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The Best Bike Trails in The Greater Toronto Area [2023]

Finding the best bike trails in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be a daunting task. There are so many great options available, and it can be hard to decide which one is the right option for you. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite bike trails in the area that will help you narrow down your choices! And if you like this article, be sure to check out our pieces on:

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Whether you’re looking for an easy ride through peaceful nature or something more challenging with twists and turns on city roads, these Toronto bike trails have something for everyone! Happy cycling!

Is The GTA Bike Friendly?

Yes, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been making efforts to become more bike-friendly in recent years. Many municipalities within the GTA have been working to improve cycling infrastructure, promote bike lanes, and create designated cycling routes. Some of the developments aimed at promoting cycling in the GTA include:

Bike Lanes: Many urban areas in the GTA have been implementing bike lanes along major roads to provide safer spaces for cyclists.

Multi-Use Paths: Some regions have multi-use paths that are shared by cyclists, pedestrians, and even rollerbladers, offering a safer and dedicated space for non-motorized transportation.

Bike-Share Programs: Several areas within the GTA have bike-sharing programs that allow residents and visitors to rent bikes for short trips around the city.

Cycling Events: The GTA hosts various cycling events, including group rides, races, and awareness campaigns, which encourage cycling and raise awareness about bike safety.

Cycling Advocacy: Local cycling advocacy groups and organizations are actively working with municipalities to improve cycling infrastructure and promote bike-friendly policies.

Bike-Friendly Policies: Some municipalities are adopting policies that prioritize cycling infrastructure in urban planning, making it easier and safer for cyclists to navigate.

While the GTA has taken steps to become more bike-friendly, it’s always a good idea to research the specific area you plan to cycle in and familiarize yourself with local bike laws, routes, and safety recommendations.

Best Bike Trails In The GTA

Now, let’s cycle our way into our the best bike trails in the GTA, so you can find a spot that best suits you!

I. The Best Bike Trails In Toronto

Moccasin Trail Park

Discover cycling bliss at Moccasin Trail Park in Toronto. Spread over 15 hectares, this hidden gem lies at the crossroads of Lawrence Avenue East and the Don Valley Parkway. The park’s enchanting walking paths weave through a ravine forest, offering an immersive nature experience. Pedal past the Don Valley Parkway and Canadian National Railway to find the serene Charles Sauriol Conservation Area along the East branch of the Don River. For an adventure in tranquility within the city, Moccasin Trail Park is a must-visit cycling destination.

Business Information:

55 Green Belt Dr, Toronto, ON L4Z 2P5

Beltline Trail

Unveil Toronto’s urban charm on the Beltline Trail, stretching around 8 miles. Passing through neighborhoods like Rosedale and Forest Hill, the trail offers three sections with diverse experiences. From York Beltline’s west expanse to the scenic Kay Gardner Beltline Park, and the serene Ravine Beltline Trail through Moore Park Ravine. The flat terrain ensures a comfortable ride. Enjoy parks, woods, and ravines as you pedal through history along the Beltline Trail.

Business Information:

Beltline Trail, Toronto, ON M4T 2A4

II. The Best Bike Trails In Markham

Rouge National Urban Park, Bob Hunter Memorial Park

Set out on an inspiring biking journey at Rouge National Urban Park’s Bob Hunter Memorial Park in Markham. This tribute to Canadian environmental advocate Bob Hunter offers picturesque trails amidst lush landscapes. Pedal through captivating scenery and honor Hunter’s legacy of conservation and love for nature. For an enriching connection with the environment and a remarkable figure, Bob Hunter Memorial Park is an ideal biking destination.

Business Information:

7277 14th Ave, Markham, ON L6B 1A8

Milne Dam Conservation Park

Explore history and nature at Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham. Alongside the tranquil Milne Reservoir, this park offers a biking experience blending adventure with historical significance. Ride through time as you traverse paths near the site of the 19th-century Milne family mill. The park serves as a testament to their enduring legacy and offers a serene cycling journey through the heart of Markham.

Business Information:

8251 McCowan Rd, Markham, ON L3P 3J3

III. The Best Bike Trails In Richmond Hill

Lake Wilcox Park

Experience the best of outdoor fun at Richmond Hill’s Lake Wilcox Park. With its stunning lake and versatile activities, this park caters to water and land lovers alike. Enjoy kayaking, picnicking, skateboarding, and more. Meander along walking trails, including a captivating boardwalk over the lake. A waterpark with splash pads offers cool relief during hot summer days, making Lake Wilcox Park a perfect outdoor retreat.

Business Information:

55 Olde Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3C8

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park in Richmond Hill is a beloved hub for outdoor recreation. Embrace its natural charm as you cycle along scenic trails, unwind by the pond, or explore its diverse amenities. From playgrounds to a charming gazebo, the park invites relaxation and play. Winter transforms the park into a skating haven. Mill Pond Park seamlessly blends nature’s beauty with recreational possibilities for an unforgettable visit.

Business Information:

321 Mill St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4B5

IV. The Best Bike Trails In Vaughan

Boyd Conservation Park

Discover a nature-meets-leisure oasis at Boyd Conservation Park in Vaughan. This haven along the Humber River offers forest trails, expansive green spaces, and serene relaxation spots. Engage in quality family time, picnics, and more in a setting that connects you with nature amidst the urban landscape. Whether seeking tranquility or adventure, Boyd Conservation Park has something for everyone.
Business Information:

8739 Islington Ave, Vaughan, ON L4L 1A6

Sugarbush Heritage Park

Sugarbush Heritage Park in Vaughan is a family-friendly haven offering both biking and storytelling. With scenic trails and the Story Walk, children engage in an interactive narrative while exploring nature. The Story Walk combines outdoor activity with captivating storytelling, creating cherished memories for families seeking outdoor fun.

Business Information:

91 Thornhill Woods Dr, Thornhill, ON L4J 8S1

v. The Best Bike Trails In Mississauga

St. Lawrence Park

Experience urban transformation at St. Lawrence Park in Mississauga. Once a landfill, it’s now a recreational haven with looped bike paths, picnicking facilities, and historic heritage buildings. Biking amidst serene surroundings and cultural remnants showcases the blend of nature and revitalization in the heart of the city.
Business Information:

75 St Lawrence Dr, Mississauga, ON L5G 4V3

J.C. Saddington Par

J.C. Saddington Park offers a mix of amenities for all ages. From jogging trails and serene ponds to play facilities and fishing spots, this park caters to diverse outdoor interests. Explore the lush landscapes, engage in recreational activities, and enjoy quality family time in a picturesque setting.

Business Information:

53 Lake St, Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y3

vI. The Best Bike Trails In Brampton

Heart Lake Conservation Park

Find outdoor adventures at Heart Lake Conservation Park in Brampton. Engage in watersports, zip-lining, and more amid nature’s tranquility. The park offers a balanced blend of recreation and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a mix of leisure and excitement.

Business Information:

10818 Heart Lake Rd, Brampton, ON L6Z 0B3

Loafer's Lake

While details are currently limited, Loafer’s Lake Park in Brampton promises outdoor enjoyment and natural beauty. With its range of parks and trails in the GTA, the park is likely to offer biking opportunities and serene views, making it a potential destination for nature enthusiasts and cyclists.

Business Information:
1X9, Etobicoke Creek Trail, Brampton, ON
FAQs About Bike Trails
One of the longest bike trails in Toronto is the Waterfront Trail. It spans approximately 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) along the shores of Lake Ontario, connecting various communities and offering scenic views.
The Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, not Toronto, is a popular bike trail that spans approximately 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) around the perimeter of Stanley Park, offering stunning views of the ocean and city skyline.
Yes, you can bike around Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region. The Seneca Lake Loop Trail is a roughly 77-mile scenic route that takes you around the entire perimeter of the lake, offering picturesque views of vineyards, farmlands, and the lake itself.

Oak Bluffs is a charming town on Martha’s Vineyard, and there are several bike routes you can explore from there. One popular option is biking the State Beach Bikeway, which connects Oak Bluffs to Edgartown and offers beautiful views of the coastline. Additionally, you can explore the island’s network of bike paths, including those that lead to other towns like Vineyard Haven and Aquinnah.


The Greater Toronto Area is a large and varied region, so it’s no surprise that there are many great bike trails to explore. Whether you’re looking for an easy trail to take the kids on or a challenging route for experienced cyclists, there’s sure to be a perfect path for you. So get out your map and start planning your next biking adventure – these routes won’t disappoint!