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The 3 Best Mortgage Brokers in Ajax [2024]

Seeking a mortgage broker in Ajax can seem daunting, but not when you have local industry leaders ready to guide that loan-seekers journey. In our pursuit of outstanding brokers, we delved into testimonials, perused social media comments, and held interviews with clients. Here are the three exemplary mortgage brokers that topped our list.

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Why Working with a Mortgage Broker Is a Great Idea

One of the most significant benefits of working with a mortgage broker is their ability to shop around for the best interest rates on your behalf. Since they have access to a wide range of lenders, they can often secure better interest rates than you could find on your own. Furthermore, mortgage brokers usually have in-depth industry knowledge and the experience required to navigate complex mortgage situations. They can help you understand the fine print of mortgage agreements and advise on which options will best suit your financial goals. It’s a good idea to work with a mortgage broker to ensure you’re getting the best mortgage product for your situation.

The Best Mortgage Brokers in Ajax

With the case for choosing a local Ajax mortgage broker made, let’s peruse Ajax’s mortgage scene.

1) Diane Gogar

In the heart of Ajax, we chanced upon the agency of Diane Gogar – a compassionate mortgage professional forging a path for families to live better. Her dedication to finding personalized and stress-free mortgage solutions earns her a reputation of reliability. Diane’s approach, not just to manage but actively ensure the mortgage is beneficial to you, fits like a glove for anyone daunted by mortgage complexities. As a bonus, Diane’s input on wealth building through real estate resonates with her clients aiming for a prosperous future. This truly makes Diane’s service a supportive companion in your mortgage journey.

Business Information:

Phone: +14164648898
Address: 190 Harwood Ave S, Ajax, ON L1S 2H6, Canada

Customer Review:

“Diane is an exceptional mortgage broker! She is extremely professional ,knowledgeable, helpful and  patient . I had no previous experience on refinancing and she guide us through the process. Diane always available to respond and talk when needed. I would highly recommend her to friends and family. My daughter and I are very happy that Diane and her team handle our mortgage needs. Diane had our best interest in mind. Thanks!”

“Our experience with Diane is nothing but excellent.  She is a strategist with her client’s best interest in mind.  If you want to save money and increase your net worth, contact her.”

2) Hannah Stojanovski

Hannah Stojanovski, another trusted name in Ajax’s mortgage brokerage scene, impresses us with her personalized approach and ease of process. Behind her upbeat website lies a diligent mortgage professional who listens, understands, and then tailors mortgage solutions to meet every client’s unique home financing needs. Hannah’s goal is to simplify a complex process and provide the best possible rates, making her a friendly beacon for prospective homebuyers.

Business Information:

Phone: +12896087185
Address: 230 Westney Rd S #305, Ajax, ON L1S 7J5, Canada

Customer Review:

“It was a great experience working with Hannah and her team. They were very communicative, open, warm, and friendly. I have already recommended them to friends, and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“Hannah found me a mortgage with a good rate and very knowledgeably walked me through all the steps. I was a first time home buyer and she took the time to explain everything clearly – all my options – and answer all my questions.”

3) Approved Financial

If you seek an efficient, customer-centric mortgage service, look no further than Approved Financial. Using deep product knowledge and competent client service, they alleviate the strain of the mortgage process. The professional team helps find the most suitable mortgage products from various lenders, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for clients.

Business Information:

Phone: +19058575598
Address: 109 Old Kingston Rd #3, Ajax, ON L1T 3A6, Canada

Customer Review:

“Pailine helped us with mortgage from start to end and helped us buying our dream home.”

“Sadiq was very supportive and patient, answering all our questions and taking the time to explain everything we were committing to. He responded to calls and emails quickly and always very pleasant. We got a better rate because of his hard work and dedication to finding us the best fit for our mortgage needs. Highly recommend this office.”

FAQs About Mortgage Brokers

These brokers consider factors like your income, credit score, property type, down payment amount, and financial needs while hunting for your ideal mortgage.

Absolutely! They offer professional guidance to help you refinance your existing loan and secure better interest rates or more favorable loan terms.

These brokers can streamline your pre-approval process by assessing your financial profile and ascertaining your borrowing power, thus positioning you as an attractive buyer.

Typically, mortgage brokers are paid by the lender and do not charge fees from residential clients. However, it’s best to clarify this during your initial consultation.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the mortgage landscape can be fluid and effortless with the assistance of experienced professionals like Diane Gogar, Hannah Metaferia, and Approved Financial. Trust these top-notch Ajax mortgage brokers when taking your first steps into home ownership or refinancing existing loans, and feel the difference a trusted guide brings to your journey!