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The 3 Best Tanning Salons In Mississauga [2024]

Venturing into the depth of Mississauga’s tanning scene, we find solace in the feeling of eternal sunshine, even in the depths of Canadian winters. These state-of-the-art tanning salons offer an oasis from the icy chills, providing a sun-kissed glow to all who seek it, in the most comforting of environments!

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How Do I Choose The Best Tanning Salons In Mississauga?

Choosing the right tanning salon can feel overwhelming with so many options available. Here are a few key factors that you should consider:

  • Cleanliness: Prioritize tanning salons that maintain high standards of hygiene as it greatly impacts your tanning experience.
  • Service and Staff: Efficient service and knowledgeable staff can provide you with the best guidance and assistance.
  • Equipment: A salon equipped with the latest tanning machines guarantees more reliable and effective results.
  • Your Tanning Goals: Knowing your desired outcome (e.g., natural sun-kissed glow, deep bronze tan) helps to align your needs with what the salon offers.
  • Atmosphere: A comfortable and inviting salon environment enhances the overall experience.

The Best Tanning Salons in Mississauga

Now that you know how to choose the best tanning salons in the city, let’s delve into the world of tanning salons in Mississauga and bask in the glow they offer.

1) All Tan

All Tan

Our team from Toronto Blogs visited All Tan and felt like they were on a Caribbean vacation. The owner, Peter, is very friendly and knows a lot about tanning. The beds give you a quick, long-lasting tan and the place is very comfy. It’s right on Dundas Street East, making it easy to find!

Business Information:

Address: 400 Dundas St E #107, Mississauga, ON L5A 1X5
Phone: +19052751100

Customer Review:
“All Tan is one of the best tanning places I’ve ever been to. The prices are phenomenal and very affordable. The tanning salon is super clean top of the line tanning beds. And the owner is extremely friendly with an inviting smile. I’ve been going to this tanning salon for close to 25 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

2) Sandy Beach Tanning Studio

Sandy Beach Tan in Mississauga is great if you want good tanning but don’t want to spend too much. The customers we spoke to loved their tanning machines, the clean space, and the kind staff. This salon, located on Central Parkway East, is a favorite for many!

Business Information:

Address: 189 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G2
Phone: +19052719596

Customer Review:
“I love Sandy Beach! Kimberley is AMAZING, always friendly and very knowledgeable. She makes the experience even better. The studio is beautiful, tanning beds are fantastic. It is a little piece of heaven in the Port Credit area. I love that they offer minute tanning packages, it is perfect for me. If you are looking for a wonderful tanning experience, Sandy Beach is a must!”

3) Bodyrayz Tanning & Laser

We took a look at Body Rayz’s customer reviews and social media and found lots of happy customers. They love the good-quality tanning beds, the friendly staff members, and the super clean welcoming space. Body Rayz is located at 670 Eglinton Ave West and is a hit with the locals!

Business Information:

Address: 670 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5R 3V2
Phone: +19055010336

Customer Review:
“Best tanning salon I’ve been to! The staff is very friendly and is always very helpful and willing to answer any and all questions! The facilities are extremely clean and well kept. Overall amazing tanning experience!”
FAQs About Tanning Salons

 Quality equipment, cleanliness, and knowledgeable staff are indicators.

Proper aftercare advice from your chosen salon can help secure a long-lasting tan.

It’s always advised to book in advance to secure your desired time slot.

Before your session, it’s important to exfoliate your skin and moisturize it the day before. Don’t apply any makeup, deodorant or perfume on the day of your tanning session as they may interfere with your tan.


Your tanning journey is about a lot more than just achieving the perfect glow. It’s about the entire experience, from the warm welcome you receive to walking away in your golden hue. Explore Mississauga’s top tanning salons – a radiant glow awaits you!

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