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The 4 Best Antique Stores In Newmarket [2023]

Unearth exceptional antique stores in Newmarket with unique treasures for collectors, history enthusiasts, and contemporary design admirers. We handpicked these stores for their quality products, customer service ratings, and easy navigation. From furniture to art objects, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss these other attractions that showcase the best things to do in Newmarket!

How old was it before it was considered an antique?

Generally, items that are 50 or more years old can be considered antiques. However, there is no set age at which an item becomes antique and as such, what may be considered antique in one place may not be so in another. Additionally, some things that are commonly thought of as being vintage (items from a certain decade or era) might actually only date back to within 10-15 years of when they were made/released into the market. So while there isn’t a hard and fast rule governing when something becomes an antique, generally speaking items over 50 years old will typically qualify as such.

Best antique stores in Newmarket

1) The Millionaire’s Daughter

The Millionaire’s Daughter is a mid-to-high-end furniture and decor consignment business with three retail stores throughout Southern Ontario; Hamilton, Oakville, and Aurora. Their big showrooms of over 30,000 square feet showcase one-of-a-kind pieces in unique, ever-changing lines. 

Here you can find furniture and home décor items ranging from private homes (including model homes), estate sales, furniture retail and design studios (antiques etc.), as well as antiques dating back to the 1800’s or earlier! 

After 30 days, the selling price of the product is reduced by 10%, after 60 days it reduces by another 10%, and finally, at 90 days there is a final reduction of 15%. This store has inventory for 150 days, however, most furniture tends to be sold within the first 60. An average of 40 new items are added to their assortment every day which keeps things fresh!

Business Information:

Phone number: +19055039400
Address: 40 Engelhard Dr #12, Aurora, ON L4G 3V7

Customer Review:
“I have purchased a number of pieces from this store. You can view their pieces online and check all their stores at once. They are a consignment store so the inventory is constantly changing. Lots of old furniture (which generally means very good quality). We converted some beautiful dressers into bathroom vanities. Prices are reasonable and they lower them the longer they stay in the store. Staff is friendly too”

2) Mission Thrift Store

The Mission Thrift Store offers a unique shopping experience for those looking to save money while helping not only local communities but also communities around the world. Goods donated by the store are turned into cash and invested in international programs in over 40 countries, providing access to the empowering message of God’s Word.

Mission Thrift Stores work to reduce landfill waste. In 2019 an estimated 23,000,000 pounds were diverted from local landfills thanks to their efforts. That’s just over one pound for every dollar sold!.

In this store, you can buy absolutely everything you need for your home: furniture, dishes, books, decorative elements and much more.

Business Information:

Phone number: +12898033044
Address: 17255 Yonge St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 5L8

Customer Review:
“Amazing place. Very clean and organized. Been here more than 10 times. Price is way more fair than Value Village, as Mission Thrift stores are truly good will. I switched my donation here.”
“Obsessed with this thrift store! So many unique items and such a large, organized space. Found some amazing shadow boxes for an art project I'm working on and half off too! Can't wait to go back.”

3) The Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Salvation Army operates successful Thrift Stores in order to meet the practical needs of people in a difficult financial situation for more than 100 years. These stores help their customers to be provided with the necessary things at an affordable price. In addition, The Salvation Army integrates itself into the community by supporting a variety of social causes. This way, it contributes not only to people’s physical well-being but also their spiritual growth and development.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store receives donations of brand new products including clothing, toys, housewares and other items from local businesses. For example, The Booth Sleep Line mattresses are manufactured for sale only at The Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Anyone wishing to contribute their clothing, textiles, household items, electronics, toys, media and books can drop them off at the charity’s donation center.

Business Information:

Phone number: +19058301656
Address: 130 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2N1

Customer Review:
“Prices and selection are great. I think the Seniors discount is every day. This store often has many new items. I shop here too as I believe most of the profits go to support the charitable work of the Salvation Army.”
"Helpful nice staff, well stocked, nice layout, well organized"
"Better place to drop off reusable clothing than the for-profit Variety Village."

4) Value Village

Value Village, a thrift store, offers a diverse selection of secondhand clothing, accessories, electronics, books, and household items at affordable prices. As a for-profit company, they advocate reuse and encourage customers to donate goods to support nonprofits.

With dozens of locations in southwestern Ontario, Value Village provides an eco-friendly shopping experience, where customers can find great deals and support the reuse shopping or donating goods.

Business Information:
130 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2N1

Customer Review:
“I always enjoy shopping here, it’s like a yard sale every day. The staff is always friendly and lots of treasures to find. Great decor and diy supplies and they always have great Halloween stuff. Don’t forget to bring donations to get your 20% off coupon.”
“Not only does it provide a wide range of items, including clothing, home decor, and collectibles, but it also supports nonprofit organizations and promotes waste reduction through recycling. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, making the shopping experience enjoyable.”
Antiques shops typically have a wide variety of items, so it’s important to pay attention to the details when browsing. Look for stores that are well-maintained and clean, and avoid those with damaged or dirty merchandise. Also be sure to ask staff about specific pieces you may be interested in – they can often provide valuable advice.

While both activities involve finding and buying treasures, thrifting is typically more about Salvation Army-type stores where people can take whatever they find to resell. Antiquing, on the other hand, generally refers to shopping for items that have been in their original condition (for example antiques or vintage clothing).

Antique is a term used to describe something that’s older than 50 years. Vintage refers to something that was made in the past but isn’t currently being produced, so it may be more expensive.
Antiques are unique because of the vast variety of items on sale. There are antiques for everyone, whether you’re looking for a restoration project or just want to add some character and flair to your home.
Final Thoughts

Newmarket is home to many excellent antique stores. If you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture or an interesting work of art, there’s sure to be an antique store in Newmarket that will fit your needs. 

There are many different types of antiques available, and the prices can vary greatly depending on the store you visit. If you’re looking for a good deal on an item, it’s definitely worth taking the time to browse around at some of Newmarket’s best antique stores. You never know what treasures you might find!

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