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The 5 Best Jewelry Stores in Markham [2023]

If you’re looking for high-quality, exquisite jewellery then you need to check out the best jewellers in Markham! All of these stores offer unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that’ll make anyone feel special. And if you’re looking for more ways to treat yourself in Markham, check out:

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Whether you’re looking for something flashy or understated, there is definitely a store on this list that has what you need!

1) Hempen Jewellers

Hempen Jewellers

Hempen Jewellers is a store that takes pride in providing quality jewellery that surpasses every other store. They travel the world to bring you European craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation, so you can feel confident in your purchase. 

This store is run by a husband and wife team who have been running this store since 1994. Hempen Jewellers has been family owned and operated for over 40 years in York Region – meaning they’re passionate about what they do! 

Plus, their prices are more affordable than those at higher-end jewellery stores – making them a great option for anyone looking for beautiful pieces without breaking the bank!

Business Information:
87 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P 1X7

Customer Review:
“I have been shopping with Vernor for a number of years and he is one of only about five jewelers I would even go to. Vernor is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and is always willing to educate customers. He works well within a budget and is adept at finding solutions that meet demanding clients. His first goal is to make sure that you buy a quality piece that fits within your budget. For those that have never gone, I would strongly recommend stopping by.”
- Andrew Windrem
“Great store. the owners are really great. They can help you with all your jewelry needs. They made my wife and I so happy with are wedding rings thank you very very much.”
- TJ Shkordoff

2) H&F Jewellery and Jade

H&F Jewellery And Jade

This store is a must-go for anyone who loves jewellery, as they have an extensive selection of beautiful pieces to choose from. Not only are the items on sale here incredibly affordable, but the team also provides great customer service that will make sure you find the perfect piece of Jewelry. 

They offer a wide range of high-quality diamond jewellery products at competitive prices and they’re so confident that you can bring in or email them any credible competitive diamond quote and they will beat it! 

In fact, they can even order the exact diamond from a competitive website and their certified Jewellery Specialists will inspect it for free – ensuring that you get exactly what you want without having to worry about anything else!

Business Information: 
Unit 150 – First Markham Place, 3255 Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3R 3P9

Customer Review:
“We had a wonderful experience at H&F Jewellery & Jade today. Our sales was Catherine and she provide me and my mom the best services ever. She is nice and professional in explaining each products that best fit our budget and occasion. She is also great at listening our request and preference. Thank you again for your assistance. :)”
- Queenie NG
“Extremely happy with the purchase of my beautiful tennis bracelet from H&F Jewellery. I’ve purchased diamond earrings from them 2 years ago. I love the earrings and the price was very reasonable. Catherine and Louis were very professional, attentive and reliable. I would highly recommend friends and family to H&F. Thank you Catherine and Louis!”
- Monica Pang

3) Kestane Diamond Jewellery

Kestane Diamond Jewellery

Kestane Jewellery is the place to go if you’re looking for high-quality diamond wedding rings and elegant fine jewellery. 

Their team of specialists have been in the business since 1985, so they know all there is to know about selling, designing, re-inventing and repairing jewellery. 

Plus, their constantly evolving services and products ensure that you always receive pieces that meet your expectations. 

All of their clients are provided with professional guidance as well as superior workmanship – meaning that you can either choose a design that’s tailored specifically for you or browse through their store until you find something perfect!

Business Information:
8601 Warden Ave. Unit 20, Unionville, ON L3R 0B5

Customer Review:
“I recently got my beautiful engagement ring from Kestane. after 2 months' shopping around, I finally found my perfect little rock. John made a such pleasant experience for us. He is very professional, not just on his customer service, but also on his high quality diamond selections. He spent time to understand my expectations, and every piece he showed me was very impressive. He was never pushy on my appointments. kestane's craftsmanship is also excellent, all the settings are very classic. I definitely recommend Kestane to all my friends and family!”
- Cherrie Wu
“We had an amazing experience shopping for an engagement ring with John and he was very honest in his service and delivered our ring in a very short turnaround time. He designed the custom ring beautifully and kept us informed with updates throughout the process. Highly recommended for all your jewellery needs.”
- Harsh Thakkar

4) Po Tsui Jade & Jewellery

Po Tsui Jade & Jewellery

Po Tsui has been in business since 1996 and is a member of the Hong Kong Association of the Wholesalers and Retailers of Jade. They carry European Fine Jewellery made with 18k white or yellow gold, as well as a wide range of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds South Sea pearls and other high-quality gemstones. 

In addition to their jewellery selection, they are also specialists in Burmese Jadeite – one of the most highly sought-after types on jade in the world! 

What’s more? Po Tsui regularly invites Canadian certified appraisers members if CJA (Canadian Jewellery Association) to their shop so that customers can get an official appraisal for their jewelleries. 

This report can be used for all sorts purposes such as custom clearance when travelling abroad or verifying how much your pieces are worth – it could even come in handy during insurance claims!

Business Information:
New Century Plaza, 398 Ferrier St Unit 126, Markham, ON L3R 2Z5

Customer Review:
“My fiancé proposed to me with this gorgeous rose gold diamond ring and I cannot stop staring at it! I highly recommend coming here for a better engagement ring shopping experience because not only will you get a much better deal but you will get a well crafted ring. There are tons of different ring settings to choose from and you can further customize it since the ring is made in house. They'll work with your budget to find you the best ring. 10/10 recommend!”
- Mona Mujib
“I recently purchased an engagement ring from Po Tsui Jade & Jewellery. Florence was referred to me from a friend. She was very kind, helpful and incredibily knowledgeable. Florence and the other employees treated me like family. She took the time to walk me through the whole process and guided me along the way. Their prices are very fair. I highly recommend Florence and Po Tsui Jade & Jewellery!”
- Alex Kwan

5) Mari Jewellery

Mari Jewellery

Mari Jewellery offers a range of basic accessories as well as elegant pieces of jewelry that are perfect for your style. Check out their shopping area and find the best piece from one of their many precious collections! 

They have everything from rings, necklaces, to earrings and bracelets. Plus, all their prices are super affordable with most pieces being under $100 – meaning you won’t have to break the bank if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift! So what are you waiting for? Make your way down to Mari Jewellery today!

Business Information:
7181 Yonge St SUITE 203, Markham, ON L3T 0C7

Customer Review:
"Prices are affordable and very good quality. Definitely , I will have a repeat order and will recommend to my friends ! Love to shop the collection ♥️"
- Marilou Hartmann
"I purchased tribal bracelet and the item was perfect for me plus the owner and the staff are so friendly, accommodating. Customer Service was awesome!"
- Ronald Angeles
FAQs About Jewellery Store

This can depend on a variety of factors, including the type of ring, the materials it is made from, and any additional features or designs. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $2000 for an engagement ring.

A jewelry store provides a variety of services, such as selling and repairing jewelry, watches, and other accessories. They also offer appraisals and custom designs. Most stores have staff who are knowledgeable about gemstones and can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or someone else.

At a jewelry store, you can typically sell your old or unwanted jewelry for cash. Stores will often buy back pieces that they then resell in their shop, so it’s a great way to get some extra money and clear out some of the clutter from your home all at once.

It all depends on the type of jewelry and the material it’s made from. However, most people recommend using a gentle soap or detergent mixed with lukewarm water, then gently scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush.


When it comes to finding the best jewellery stores in Markham, there are a few contenders that stand out from the rest. The five stores listed above offer high-quality products and excellent customer service, so you can be sure to find what you’re looking for at any of these locations. 

Whether you’re looking for a new piece of jewellery for yourself or something special for a loved one, these stores will have exactly what you need.