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The 6 Best Driving Schools In Oakville [2024]

Searching for the perfect driving school in Oakville? Discover the ideal fit for your needs with our list of top schools, catering to beginners and experienced drivers alike. Enroll in a good driving school for rule knowledge, preparation for road conditions, and improved driving techniques. You’ll be a safer driver, resulting in faster licensing, insurance discounts, and more benefits.

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1) Green Light Driving School

Navigate your way to driving success with Green Light Driving School! Their friendly ambiance and attention to detail ensure that each student becomes a confident and responsible driver. Offering a wide array of courses tailored to meet individual needs, they make getting behind the wheel an exciting, enriching experience.

Business Information:
515 Dundas St W #208, Oakville, ON L6M 1L9

Customer Review:
“Excellent driving instructors. Good communication during the Pandemic. Value of the course. Most of all, the extra classes of in car driving that were affordable but most of all, effective to enable a successful driver in the house! Thank you!”
“I had Ali as the instructor from this driving school. He was very professional and accommodating. His lessons were very helpful and guided me in my G2 exam. He was available to answer any questions through text and calls.”

2) Road Aware Driving School Oakville

At RoadAware, they’re passionate about more than just driving; they’re dedicated to making the roads safer for everyone. With programs focused on defensive driving techniques, RoadAware prepares you not just for the test but for a lifetime of safe driving. Experience personalized lessons that make you more road-aware and confident.

Business Information:
50 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6K 1C7

Customer Review:
“The instructor is awesome. friendly and professional. Passed my test and appreciate her so much. Helped me understand and learn the tips and tricks of driving, also learned mistakes and Other things that people messed up on. Worth every penny”
“Road aware is a great driving school! With their help I was able to pass my g2 test on my first try. They taught me many valuable skills with their formulas and were really helpful. They are also always very professional and great with communication. I highly reccommend!!”

3) Ultimate Drivers

Ultimate Drivers in Oakville takes driver education to the next level. Their comprehensive programs go beyond basic driving skills, integrating road safety and awareness into every lesson. With friendly instructors and a commitment to excellence, they ensure you’re fully prepared for the road ahead.

Business Information:
2380 Wyecroft Rd #3, Oakville, ON L6L 6W1

Customer Review:
“Rani was excellent! I passed my G road test on my first attempt. I had previously used another driving school when prepping for my G2 and while I did pass that on my first attempt as well, the difference in quality of the teaching was remarkable. With Rani's teaching I now actually feel confident while driving. Definitely recommend Ultimate Drivers!”
“I passed my G test today, it was something I had been very anxious about but Rana, a wonderful driving instructor who works at Ultimate Drivers made it possible for me to pass! he is very calm, informative and intelligent, he made a great instructor. Having a good teacher/instructor really makes or breaks a learning experience, and preparing for me G test was so great and thanks to Rana!”

4) G1G2 Driving School

G1 G2 Driving School in Oakville demystifies the path to achieving your driving milestones. Their student-centric approach, flexible schedules, and experienced instructors make learning to drive an enjoyable journey. Master the road in a supportive environment where every lesson moves you closer to your goal.

Business Information:
2195 Wyecroft Rd UNIT #8, Oakville, ON L6L 5L7

Customer Review:
“Harry is very nice, humble and well mannered instructor. He helped me to pass my G1 G2 road test .. He has very vast knowledge of all the road signs and symbols. He trained me in a very funny and professional manner. I like the way he boosted my confidence. I will for sure recommend G1G2 driving school to all of you.”
“Harry is a brilliant instructor. He helped me to pass my road test on first time. He has great knowledge of all the road signs and symbols. He also boosted my confidence when he asked me to drive on highway first time. I will for sure recommend G1G2 driving school to my friends.”

5) ABC Driving School

ABC Driving School stands out with its tailor-made driving lessons that cater to the diverse needs of their students. Whether you’re a nervous newbie or looking to polish up your skills, ABC provides a supportive, engaging atmosphere where learning feels like a breeze. It’s where driving goals turn into reality.

Business Information:
 345 Lakeshore Rd E #215, Oakville, ON L6J 1J5

Customer Review:
“I had a great experience with ABC driving school. My instructor was Tony, he was a great instructor and prepped me really well for my G exam. He was patient, had good communicating driving skills. Thanks to him, I felt confident while appearing for the G exam and passed. Overall, I would highly recommend ABC driving school and Tony as an instructor.”
“Imran was a great driving instructor! He was very nice and provided me with great driving tips! I was able to pass my G2 because of him. I would highly recommend Imran as a instructor.”

6) AGC Driving School

With a focus on excellence and safety, AGC Driving School offers a comprehensive driving curriculum designed to empower students. Their hands-on approach and patient instructors ensure that each driver gains the skills and confidence needed to navigate the roads safely and efficiently. AGC is a favorite among Oakville learners for its friendly, effective teaching methods.

Business Information:
Customer Review:
“The experience was outstanding. The instructor teaches you everything you need to know in a professional manner. You learn new tricks and tips to park smoothly. Very outgoing person and it was great while it lasted. 10/10 would recommend”
I had a great experience with my instructor Manal Natour. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient, helpful during our lessons and provided great advice leading up to the test. I will contact her again for full G.”
FAQs about Driving Schools

It varies depending on the location and what kind of package you plan to choose. However, the average cost for driving lessons is around $500 which would consist of a beginner driving education practice test and a driving road test.

A typical driving lesson package includes a number of lessons, a practice permit, and sometimes a driver’s education course. Lessons usually take place in a car with a licensed instructor, and the package will specify how many lessons are included.

A driving school provides more than just driver’s education. In addition to classroom instruction, a driving school can provide behind-the-wheel training, road tests, and vehicle registration. Some schools also offer defensive driving courses and driver improvement programs.

The level of skill required to drive varies from person to person. Some people may be able to pick up the basics after just a few lessons, while others may require more time and practice. It is highly recommended that new drivers take at least 45 hours of lessons with a fully approved driving instructor and 20 hours with friends or family.


If you are looking for a great driving school in Oakville, then these 5 schools are your best bet. They all offer high-quality instruction, and will help you to become a safe and responsible driver. So if you’re ready to start learning, then be sure to check out one of these schools today!