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The 5 Best Muffler Shops in Richmond Hill [2023]

Having issues with your car’s muffler in Richmond Hill? Worry not! Our top 5 muffler shops are here to help. Renowned for their expertise in muffler repair, these shops offer everything from bolt-on mufflers to full system replacements.

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Get your car back on track with the best muffler shops in Richmond Hill today!

1) Carcone's Automotive Repair Service

Cars are a big investment, and it’s important to keep them in good condition. That’s why Carcone’s Automotive Repair Service offers repair services for cars and trucks. Carcone’s Automotive Repair Service specializes in repairing mufflers, and they offer a range of services including muffler installation, muffler repair, and muffler replacement. Whether you need a new muffler or just a repair, Carcone’s Automotive Repair Service is the place to go. 

Business Information:
375 Ohio Rd #1, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3A1, Canada

Customer Review:
“I've been coming here for 4yrs now and I am satisfied all the time. Joe and Dan always take care of my car like their own. You can guarantee your car is in good hands. I know I am 🙂 Thank you Joe and Dan!”
“Went there for emission test without appointment. It was done in 10 minutes without any wait. Staff was really nice and courteous. Place is easily accessible and lots of parking space available there. 5 stars for professional staff and service”

2) Lucky Eight Auto Repair and Tires Ltd.

Lucky Eight Auto Repair and Tires Ltd is the community’s go-to automotive center for all your car repair needs. From electrical and transmission repairs to engine tune-ups, they do it all! They also offer replacements and state-of-the-art diagnostics. Not to mention, their team of expert technicians are passionate about providing the best possible service to each and every customer that walks through their doors.

Business Information:
365 Enford Rd Unit #1, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3G2, Canada

Customer Review:
“We will not take our cars anywhere else - Barry is everything you want in a mechanic/human! He does great work, has fair pricing and above all is honest. We always recommend Barry and his team.”
“This was my first time with Lucky Eight, I had a flat tire and they were able to accommodate me on very short notice. Barry was very genuine, very knowledgeable and accommodating. The service was amazing and my flat tire was fixed extremely fast. I highly recommend Lucky Eight Auto Repair, thank you Barry for your service.”

3) 16th Auto Service & Tire

16th Auto Service & Tire is a muffler shop in Richmond Hill that specializes in replacing and repairing car mufflers. The shop also offers other automotive services such as oil changes, tire repairs, and alignments. 

The staff at 16th Auto Service & Tire are experienced and knowledgeable about car mufflers and automotive repair. They will help you find the right solution for your car’s muffler problem. The shop has a wide selection of mufflers for all kinds of cars, and they offer competitive prices for their services.

Business Information:

115 16th Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 7A5, Canada

Customer Review:
“I have been taking my Audi for service here for several years. I appreciate the honesty and friendliness of Mohammad. He always takes the time to explain things. Highly recommend them.”
“Wonderful mechanic with great knowledge. Came with a check engine on my car and he explained everything clearly and solved the issues. Took his time to work on my car. Highly recommend !!”

4) Nisal Tires & Auto Center

In need of a muffler repair or replacement? Nisal Tire & Auto Center is your one-stop muffler shop! We provide comprehensive services for all makes and models of vehicles, including repairs, replacements, and installation of new mufflers. Their experienced technicians are capable of handling any type of muffler, including those for diesel engines. 

Whether you’re in need of a quick repair or a complete replacement, they’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. So if you’re looking for quality muffler services, look no further than Nisal Tire & Auto Center!

Business Information:
94 Newkirk Rd Suite B, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3G3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Flavio is an excellent mechanic and most importantly very honest. When other auto repairs told me to get rid of 2004 Toyota Corolla, he fixed it and told me it had many more km to go and that has been the case! One car less in the dump field, plus I still like my car.”
“Flavio is an excellent mechanic. I've been using his services for close to 10 years and always a great experience. He is knowledgeable, fast, and reliable. It's hard to find an honest mechanic these days, but Flavio is definitely a good one. Highly recommended.”

5) Spincam Tirecraft

Spincam Tirecraft is more than just a tire and wheel store. They have a team of fully trained mechanics who offer an array of automotive repair services. Services include brake replacement, and many additional services are available throughout the year. 

Spincam Tirecraft’s mechanics use high-quality products and install them with precision to guarantee a long lifespan with guaranteed customer satisfaction. When you need automotive services, trust the experts at Spincam Tirecraft to get the job done right.

Business Information:
13024 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 1A3, Canada

Customer Review:
“Went here for the first time to get a oil change. Good first impression, friendly and quick service. Definitely worth trying for other services. Will visit again and see how they do on other services/repairs.”
“Great and quick service, I compared the prices from about 5 places on the area and they offered the best price on the same products for my winter package. Quote was well presented and organized. Definitely recommended for getting your new tires with installation.”
FAQs about Muffler Shops

Muffler repair in Richmond Hill can be costly, depending on the severity of the issue. A muffler replacement may cost as much as $1,000, while a muffler repair may only cost $200. If you notice excessive noise from your car’s exhaust, it may be a good idea to have the muffler checked out by a mechanic.

Mufflers are a necessary part of any engine system and provide many benefits. They reduce noise and emissions, protect the engine from damage, and improve fuel economy. Mufflers can also improve performance by lowering the air pressure inside the engine.

Muffler shops offer a wide range of services, including repair and installation of mufflers. Muffler shops can also help customize the exhaust system for your vehicle. In addition, muffler shops often provide other automotive services, such as oil changes and tire repairs.

Mufflers are typically replaced when they show signs of wear and tear, such as excessive noise or deterioration in performance. Replacement intervals depend on the type of muffler and driving conditions, but typically it is recommended to replace them every 10 years or 100,000 miles.


If you’re in need of a muffler for your car, then you’ll want to head to one of the 5 best muffler shops in Richmond Hill. These shops are experts at fixing your car’s muffler and will have everything from bolt-on mufflers to full system replacements. So if you’ve been having trouble with your car’s exhaust, be sure to visit one of these shops and get it fixed up!