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The 3 Best Real Estate Brokers In Ajax [2024]

Ajax is blessed with some of the best real estate brokers around, making the property market vibrant and customer-focused. If you require these services, here are our top three picks – these are the professionals delivering the finest services based on our personal interactions, customer insights, and social media investigations!

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What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Real Estate Broker In Ajax?

The cost of hiring a real estate broker in Ajax typically varies from 2.5% to 5% of the property’s sale price. This commission is usually divided between the seller’s and buyer’s brokers. Although it may seem like a substantial cost initially, the broker’s in-depth market knowledge and negotiation skills often result in a quicker sale and a better price. Understanding the commission structure upfront ensures transparency in the real estate transaction process.

The Best Real Estate Brokers In Ajax

Now that you know the potential cost of hiring a real estate broker in the city, let’s explore the most outstanding real estate pros!

1) Neeraj Khanna

In our personal meeting with Neeraj Khanna, we found a broker who combines extensive knowledge, exceptional service, and a knack for understanding customer needs seamlessly. His record of 90+ glowing Google reviews speaks volumes about his quest for customer satisfaction. This professional real estate team certainly stands out in the vibrant Ajax property sector!

Business Information:

Address: 27 Ainley Rd, Ajax, ON L1Z 0S4
Phone: +16472828078

Customer Review:
“Neeraj and his team did a fantastic job in getting our home sold in amazing deal and then helped us buy our new home as per our need. He is really professional and has great knowledge in this field. He understood our needs and guided us really well with our home deals. Thanks you so much Neeraj”

2) Realtor Gajan

We recently had a conversation with a satisfied customer who raved about their remarkable services and notably, their integrity, dedication, and results-driven approach. Offering a wealth of property options and attentiveness towards their clients’ needs, Realtor Gajan left no stone unturned in ensuring a seamless transaction.

Business Information:

Address: 404-300 Rossland Rd E, Ajax, ON L1Z 0K4
Phone: +14169992777

Customer Review:
“Gajan, was the BEST realtor I could have hoped for. He went above and beyond to find us the right Home. He anticipated needs and met them all with a smile on his face . Gajan was an absolute pleasure to work with and made the purchasing of our new home seamless. He never forced to finalize or make offer to any home. He explained all pros and cons of every property and gave expert advice. I would Highly recommend Gajan for any real estate needs !!!”

3) Dorothy Harrison

Researching across various social media platforms led us to appreciate the broad and positive reception towards Dorothy Harrison. With an easy-going yet professional tone, they consistently engage with their audience, offering insightful property tips, market updates, and highlighting customer success stories. Their online presence is a testament to their excellent service.

Business Information:

Address: 314 Harwood Ave S Unit 200, Ajax, ON L1S 2J1
Phone: +14162582140

Customer Review:
“We were blessed to work with Dorothy to find our new home. Dorothy was patient and helped us stay focused on what we needed. With her help we were able to find a home that was exactly what we wanted. She worked hard to get the best deal for us. Thank you so much Dorothy for your help on our journey to our new home!!”
FAQs About Real Estate Brokers

To find a good real estate broker in Ajax, conduct your own research, check reviews, and interview potential candidates to ensure they understand your needs.

Yes, hiring a real estate broker can save you both time and money, as they have the experience to navigate the market and negotiate the best prices.

Brokers provide valuable services such as market analysis, arranging open houses, managing paperwork, and handling negotiations.

Brokers help by finding suitable properties, negotiating prices, and guiding buyers through the buying process, making it smoother and easier.


In a constantly evolving property market, it’s important to have brokers who not only understand customer requirements but also adapt to market trends while offering reliable and professional services. So if you’re looking to dive into the property market in Ajax, our top three picks would be an excellent place to start!

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