The 14 Best Chinese Restaurants in Markham [2023]

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese cuisine, look no further than Markham! Home to a large and diverse Chinese community, Markham is a great place to find all your favourite Chinese dishes. From Cantonese cuisine to more modern fare, there’s something for everyone in Markham.

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In this article, we will be sharing with you our five favourite Chinese restaurants in Markham. We have tried them all and can honestly say that they are some of the best quality Chinese food we have ever had! So without further ado, let’s get started!

If you are wondering what other great Chinese restaurants there are in the GTA, check out our list of Chinese restaurants in Richmond Hill and Vaughan.

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1) Skyview Fusion Cuisine

Skyview Fusion Cuisine is the place to go for an amazing Asian cuisine experience. They have a huge menu with something for everyone, and the staff are always happy to help you find what you’re looking for. 

The restaurant is clean and comfortable, and the food is delicious – it’s no wonder that people come from all over town to eat here! Their crab rangoon appetizer alone will make your taste buds sing, but if you’re in the mood for something a little bit more adventurous then their Thai green curry definitely won’t disappoint. 

Plus, their prices are very reasonable considering how good the food is – we can guarantee that you’ll be coming back for seconds.

Business Information:
8261 Woodbine Ave #8, Markham, ON L3R 8Z5

Customer Review:
“Great service, amazing dim sum, and delicious desserts! We tried four dim sums, one fried squid dish, kalbi, and salted egg yolk custard buns! Taste was all great, but I highly recommend their dim sum. I also liked that they offer you hot water to sanitize all utensils. Overall, it was great experience ☺️”
“Came here for lunch and it was packed inside so we got a patio table. Food was superb. They served the best char siew I've had for the best 3 years. The meat was tender, moist yet still retained a nice chew. Their other dimsum dishes like siew mai, har gao are also highly recommended.”

2) Xin Jiang Restaurant

Looking for a delicious Halal meal? Look no further than Xin Jiang Restaurant! Offering an extensive menu of authentic Chinese cuisine, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant. With friendly staff who are always happy to help, you’ll be sure to have a great time. 

Whether you’re in the mood for some sweet and sour chicken or want to try something new like Peking duck, Xin Jiang has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? 

Come on over today and see why this is one of their most popular restaurants! With so many tasty options available, they know that once you’ve tried Xin Jiang Restaurant, it will quickly become one of your favorite places to eat out.

Business Information:
3636 Steeles Ave E Unit106, Markham, ON L3R 2Z5

Customer Review:
“Good food to die for, every bite and every dish we ordered was finger licking good and hit all the right taste buds. Highly recommend this restaurant on a cozy Saturday with friends and family.”
“This is one of my favourite go to spots for deliciously seasoned skewers and flavourful northern dishes! I loved coming here in the summer because they have a very decent sized patio so I never have to wait! The service and food is very consistent and fresh. Here’s a few of my favourites below!”

3) Golden Jade Restaurant

Guangxi is one of the most popular places for rice noodles. There are three famous types of rice noodles here: Guilin Rice Noodles, Nanning’s Lao You Rice Noodles, and Liuzhou Snail Rice Noodles. 

At the Golden Jade Restaurant, they serve authentic Guangxi cuisine to Toronto so that Torontonians can enjoy this delicious food too! The chefs at the Golden Jade Restaurant will also create some special delicacies such as Huaxi Spicy Sweet Potato Vermicelli – food lovers shouldn’t miss it!

Business Information:
820 Denison St, Markham, ON L3R 3K5

Customer Review:
“We had dinner there on a Friday night and the restaurant was not too busy. Food was very good and we all liked it. We forgot to take pictures until after we started eating. Service was also quite good. Will definitely go back.”
“Authentic Luosifen (rice noodles), try 2 types of noodles this time, will try more dishes next time! Service is really good! Super friendly and patient! They gave us yummy sago taro soup for dessert :D”

4) Chinese Dumpling House

The Chinese Dumpling House is the place to go for all your dumpling needs! With a wide selection of delicious options like steamed pork dumplings, pan-fried dumpling, braised beef noodles and more – this restaurant will have something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

The team here is incredibly friendly and always goes out of their way to make sure that you’re enjoying your meal. Plus, they’re always happy to give helpful recommendations if you’re not quite sure what you want. 

So why wait? Come on in and enjoy some amazing dumplings today!

Business Information:
3636 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON, L3R1K9

Customer Review:
“Been coming here for over 10 yrs. I rarely get their dumplings, their main dishes are my favourite. Crispy chicken (get 2 orders trust me), great scallion pancake and then their vegetarian dishes are incredible. After 10 yrs it tastes the same. Incredible”
“The dumplings here are the best! The lamb is my favourite. It's always made fresh and the flavours are good. The spicy hot pot is popular here so I decided to try it and I also enjoyed it. The meat wrap is also really good but it's a simple dish but made well. Definitely a good restaurant although service could be friendlier.”

5) Fortune Stone Restaurant

Google/Amer Kasim

Fortune Stone Restaurant serves up authentic Hong Kong food and service that will take your taste buds on a journey they’ll never forget. 

With a huge selection between the menu and chef’s special offerings, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings – plus, all of the dishes are fairly priced with generous portions! 

And if that wasn’t enough, you can enjoy your meal with a cup of delicious HK-style milk tea. This is definitely one spot you don’t want to miss out on if you’re looking for some good eats without having to cook yourself!

Plus, they offer delivery services so you can enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of your own home without having to leave the house!

Business Information:

7010 Warden Ave., Markham, ON L3R 0L9

Customer Review:
“Although the baked pork rice is my favourite dish here, the curry brisket is a must have. The curry sauce is very well made with very generous amounts of meat along with it. Price is reasonable too. Recommend stopping by if you're in the area!”
“Was looking for a quick bite and stopped by at this nice little HK diner. Really love the decor, fast and speedy service and food. Wife had the Guilin Spaghetti ( it’s really Lai-fen) and I had my usual baked chicken with white sauce. Would recommend both. Coffee tea mix was also very silky smooth. Would visit again”

6) Dragon Legend

Dragon Legend is a Chinese buffet restaurant located near Woodbine and Highway 7 in Markham. The restaurant is best known for its extensive buffet menu, which features dishes from all over China as well as Japanese sushi and sashimi. 

The restaurant’s decor is also noteworthy, with numerous Chinese-themed items on display throughout the space. In addition to its buffet offerings, Dragon Legend also serve lobsters, though each customer is limited to one per visit. Overall, the restaurant is a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a Chinese feast.

Business Information:
(905) 940-1811
25 Lanark Rd, Markham, ON L3R 8E8

Customer Review:
“A must stop if you are in the area! My family travels to Toronto once or twice a year, and every time, we have to stop by. The restaurant is beautiful with ancient Chinese decor. The service is good. Overall, it’s a great place for family or large groups.”
“Genuinely the best buffet I've ever tried! I come from Montreal and I'd do the drive even if it was only for this place!!! Great price and beautiful decorations, with tasty food. The flavours are complex and authentic”

7) Congee Queen

If you’re looking for a delicious and satisfying meal, look no further than Congee Queen. This popular chain is well-known for its modern, stylish settings and huge portion sizes. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Chinese classics or something more unique, you’ll find it here. 

A favorite is their Spice and Pepper Salt Pork Chop on Rice: a beautifully seasoned batter encases tender and juicy meat that’s been fried to perfection. And the portions are huge – it’s definitely enough to fill you up. 

Plus, their prices are very reasonable, especially when compared with other restaurants in the GTA. So if you’re craving some great Chinese food at any time of day, be sure to stop by Congee Queen! You won’t be disappointed.

Business Information:
(905) 209-8988
5308 Hwy 7 unit 5-7, Markham, ON L3P 1B9

Customer Review:
“We got take out and ordered: lobster, stir fried noodles, soft shell crab fried rice, Singaporean style noodles, flat beef noodles, pork, oysters, turnip cake and soup. With the exception of the soup that everyone said was too salty (I didn't have any) everything else was great. We even had left overs for several days.”
“One of the busiest Chinese food franchises you would ever find. There's a separate line up for takeout and lineup for dining seating. Tasty Chinese food offering. Better variety than most tastier than most price is reasonable. I'm not saying it's healthy option but once in awhile wouldn't kill you. Typical Chinese restaurant customer service quick quick quick straight to the point eat and go”

8) Ding Tai Fung


If you’re looking for an authentic, mouthwatering Shanghainese dining experience, look no further than Ding Tai Fung. With two locations in Markham and Scarborough, this restaurant is known for its amazing dim sums and Shanghai-style dumplings and noodles. 

Whether you opt for their delicious soup dumplings or try one of their other signature dishes, you’re sure to be impressed by the quality and flavor of the food at Ding Tai Fung. 

And while the food itself is truly second to none, what really sets this restaurant apart from its competitors is the care that goes into each and every dish. From the freshness of their ingredients to the precision with which they are prepared and presented, Ding Tai Fung takes great pride in their incredible cuisine. 

So if you’re looking for an amazing dining experience in Toronto, be sure to check out Ding Tai Fung – you won’t be disappointed!

Business Information:
(905) 209-8988
5308 Hwy 7 unit 5-7, Markham, ON L3P 1B9

Customer Review:
“I have been going here since I was little and the taste hasn’t changed a bit but the portions have gotten a little bit smaller since the last time I came here before covid. I love the texture of the dough they use for their hand pulled noodles and dumplings, you can tell it’s all hand made - not too chewy and very springy. Their spicy chilli wontons and savoury soy milk are a must order every time I go and it is hard to find something that isn’t tasty on their menu.”
“Had a great meal here, the deep fried squid was tasty, as well as the other dishes we ate. The star of the meal was the Shanghai noodle with shredded pork in soup. The broth was so tasty and the noodles were great. Highly recommend.”

9) Fancy Chinese Cuisine

Fancy Chinese Cuisine is a popular spot among locals for morning tea. This modern Chinese restaurant located at Kennedy and 14th Ave serves dim sums and other classical Chinese cuisines. The dim sums here are pretty good quality and it’s reasonably priced too, with a price range of $3-$6. 

Besides dim sums, they are also known for their lobster meals. This meal includes an assortment of dishes such as soup, rice, and noodles, most of which contain lobsters in it. 

The service here is pretty attentive and the ambience is comfortable and casual, making it a great place to catch up with friends over some good food. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Fancy Chinese Cuisine is definitely worth checking out.

Business Information:

7750 Kennedy Rd #4, Markham, ON L3R 0A7
(905) 475-2822

Customer Review:
“Fancy provides takeout finally!!! I called before but no one answered the phone, so I thought it won’t open till the pandemic comes to the end lol. Luckily I drove by and saw the menu posted outside the restaurant. So we ordered the lobster combo and my favourite steam shrimp rice:) it is awesome that all the them tasted the same!! I will try the takeout dimsum next time! Hope they provide egg tart soon!”
“Ordered dimsum takeout here throughout the pandemic and finally had a chance to return in-person to catch up with friends. Vaccine passport was in effect but very quickly got to our table once we shared info. The pandemic had done a doozy on the restaurant industry. Got seated at 11:30 on a Saturday and there was still tables available when normally we would have people out the door waiting at this time. Food was good and prices were much fairer than other places nearby (looking at you, Chef 88). Justin Trudeau and this local foodie approved.”

10) Xin Jiang Restaurant

For those looking for authentic Northern Chinese cuisine, look no further than this humble little restaurant located in Metro Square. Whether you’re craving tasty skewers or a hearty bowl of Mushroom Winter Melon Soup, this is definitely a go-to spot. And with halal options available, it’s the perfect choice for anyone seeking great-tasting, flavourful food. 

Their spicy lamb skewers are simply superb – made with five-spice that’ll pack a punch in every bite. Or if you prefer something even spicier, be sure to ask for a side of their homemade chilli oil to really turn up the heat! 

So next time you’re in the mood for some savoury Chinese fare, don’t hesitate to check out this one-of-a-kind halal eatery. You won’t be disappointed!

Business Information:
(905) 948-9966
3636 Steeles Ave E Unit106, Markham, ON L3R 2Z5

Customer Review:
“This is one of my favourite go to spots for deliciously seasoned skewers and flavourful northern dishes! I loved coming here in the summer because they have a very decent sized patio so I never have to wait! The service and food is very consistent and fresh. Here’s a few of my favourites below!”
“My favorite sir down lunch spot. Quick, delicious meals, friendly service. Increased price recently so it's not as good value as used to be. But everything is raising in cost so I can't fault them. I still go with hubby when we want quick delivious lunch meals, however we have added other restaurants into the rotation.”

11) Hakka Legend Asian Cuisine

Yelp/@Wendy B.

If you’re ever in the mood for some delicious Hakka food, this is definitely the place to go. The chilli chicken here is my personal favourite – it’s covered in a fantastic savoury and slightly sweet sauce that has just the right amount of spice. The honey garlic chicken is also an excellent choice if you’re not a fan of spice, as it’s perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury. 

Either way, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options on the menu. And on top of that, it’s all halal, so you know that the food is prepared according to religious guidelines. All in all, it’s a great spot for a casual meal with friends or family.

Business Information:

Address: 7393 Markham Rd Unit 86/87, Markham
Phone: (905) 294-5777

Customer Review:
“Amazing chili chicken here. One of the best in the city, at a price that likely can't be beat. Recently the price went up but you can hardly blame them for the excellent value that they offered previously and still continue to offer. A good amount of seating as well as parking in this plaza. Service is fast and friendly. Splitting the bill is never an issue. Great little spot, probably my favourite for Hakka food in the city!”
“Hits home!! The food is an absolute bliss here, it arrives pretty quick and is mouth watering hot and fresh. Would recommend the Manchurian chi Jean and the house special fried rice, those are my 2 favorite dishes”

12) Ritzy Palace Chinese Cuisine

Yelp/@Andrea M.

Ritzy is a stylish banquet hall located by Woodbine and Denison St. This is among one of the favourites spots in Markham for delicious dim sum at affordable prices. However, if you’re coming here for the dim sums, be sure to arrive before 3:30 pm as that’s when they stop serving dim sums. 

Besides dim sums, they also serve authentic Chinese dishes such as Cantonese Fried Rice, as well as Peking duck. This is the place to go if you’re looking for quality food with reasonable portions at affordable prices.

Business Information:

Address: 7301 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON
Phone: (905) 940-2888

Customer Review:
“I’ve been here many times with families and everyone loved the service and food here. You do need to make a reservation on weekends as they are quite full during meal time. Their menu is very complete with all the authentic dim sum dishes from Canton. They also have special combo meals for takeouts if you call in advance. Some of my favourites are: deep fried shrimp rolls, deep fried milk, Thai durian tarts and custard buns!”
“Nice place for morning tea. Menu is in mandarin and English. Flat rate before 11 am. Great quality of food fast and perfectly prepared. This place is busy but still relatively quiet in noise volume and plenty of two seat tables. There is often a line up but if you are a party of two you get in fast past the waiting line. Prices are very reasonable.”

13) Elegance Chinese Cuisine & Banquet

Yelp/@Calvin L.
The name speaks for itself, this restaurant serves Chinese cuisine in an elegant setting. Elegance Chinese Cuisine is a popular spot in Markham for morning tea. Here they serve quality dim sum dishes at great prices. Their dim sums start at just $3.2, and they have lots of varieties with over 68 different items. If you want more than just dim sum, they are also known for their lobster meal, which is perfect if you’re dining with a large group. Make sure to come between 9 am to 11 am to get their dim sums at special prices!
Business Information:

Address: 20 Gibson Dr, Markham, ON
Phone: (905) 948-1881

Customer Review:
“Get here early before the lunch rush. We went on a Sunday morning at 10am and got a table for 12 right away. Service is pretty good, food came out fairly quickly and was tasty. Food was not too oily, meat was juicy and fried food was crispy. My favorite dishes were the egg yolk bun, squid tentacles, siu mai, and egg tarts. Would definitely come back here.”
“The quality of food & service here we exceptional. They have taken measures to protect against covid by spacing out the tables, use of masks & they even provide a bowl of boiled water for you to cleanse your own utensils. The food portions were big, very fresh ingredients & delicious. The customer service was excellent, the manager even told us to make sure to order before the earth bird ended so that we could get a discount. I will definitely be back.”

14) Hai Tang Cafe

Yelp/@Wei C.
This is a classic spot of HK foods in Markham. Located at 16th and Woodbine, this humble restaurant serves Hong Kong and Chinese foods at affordable prices. They offer many set meals which are $10 and under. Their Curry Beef Briskets with rice is one of the go-to dishes at this restaurant. For around just $10, you can have a set meal which also comes with your choice of milk tea, ice tea, or coffee. It’s hard to find many places that offer as much value as Hai Tang Cafe.
Business Information:

Address: 38 Buttonfield Rd, Markham
Phone: (905) 477-8332

Customer Review:
“You get what you paid for. But in this case, you definitely get more value for those $10 lunches. Don't expect the flash and dash, because once again, $10 lunch and $50 for 4 course meal for a family of 4. Our go to place if we don't have what to eat”
“Always fast. I rember when i was first introduced to this spot some 6 years ago, food and drinks was always good and the price was astoudingly cheap. After moving from downtown to Markham, 1 of my first oberservation was that food up here is super cheap, its almost like its free.”
FAQs about Chinese Restaurant
It all depends on the regional Chinese cuisine. However, some of the most common ingredients in Chinese food include rice, noodles, vegetables (especially bean sprouts and cabbage), tofu, and meat (usually pork or chicken).
There are many popular Chinese dishes to try, but some of the most well-known include Kung Pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, and General Tso’s chicken. Each dish has its own unique flavors and ingredients that make them stand out from the rest so be sure to explore as many options as possible.
There are many things that make Chinese food special, but some of the most notable aspects include the unique flavors and spices used in dishes, as well as the variety of options available. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or something light and refreshing, there’s sure to be a Chinese dish that will satisfy your taste buds.
There are many health benefits of Chinese food. Some of the main benefits include improved digestion, better blood circulation, and reduced stress levels. Additionally, Chinese food is known for being high in nutritional value and containing a variety of antioxidants that can help protect the body against disease.
There are many great Chinese restaurants in Markham, but the five listed above are some of the best. They offer delicious food and excellent service, making them a favourite among locals and visitors alike. If you’re looking for an authentic Chinese meal, be sure to check out one of these establishments!