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The 6 Best Barbershops In Vaughan [2023]

Ready for a fresh and stylish haircut? Look no further than Vaughan’s finest barbershops! Step into these top-notch establishments for a standout new look that suits your style, be it classic or trendy. With expert barbers at your service, it’s time to stand out from the crowd. Don’t wait any longer – experience the magic of these barbershops today!

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What Are The Most Popular Haircuts For Men?

Some of the most popular haircuts for men included:

  • Undercut: A versatile style with short sides and longer hair on top, allowing for various styling options.
  • Fade: A classic cut where the hair gradually tapers from the bottom up, creating a clean and modern look.
  • Quiff: A stylish combination of short sides and a voluminous top, swept upward and back.
  • Pompadour: Similar to the quiff, but with more volume and height, creating a bold and statement-making look.
  • Crew Cut: A short and low-maintenance cut that leaves a uniform length all around.
  • Buzz Cut: A very short cut, often done with clippers, offering a neat and easy-to-maintain style.
  • Textured Crop: A modern take on the classic crop cut, with added texture and layers for a contemporary look.
  • Side Part: A timeless and versatile style, with a distinct part on one side and the hair combed neatly.

Keep in mind that trends may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to consult with a skilled hairstylist to find the best haircut that suits your face shape, hair type, and personal style.

The Best Barbershops In Vaughan

1) Blank Canvas

At the Blank Canvas, they treat you like family. Their passion for their work allows clients to not only look good, but feel good as well! The specialists at this barbershop If ever there’s any special details you might need, do not hesitate to ask as everyone here wants nothing more than ensuring every single person walking through those doors leaves feeling great after!

Business Information:
86 Woodbridge Ave Unit 20, Woodbridge, ON L4L 0E4

Customer Review:
“By far the best barbershop you can go to. Julian was my barber in particular and I can highly recommend him. Pays attention to detail, great service, and a quality haircut. Cant ask for anything more. Everyone in the shop is very friendly, love their craft, and takes care of there customers. Best shop I have been to by far!!”
“Great atmosphere! The staff are great and always welcoming you in very friendly and great to talk to! I've been getting my haircuts by Julian and he's a amazing and very talented barber the best barber I have ever been too!!! He's great to talk to and you just have a blast with him I would definitely recommend him and the blank canvas shop 10/10!!!!!”

2) True Gents Barbershop Inc.

Here at True Gents, they value being part of their community and believe that when you walk through their door, you become a part of their community. They care about their customer service greatly because they feel it is an important, integral aspect of what they do. You can count on them to always deliver quality barber services, regardless of whether it is a haircut or just need a clean shave.

Business Information:
3560 Rutherford Rd UNIT 40, Woodbridge, ON L4H 2J3

Customer Review:
“There are a ton of barber shops in the area but True Gents really stood out based on the reviews below and across the internet. Numerous reviews on customer service, timeliness, cleanliness and overall a high quality beard trim puts them above the rest for me. Props to Nahum as well for essentially one of the best cuts I've had in many years of having a beard. Highly recommended! There is literally no need to look elsewhere.”
“True Gents is a great barbershop! Amazing service, friendly staff, and professional barbers. A big thanks to Nahum as I have been getting my haircut from him for years. He provides great quality of work, service, and a wealth of experience. He will always take care of his clients and will never leave you disappointed. I highly recommend True Gents! Thank you!”

3) The Groomsmen

The Groomsmen Lifestyle Barbershop is a spot where both men and their fathers can get groomed with style. With over 20 years of experience, eight master barbers who have been working in this industry for decades; they provide all types of haircuts – modern or traditional–and do so while welcoming everyone who walks through the door!

Business Information:
 2630 Rutherford Rd Unit 102, Vaughan, ON L4K 0H2

Customer Review:
“Awesome place for guys to get trendy professional hair cuts/services. Very clean and patient staff. Junior cut my hair, took his time, never hair experience I've had!!!”
“The shop and staff are very nice and followed all safety protocols. Eric did a fantastic job and was extremely professional and exuded excellent attention to detail and care for his clients. He took his time to make sure every detail was perfect and ensured I was happy with the end result. Eric has a client for life.”

4) The Barber Shop at Vaughan Mills

When you walk into the Barber Shop at Vaughan Mills, it’s like entering another world. You’re surrounded by all things manly: shaves and cuts coupled with a great atmosphere make this place one worth visiting for any guy who wants to feel good about himself or have his best facial features enhanced!

Business Information:
3175 Rutherford Rd, Concord, ON L4K 5Y6

Customer Review:
“Always left feeling satisfied with my haircut, and they always listened to what I wanted. The staff is friendly, funny, and great to talk to! Highly recommend this barbershop for all ages.”
“It's always a pleasure to sit in Frank's chair. Great conversation and a great cut. Frank always makes you feel like your at home. Reminds me of an old school barbershop, but with a modern twist. Definitely recommend this place.”

5) Vintage Barber Shop & Shaving Parlour

Vintage Barber Shop & Shaving Parlour are proud of what they do and what they bring to the industry. Their barbers are well trained that they can always offer you excellent service. This is a place for men to receive an awesome haircut and shave as well as hang out with friends. You aren’t simply one of the customer base, but you become part modem social circle by being there!

Business Information:
 9661 Jane St #3, Maple, ON L6A 3X5

Customer Review:
“Posting for my Husband. Attention to detail is insane! No denying that Miguel is a true artist! This place is like cheers for the 2020's - Great atmosphere, Great team and highly recommend!”
“I recommend Vintage Barber Shop & Shaving Parlour to all. It's been 5+ years that I have been getting my haircut with Miguel. Great attention to detail and customer service. Always greeted with a smile by all that work here and my haircut appointment is always on time. Thank you to all at the Vintage barber shop & shaving Parlour, keep up the amazing work!”

6) Naro Barber Shop

Prepare for an awesome experience at Naro Barber Shop with skilled barbers, top-notch service, and quality products that leave you looking and feeling fantastic. From the warm smiles to the complimentary water and espresso, their staff greets everyone with enthusiasm. With multiple barbers on deck, you won’t wait long for your turn. Naro’s attention to detail and genuine connections with customers make this barbershop truly amazing. Experience the magic of Naro Barber Shop – where your hair gets pampered like never before!
Business Information:
+1 289-657-0505
7700 Pine Valley Dr, Vaughan, ON L4L 2X4

Customer Review:
“Best barbershop, I have known Naro for 10 years!!! He is a great guy, very professional and skillful. Highly recommend this barbershop. Silver is also great!! Believe me, they know exactly how to do their job, all !!!”
“Wow! This place is for real, the best barbershop in the gta. If you want perfection and a service that goes above and beyond, go here! Thank you for the free espresso and epic conversation!”
FAQs about Barbershops
When visiting a barbershop, be sure to communicate your desired style clearly, and consider bringing reference photos for visual clarity. Specify the length and texture you want for your hair, and if you prefer a taper or fade on the sides. Discuss your preferences for the neckline, sideburns, and any beard maintenance. Don’t forget to ask for product recommendations to style and maintain your haircut at home.

What makes a barbershop special is the combination of skilled barbers who offer top-notch services with personalized attention, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The classic ambiance, traditional services like hot towel shaves and face massages, and a sense of community and camaraderie further enhance the unique experience. The focus on attention to detail, the use of quality products, and the commitment to customer satisfaction make a barbershop truly special and memorable.

To determine what style of hair cut would look good on you, there are a few things you must consider. The first is what kind of face shape you have and that will help you figure out what would be the best hairstyle that matches well with your face shape.

The average haircut lasts about two to three weeks. However, this can vary depending on how often you get your haircut and how long your hair is. If you have short hair, you may need to get it cut more often than someone with long hair. And if you get your haircut every month, it will likely last longer than if you go every six weeks.


Discover the crème de la crème of Vaughan’s barbershops with our list of the top 6 spots. Each shop promises a distinct experience and impeccable haircuts, catering to all styles. When in Vaughan, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of these five exceptional shops for a haircut that exceeds all expectations!

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