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4 Best Indoor Playgrounds near Oshawa
4 Best Indoor Playgrounds near Oshawa
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The 4 Best Indoor Playgrounds near Oshawa [2024]

When it’s a rainy day or too cold outside in Oshawa, where can you take your kids to run off energy? Indoor playgrounds are the perfect solution, offering warm, safe, and entertaining environments for kids and adults alike. We’ve personally explored several local options and picked these top 4 indoor playgrounds conveniently situated near Oshawa for the ultimate fun! 


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What are The Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds?

Indoor playgrounds have become a hot attraction for families across urban landscapes. Delivering fun in a safe, weather-proof environment, indoor playgrounds offer an array of varied recreational options for children.


  1. Play Structures: Multi-level play structures like tunnels, slides, bridges, ladders, and ball pits offer exploration and exciting play zones for children. They are designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels.
  2. Interactive Games: From virtual reality games to arcade games, indoor playgrounds can host an array of technological amusements besides traditional play objects.
  3. Activity Areas: Indoor playgrounds often feature designated areas for specific activities like craft stations, LEGO building blocks, dress-up, and role-playing corners. These encourage creativity and offer a focused play experience.
  4. Climbing Walls & Ropes Course: Catering to the more adventurous kids, many playgrounds now feature climbing walls and ropes courses.
  5. Inflatable Bouncers: Inflatables are always a hit with children, incorporating slides, bounce houses, and obstacle courses.
  6. Sports Courts: Many indoor playgrounds include miniature sports courts like basketball, football, or even indoor mini-golf.


Whether it’s raining, snowing, or simply too hot to play outside, these playgrounds provide a reliable option for active play, birthday parties, and even seasonal camps.

The Best Indoor Playgrounds near Oshawa

Now that you’ve discovered the world of indoor playgrounds, let’s unveil our top selections near Oshawa!

1) NEB’s Fun World - A Universe of Fun

NEB’s Fun World - A Universe of Fun

NEB’s Fun World mesmerized us with its astronomical offerings for both kids and adults. Housing the world’s largest 5-pin bowling center for a bowling bonanza, fantastic arcade games, and even a massive play center for kids, this place is indeed a universe of fun

Business Information:

Phone: +19057232631
Address: 1300 Wilson Rd N, Oshawa, ON L1K 2B8, Canada

Customer Review:

“This is legit one of the best playground I’ve been too. They have a indoor kids playground (12 & under) $12.75 per child. Bowling was like $60-70 an hour for up to 6 people. Credits for games were tax included! Pool table $2 each game. There’s bumper kart/ trains/ race kart located on the very left side of the building.”

2) Flying Squirrel Sports - Sky High Joy

At Flying Squirrel Sports, we experienced the thrill of soaring high! As one of the most innovative trampoline parks we’ve ever seen, it offers a plethora of experiences, from daredevil tricks on the trampolines to wall climbing and foam pit diving, igniting joy and adrenaline.

Business Information:

Phone: +12897325327
Address: 1400 Victoria St E, Whitby, ON L1N 0M2, Canada

Customer Review:

Decently priced and huge! Way better than sky zone. Much better suited for younger children. I brought a child with a disability here and they had a huge discounted rate. Very inclusive and highly recommended.”

3) Sky Zone Trampoline Park - Sky's the Limit

Sky Zone Trampoline Park pushed our fun to a new level! The freedom to bounce, flip and land in soft foam pits, the thrill of climbing high above the ground, and the excitement of dodgeball games in zero gravity – the sky’s truly the limit here.

Business Information:

Phone: +12892756502
Address: 240 S Blair St, Whitby, ON L1N 0G3, Canada

Customer Review:

This place exceeded our expectations by light years. From our server being the best and really fun with our kids to the place just being run really well, we have only compliments and no complaints. Highly recommend.”

4) Endless Fun Indoor Playground - Hours of Fun

Endless Fun Indoor Playground - Hours of Fun

Endless Fun stays true to its name, offering hours of unrestricted fun. Their indoor playground, well-equipped with slides, tunnels, and climbing structures, is perfect for younger adventurers, keeping their energy levels high and minds engaged.

Business Information:

Phone: +19052399992
Address: 400 Monarch Ave #14, Ajax, ON L1S 3W6, Canada

Customer Review:

We held our kid’s 5th birthday party here and were pleasantly surprised with how nicely it all turned out. We chose the 20+20 package; it included all table settings including cutlery,  and a bunch of balloon decorations as well. (We did swap out the blue and red paper plates and cups for our own Super Mario themed place settings). The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Totally satisfied with this whole experience.”

FAQ About Indoor Playgrounds near Oshawa

A Montessori playground is designed with the Montessori education principles in mind, which emphasize self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. Equipment in a Montessori playground often supports exploration, independence, and a connection with nature.

The three primary types of playgrounds can be classified as Soft-contained Play Equipment Areas (Indoor playgrounds), Traditional Outdoor Playgrounds (swings, slides, climbing apparatus, etc.) and Adventure Playgrounds (encourage natural play – logs, stumps, streams, etc.).

Falls from playground equipment, collisions with moving equipment or other children, and injuries from faulty or broken equipment tend to be the most common playground accidents.

A good playground offers a balance of safety and stimulation. It should be well-maintained, offer equipment of varying degrees of difficulty to cater to different ages, and be designed to stimulate physical activity, social interaction, creativity, and learning. Furthermore, it should provide a safe environment that minimizes the risk of injury.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re aiming for the pins at NEB’s Fun World, soaring at Flying Squirrel Sports, reaching for the skies at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, or exploring endlessly at Endless Fun, you’re sure to have a memorable indoor playground experience near Oshawa. Why wait? Set out now and embrace the indoor fun today!