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Best Tattoo Shops in Milton
Best Tattoo Shops in Milton
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The 4 Best Tattoo Shops in Milton [2023]

Get your dream tattoo at Milton’s best tattoo shops! Tattoos are a unique way to express yourself, but a bad tattoo job can be regrettable. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a reputable and trustworthy tattoo parlor, like the ones on this list. And if you don’t mind driving outside of Milton for your tattoo, then be sure to check out:

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These Milton tattoo shops excel in reputation, customer service, cleanliness, experienced artists, and beautiful tattoo work, ensuring you’re in safe hands for your ink.

What’s the Average Cost of a Tattoo in Milton?

On average in Milton, small tattoos typically cost between $50 and $100, while medium-sized tattoos range from around $100 to $200. Larger tattoos can cost up to several hundred dollars.

Pricing depends on the size, detail, and style of your desired piece, and how long will be needed to complete it. There are a few other factors too like studio location and the artist you choose to go with that also may have higher base prices for tattooing. 

The price is determined after a consultation with the tattoo artists, so be sure to discuss all of the details with your artist before getting started.

The Best Tattoo Shops in Milton

Now that you know what to expect in terms of pricing, it’s time to start shopping around for the tattoo shop and artist that’s right for you! Here are our top three picks for the best tattoo shops in Milton.

1) Ill Cosmos Tattoo Studio

At Ill Cosmos Tattoo Studio, they believe that a tattoo should be more than just a pretty picture. It should be a work of art that tells your story and expresses your unique personality. That’s why they offer custom tattoos that are designed specifically for you. 

They start by getting to know you and understanding what you’re looking for. Then, their talented artists create a one-of-a-kind tattoo that is sure to turn heads. They use only the finest quality materials to ensure that your tattoo will last for years to come. 

And because they want you to be 100% satisfied with your tattoo, they offer a wide range of customization options so you can get the perfect tattoo for yourself without any hassles or worries! 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience then look no further than Ill Cosmos Tattoo Studio – where art meets craftsmanship in one beautiful package.

Business Information:
167 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Great tattoo studio! Contacted via email with my idea and recieved a professional response very quickly, Brian answered all my questions clearly and confidently. I decided to try my luck with a walk in day, arrived at 9 am and had a few people ahead of me already. Miranda is an extremely talented artist and very funny! She makes you feel comfortable and welcome, and offers her undivided attention to each client when working on design! Everyone left with huge smiles on their faces! Thanks Ill cosmos !”

2) Sabong Tattoo Club

Sabong Tattoo Club is a tattoo parlour that offers high-quality tattoos at an affordable price. The shop also offers custom designs and special effects, which can be tailored to meet the needs of every client.

 In addition, the staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of tattooing, so you can rest assured knowing that your experience will be nothing short of exceptional. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary ink artistry, Sabong Tattoo Club has something unique to offer everyone who visits its doors. From small and simple designs to large and elaborate ones, Sabong Tattoo Club has something to suit everyone’s taste.

So if you’re in the market for a new tattoo, be sure to pay a visit to Sabong Tattoo Club – you won’t be disappointed!

Business Information:
1252 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 8M7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Harold and Michelle were so welcoming. Chris did an amazing job on my tattoo. Sabong Tattoo Club was very accommodating for a large group of us. We lost our grandma recently and we wanted to get a tattoo of a heart she drew before she passed. The team did an amazing job fitting 15 of us into their busy schedules. I am so happy with my tattoo and I am grateful to Harold and Chris for not only doing an amazing tattoo job, but also taking the time to listen to our stories. Michelle was also so warm and welcoming! Thank you Sabong Tattoo Club!”

3) The Black Vatican Tattoo Co

The Black Vatican Tattoo Co is a trusted source for high-quality and unique tattoos. With artfully designed tattoos that can truly set your personality apart, this store is perfect for anyone looking for an unforgettable ink experience. 

From traditional designs to cutting-edge graphics, The Black Vatican Tattoo Co has something sure to capture your attention and imagination. Additionally, with a team of skilled artists at your disposal, there’s no limit as to what you could get inked up here! 

So whether you’re searching for something classic or completely new — The Black Vatican Tattoo Co has it all.

Business Information:
1272 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 8M7, Canada

Customer Review:
“Xavier is a really talented artist. He was beyond helpful and accommodating to my wife and I and offered his insight and expertise to give us a tattoo that will look great years down the road. We had the studio booked for most of the day and Xavier had us in stitches with his awesome sense of humor. The free hand he did on our piece made it look absolutely perfect. Thank you for you professionalism. Looking forward to getting things finished up in a couple weeks.”

4) Nude Buddha Tattoo Studio

Nude Buddha Tattoo is a high-end tattoo and piercing studio that offers an experience like no other. The artists here specialize in custom tattooing in a variety of styles, from Western/American to neo-traditional to black & grey and colour realism. 

This allows you to find the perfect design or style for them, regardless of your preference. In addition, the team at Nude Buddha Tattoo provides experienced piercers who are available daily for walk-ins or by appointment. 

So whether you’re looking for a new project or want to treat yourself special, look no further than Nude Buddha Tattoo – your destination for quality tattoos and piercings.

Business Information:
42 Bronte St S, Milton, ON L9T 5A8, Canada

Customer Review:
“Went to Kat for a small feminine style tattoo. She was amazing!!! Such a talented artist but down to earth and lovely as well!! Shop is clean and staff are friendly. Shop minimum is fair. Booking was easy and response time from manager and Kat was excellent!”
FAQs About Tattoos
In Ontario, you must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo. However, people as young as 16 can get tattooed with signed parental consent. Keep in mind that some tattoo shops are very strict with their minimum age requirements, so be sure to call ahead.
Getting a tattoo can take half an hour to multiple hours. The complexity of the design, placement, size, and whether or not you need to take breaks to affect how long it takes. You may even need to get it done in multiple sessions.
Tattoo pain can last anywhere from 15 to 30 days. Where you got tattooed and individual pain tolerance affects the healing process.
Make sure you know exactly what you want your tattoo to look like, design and placement-wise. Get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated, shave, shower, and wear clothes appropriate for getting a tattoo.
Final Thoughts

When you get a tattoo, the last thing you want is to realize you went to the wrong artist. Avoid a poor tattoo job and go to someone you know will do a great job. The tattooists at the best Milton tattoo shops know what they’re doing. You’ll leave these tattoo parlours with a gorgeous tattoo!

So whether you’re getting your first tattoo or adding to the collection, you have to go to the best tattoo shops in Milton!