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The 4 Best Vegan Restaurants in Markham

People who follow a vegan lifestyle often face the challenge of finding restaurants which offer both tasty and nutritious food. Luckily, there are many great options for vegan-friendly restaurants in the Markham area. 

For vegans and carnivores alike, the best vegan restaurants in Markham are ones that can satisfy both appetites – no pun intended. These four vegan restaurants offer everything from healthy vegan salads to indulgent desserts for vegans. 

With such a vast selection of vegan restaurant cuisine, eating out has never been easier for vegans.

1) Copper Branch

Copper Branch is a company that is dedicated to making a difference in their community. They serve quality, whole foods and offer their customers the chance to make a difference through what they eat. 

The kind of delicious food they serve is; general copper bowl, mushroom galaxy burger, smoked tempeh sandwich and much more that will please your taste buds. 

They are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity, community involvement, and world betterment. 

Their restaurants are where they come together to explore great food and great ideas. All of their ingredients are 100% plant-based – plus they have gluten free options available!

Business Information:
180 Enterprise Blvd, Markham, ON L6G 0G4

Customer Review:
“Absolutely delicious!! They have some of the best vegan food in Markham 😍 Their garlic bread tasted like real garlic bread. We also tried the shitake teriyaki burger which possibly tasted better than real meet. The avocado toast was amazing and so was the BLT bagel! Would 100% recommend this place very delicious!”
“If you're looking for great plant based food, this is the place. Everything was delicious, staff was super helpful, and we even got a free cookie for the review 🍪 I'll definitely come again to try other dishes. The bagels are insanely good, especially the ones with tempeh bacon and just egg. Highly recommended!”

2) Bo Tree Plant-Based Cuisine

Bo Tree Plant-Based Cuisine is located in Unionville, in the heart of Markham. Named after the fructiferous Bodhi Tree, they hope to provide their customers with not only a tasteful dining experience, but also the feelings of happiness, refreshed, and healthy up-lift after their experience at Bo Tree Plant-Based Cuisine. 

With over 20 different vegetables in their menu – designed by a chef who understands flavourful palettes – Bo Tree can satisfy everyone’s needs. Some of the top vegan dishes that they serve like meatless lasagna, beyond sausage spaghetti, beyond meat fried rice and much more. 

Their menu is healthy, protein-packed and unique; let them be your new spot for a memorable night out! Refresh your lifestyle with them today! Vegetarian and Vegan items are available that will leave you feeling satisfied without any guilt afterwards!

Business Information:
4568 Hwy 7 Unit 3, Unionville, ON L3R 1M5

Customer Review:
“The environment and staff are very nice! A great big selection of good, and they're all vegetarian food too. The servers were attentive and the food came out quickly. The fried food weren't too crispy, not too oily. I would definitely come back here to try their other food too.”
“I love the menu here and the food were great too. They have the veggie Fish and Chips and this is my best favorite!! They have wide selection from the menu: Thai, Japanese, western; and I personally think the pizza is a must try, they freshly made there. Will come back more often to support this little restaurant. They also provide Raw sugar for the coffee, this is fantastic!!”

3) Freshii

Freshii is a restaurant that offers fresh and healthy food for people on the go. The company was founded in 2005 by Matthew Corrin who wanted to provide fast, fresh food to busy professionals as well as convenience stores. It also operates as a franchise and has over 200 locations worldwide. 

Freshii’s menu features wraps, bowls, salads, soups, and sandwiches. Their most popular items are; teriyaki twist bowl, cobb salad, falafel, strawberry banana smoothie and much more. 

They also offer gluten-free and vegan options for those with dietary restrictions.

Business Information:
1027 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor Toronto, ON M4W 2K9

Customer Review:
“Superb food with awesome service... I truly enjoyed my first visit. I will sure crave to come here again and again... Thank you Jaswinder for the Great order. Your service is really appreciated.”
“I've always had good experiences here, the staff are friendly and the food is ready very quickly after ordering.”

4) Bhai's Indian Canteen

Bhai’s Indian Canteen is a Pakistani and Indian restaurant that is family-owned and operated, located in the heart of San Francisco. The family has been preparing all their dishes by hand, with fresh ingredients for over 30 years! 

They’ve perfected the art of making these delicious dishes, so they’re sure to satisfy any customer. Bhai’s Indian Canteen offers an extensive menu with classic favorites such as chole bhature, momos, samosa chaat and more – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Business Information:
115 York Blvd #8, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4

Customer Review:
“Full stars for these guys. I was so hungry that i just called the moment they opened. My vada pav and chai was ready within 15 mins. One of the best vada pav i ever had in Canada. you giys nailed it. The staff girl was really really polite”
“Okay, now being a vegan/ vegetarian food blogger that covers GTA area, we as urbancouple_canada take a lot of pirde in reviewing bhai's canteen food. They have the best matri kulcha, idli 65 and the tandoori paranthas ever. Specially when i ask them for extra filling and extra butter on those paranthas. This place is a must to visit.”
FAQs about Vegan Restaurants

There are many vegan dishes to choose from with each having something unique to offer your taste bud. Here are some top dishes you should try out like; easy vegan pad thai, spicy buffalo cauliflower ‘wings’, tofu spinach lasagna and much more.

Aside from an amazing selection of vegan food, many vegan restaurants also offer catering for special events, such as weddings and birthdays. They can also provide a wide range of foods for corporate functions or meetings.

Much vegan food has a variety of ingredients being used but there are a few common ingredients that are used. Here are some of the ingredients; beans, grains, tempeh, tofu, nuts and many more.

There are many great benefits you can get when you eat vegan food. These are a few benefits that you will receive like better heart health, lower cancer risk, weight loss, 

improved kidney function and much more.


There are many great vegan restaurants in Markham, but the four listed above are some of the best. From Indian cuisine to American classics, these restaurants have something for everyone. 

So if you’re looking for a delicious and healthy meal, be sure to check out one of these establishments!