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The 4 Best Pizza Spots in Milton [2024]

Searching for a pizza lover’s paradise in Milton? Experience our four best pizza spots, each offering a burst of flavours that reflect Milton’s diverse and blooming culinary scene.

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Ready for an epic pizza journey? Visit one of the best pizza spots in Milton today!

1) Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

Offering authentic Italian cuisine, Goodfellas provides a delicious fusion of tradition and innovation, with their wood oven pizza stealing the limelight.

Business Information:

22 Ontario St S, Milton, ON L9T 2M6

Customer Review:
“This place is amazing! My friends and I couldn't decide on a place to have lunch. We decided on pizza as it was the easiest choice. I didn't know what to expect from this place and I was so impressed!”

2) Portabello's Italian Bistro

This local favourite offers a wide variety of pizzas with unique toppings and a mouthwatering crust that promises to transport you to the Italian countryside with every bite.

Business Information:

725 Thompson Rd S, Milton, ON L9T 2R1

Customer Review:
“The food, service, and ambiance is impeccable here. Tony (one of the chefs) is extremely friendly and passionate about the food he prepares. A classic Italian eatery with high quality ingredients and presentation.”

3) City South Pizza Milton

Renowned for their delicious, fresh pizzas, City South is an excellent choice when craving traditional pizza. They promise a rewarding experience due to a carefully selected blend of ingredients.

Business Information:

327 Bronte St S, Milton, ON L9T 4A4

Customer Review:
“First 'za from here, got a large pep. You can see how cheesy it is, impressive. Great cheese pull. Solid cook on the crust. Three pepperoni per slice which is nice and even, will order extra pepperoni next time to see how that is.”

4) Main Street Donuts & Bakery

While famous for its decadent doughnuts, Main Street Donuts & Bakery surprises with its excellent assortment of pizzas. Unique in flavor and freshness, their pizzas stand out in Milton’s culinary scene.

Business Information:

100 Nipissing Rd, Milton, ON L9T 5B2 

Customer Review:
“Such a friendly, charismatic family! Great food, veal and chicken are amazing, pastas are always delicious, phenomenal stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls and arancini as well! Also awesome pizza and stuffed mushrooms and zucchini! I have been going here for 10+ years and my family and I have always been very happy with the quality and portion sizes!”
FAQs About Pizza

Yes, generally two large pizzas should be sufficient for a group of five people. Given that a large pizza typically has 8 slices, everyone will get roughly 3 slices. As appetites can vary, consider your group’s preferences and hunger levels when placing the ord

The “best” toppings can vary depending on personal taste, but some classic favourite combinations include pepperoni, mushroom, and bell peppers; ham, pineapple, and bacon for a Hawaiian pizza; and tomato, mozzarella, and basil for a traditional Margherita pizza.

According to reports, the age group that consumes the most pizza is adolescents and young adults aged between 12-29. Pizza is a popular food choice for this age group, for its taste, convenience, and affordability.

The number 1 pizza topping in the world is commonly cited as pepperoni. It is extremely popular due to its spicy, slightly smoky flavour and is widely used in various types of pizzas, especially in North America.

Final Thoughts

Visiting these four pizza spots in Milton promises a delightful culinary journey, where every slice brings to the table a celebration of aroma, taste, and texture that’s hard to resist.