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The 3 Best Fertility Clinics in Richmond Hill [2023]

Considering fertility treatments in Richmond Hill? We’ve identified the top 3 fertility clinics, hailed for their extensive services and experienced staff. For years, these clinics have aided couples on their journey to parenthood.

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Bring your dreams of parenthood one step closer to reality. Begin your fertility treatment journey with the best fertility clinics in Richmond Hill today!

1) Nahal Fertility Program

Their clinic is the best place for fertility treatment, and they do this by guaranteeing a 12-week continuous pregnancy for their patients. If you use Nahal Fertility Program’s services (which include laboratory testing), you are sure to end up pregnant! The company also offers refunds if your attempt at having children proves unsuccessful due to problems during diagnosis or treatment.

Business Information:
30 Wertheim Ct #22, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B9, Canada

Customer Review:
“Great experience with Dr.Mazidi and Nahal clinic.Dr.Mazidi is knowledgeable and caring.Staff clinic did their best to help,respond and educate me.I felt calm and secure with them and I know,I am not just a number for them and they really care about me.I am so thankful”
“We had 2 failed IVFs at a different clinic in Markham and decided to make the switch. The staff at Nahal were knowledgeable, organized and available. The embryologist (Dr. Rahbar) is very experienced. Thanks to the clinic we now have a baby boy. Thank you so much Nahal!”

2) Acupuncture For Fertility

At the Acupuncture for Fertility clinic you will be treated by a licensed registered Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. The classic combination of Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy can help you to overcome difficulties with infertility. 

Acupuncture for Fertility Clinic’s goal is to help men and women maximize their natural fertile potential or provide the opportunity for pregnancy. Acupuncture For Fertility is here to offer you and your partner an effective way to improve fertility in a warm, inviting environment where you can go through this process in peace.

Business Information:
141 King Rd #10, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3L7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Lilah is such an amazing person. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started acupuncture and I can say that Lilah was so gentle and caring and I always felt so comfortable around her. Would totally recommend!”
“Lilah helped guide me along my pregnancy journey, not only with acupuncture treatments but through her ongoing support. She answered my (many) questions and was easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her to all women. Thank you Lilah for your kindness and care!”

3) Generation Fertility

Their company is a leading fertility centre that specializes in successful pregnancy rates. They administer leading-edge modern treatments and facilities, and are staffed by some of the country’s most prominent skilled continuance specialists. They supply a wide spectrum of treatments, from IVF to Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A). In addition to eggs, they also offer cryopreservation. 

Their team of doctors are dedicated to listening to your needs and providing multidisciplinary methods for your treatment. Their healthcare providers will work with you to set your treatment plan, and their caring staff will arrange for you to access services that are designed to increase both your experience and your fertility outcomes.

Business Information:
955 Major MacKenzie Dr W #400, Maple, ON L6A 4P9, Canada

Customer Review:
“We honestly couldn’t ask for more in a fertility clinic. Our doctor is Dr Gurau and he is wonderful. The staff is knowledgeable and caring and feel like family. There’s never a hesitation to help us, or to address any of questions or concerns. And the facility is beautifully kept. We love them.”
“Dr. Hartman & his team are amazing! We are so thankful for their generosity, consideration, care, & hard work. We are so lucky to have met such an incredible doctor & look forward to what the future has in store!”
FAQs about Fertility Clinics

The average cost of visiting a fertility clinic can vary depending on the location. In Richmond Hill, the average cost is about $600 per cycle. This includes the cost of tests, medication, and procedures. However, some couples may need more than one cycle to conceive, which can increase the overall cost.

Fertility clinics provide many services to couples who are struggling to conceive. These services include diagnostic tests, treatments, and counselling. Some fertility clinics also offer egg donation and sperm donation services.

The best fertility treatment at clinics is often determined by the couple’s specific situation. In general, though, the most successful treatments involve in vitro fertilization (IVF). With IVF, the woman’s eggs are removed from her body and fertilized with the man’s sperm in a lab. The embryos are then transferred back into the woman’s uterus. 

There are some factors that will affect how often you need to go include your age, how long you have been trying to conceive, and the overall health of your reproductive system. Generally speaking, however, most couples will need to visit a fertility clinic at least once per year in order to receive adequate care.


If you are looking for the best fertility clinics in Richmond Hill, then you should consider visiting any of the three clinics that we have mentioned in this article. Not only do they have a proven track record of success, but they also offer world-class services at affordable prices. So don’t wait any longer – contact them today and start your journey to parenthood!