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The 5 Best Driving Schools in Markham [2024]

If you are looking for the best driving school in Markham, then look no further! We have compiled a list of the five best schools in town to help make your decision process easier. All of these schools offer excellent programs that will prepare you for your road test and beyond. And if you’re looking for more classes in the GTA, check out:

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So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our list today and get one step closer to obtaining your driver’s license!



Good Friends Driving Institute (GFDI) promises not just driving lessons, but an enriching learning experience tailored by professional instructors, included with  class lessons. With over a decade in the field, GFDI is praised for its innovative techniques and comprehensive safety skills education across Ontario.

Business Information:
505 Hood Road, Unit 19 Markham, ON L3R 5V6

Customer Review:
“Aftab is the greatest driving instructor ever! He helped me calm down a lot when I was driving and before my G2 test. He taught me very simple methods for 3 point turns, parallel parking and parking that I have commit to memory and that work every time! He is very personable and truly makes a point to connect with each and every one of his students. He is excellent at providing enjoyable programs that turn students into safe and confident drivers. Don't think I could have passed my G2 without his help. When it is time for me to take my G test I know who I'll be calling! "
- Karan Rudra
“Aftab is an amazing instructor! He taught me so many amazing methods that have aloud me to become a much better driver. I strongly recommend GOOD Friends Driving Institute if you want to become a safe, intelligent and all around good driver! Thank you so much for teaching me Aftab!”
- Noula

2) Dean's Defensive Driving School

Dean's Defensive Driving School

Dean’s Defensive Driving School focuses on defensive driving techniques, precision driving skills, and knowledge to keep you safe on the roads. Their intimate class sizes ensure each student receives attention and guidance throughout their learning journey.

Business Information:
3601 Highway#7 East, Suite 1005, HSBC Building Markham, Ontario L3R 0M3

Customer Review:
“If you're looking for an instructor who prioritizes your safety and provides constructive feedback all the while remaining calm and patient by your side, Dean is your person! Dean truly cares about everyone's safety on the road, which is why he will teach you how to drive defensively, so you can help keep everyone safe well beyond passing your road tests. Thanks Dean for helping me pass my G2 exit test on my first try and for all the tips on how to be a smart, safe driver!”
- Chelsea Dumasal
“Dean is definitely a great instructor, he leaves no stone unturned to make you pass your driving test. His professional attitude and attention to detail ensures the student learns and excels. Deans defensive driving mock tests made the actual test look easy. He’s your man if you want a Instructor who genuinely cares about your well being and wants you to succeed at driving.”
- Jashan Jot Singh

3) A+ Driving School

A+ Driving School

Featuring patient, helpful instructors and a relaxed learning environment, A+ Driving School makes mastering driving stress-free and comfortable for first-time drivers. Tailoring lesson plans to individual needs, they work around your schedule, making the learning process smooth and efficient.

Business Information:
9889 Markham Rd #207, Markham, ON L6E 0B7

Customer Review:
“Pat is a really good teacher. You can trust him for making the right decisions for you. I had a wonderful experience learning with him. I highly recommend A+ driving school, they truly are A+ in their service and getting end results for their clients.”
- Namit Arora
“My experience at A+ driving school was impeccable! I did both my G2 and G training with them and I can honestly say that my time with them was enjoyable. The instructors are friendly and really know their stuff. They were also very reasonable with booking classes and exams according to my schedule. I would 100% recommend this school to all my friends and family. Keep up the good work Pat and crew"
- Sajana Siva

4) AMB Driving School

AMB Driving School

AMB Driving School is proud of offering one of the best beginner driver education programs in the GTA. Endorsed by the Ministry of Transportation, their courses can shorten the waiting period for your road test. Teaching with passion, AMB Driving School believes in accessible, high-quality driving education for everyone.

Business Information:
8525 McCowan Rd, Unionville, ON L3P 5E5, Canada 

Customer Review:
“For my driving lessons to get my G2 I had Aleem Usmani. He’s wonderful and so so patience. I was a bit anxious with starting my lessons but he definitely helped calm those nerves. He was always encouraging and cheering me on during the lessons I had with him. Also taught me many handy little tips and tricks while driving :)”
- _tax. Evasion_
“I had Zav as my driving instructor and he is really good at nailing down the important concepts of driving. He is very determined in making sure all his students succeed.”
- Nelson Kuang

5) Young Star Driving School

Young Star Driving School

Young Star Driving School embodies the belief in safe driving and aims to make the roads safer for everyone. Offering a variety of affordable packages, including in-class lessons and in-car driving training, they ensure students are well-prepared for both G1 and G2 tests.

Business Information:
8131 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6

Customer Review:
“I had Reza as my instructor. He taught me all the necessary techniques as a beginner driver and was very detailed with instructions. You can ask him with any questions at any time and he will answer you. He is also very observant and caught my mistakes right away. I would highly recommend Reza for anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely and pass G2/G test!”
- Evelyn Lee
“It was a great experience with Mr.Tanveer. He made sure that I had all the rules and regulations clear in my head. It is because of him that I passed directly from G1 to G in 1 go. I would strongly recommend Mr. Tanveer as a drivers guide as be has an abundance of knowledge and is a very good teacher.”
- Karan Malhan
FAQs About Driving Schools
The average price for driving schools in Markham can vary depending on the school’s experience, location and services offered. However, most schools usually charge around $500-$800 for their courses.
There are many different things that driving schools can offer you. Some schools may focus on teaching new drivers the basics of how to operate a car. Other schools may place more emphasis on defensive driving techniques, or preparing students for their written and practical exams.
There are many benefits to going to driving school, such as learning how to drive in a safe and responsible manner. Driving school can also help you pass your driver’s test and get your license. Additionally, driving school can provide you with the skills needed to be a safe and competent driver.
It depends on the person, but the average time frame is usually around 3-6 months. There are many factors that affects the time it will take you to finish like; the amount of time you can dedicate to your studies each day will play a role in how quickly you’re able to complete the program

There are many great driving schools in Markham, but the five listed above stand out from the rest. These schools offer professional instruction and a variety of services that will help you learn to drive safely and confidently. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, these schools have something to offer everyone. So if you’re looking for quality driving education, be sure to check out one of these top-rated establishments!