law matters, always providing tailored, pragmatic solutions. What sets them apart is their deep understanding of the emotional challenges that come with divorce and their commitment to simplifying the legal process for their clients.

Additionally, De Krupe Law handles various types of divorces, including contested uncontested and joint divorce, ensuring they can effectively support clients in a wide range of circumstances.

Business Information:

Address: 184A Main St S, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Z2
Phone: +14169019344

Customer Review:
“I can't thank my lawyer at De Krupe Law enough! He and his team did an amazing job to legally protect my growing business. What is more, they found perfect real estate for my needs. 10/10!”
FAQs About Divorce Law In Ontario
In Ontario, you generally need to be legally separated for at least one year before filing for divorce.
In Ontario, you generally need to be legally separated for at least one year before filing for divorce.
In Ontario, you generally need to be legally separated for at least one year before filing for divorce.
In Ontario, you generally need to be legally separated for at least one year before filing for divorce.
Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to navigating the complexities of divorce in Newmarket, these four exceptional divorce lawyers stand out as the best in the field. Their expertise, commitment, and track record of success make them the go-to choices for those seeking legal representation during this challenging time. 

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