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The 5 Best Shawarma Shops in Richmond Hill [2023]

Craving Shawarma in Richmond Hill? Satisfy your taste buds with our selection of the top 5 shawarma shops in town, as endorsed by customers themselves.

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Embark on your culinary exploration! Begin with the best Shawarma shops in Richmond Hill.

1) Tasty Shawarma

If you are looking for a delicious and affordable Shawarma restaurant in Richmond Hill, your search is over. Tasty Shawarma is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Shawarma dishes, including chicken, beef, and lamb. You can also choose from a variety of toppings, including onions, tomatoes, pickles, and sauces. 

It is a great restaurant to try if you’re looking for something new and tasty. The staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable, making it a great option for a casual night out.

Business Information:

9555 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9M5, Canada

Customer Review:
“I seriously can't get enough of your food! No I'm not some person just trying to make a review to help the business. This food is delicious. I totally recommend anything on the menu. The mixed plate or the sandwich is incredible”
“Tasty indeed. Had a lamb plate and while overall it's a few notches short of say Osmow's in taste, it's a very delicious plate with good portions and really, really amazing rice - something that Osmow's ironically does NOT have - and the lamb is wonderful too! Good place for eat in and take out.”

2) In N Out Pita

In N Out Pita is a place where you can get delicious food at an excellent price. Their staff are eager to help and have great customer service, which makes them stand-out from other fast-food restaurants!

A few favorites include the tender shawarma wrapped in pita bread with succulent chicken breast; gyros made from fresh ingredients served on fluffy lavash, as well as one of their many savoury wrap options.

Business Information:

10520 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C7, Canada

Customer Review:
“We've come here quite a few times and would come back again! Very nice owner and great food. Fairly priced as well. Definitely recommend!
“Amazing place! The food was very delicious. Good quality meats and rice. My entire family enjoyed it thoroughly. The restaurant is very clean and the gentleman working there is extremely kind and friendly. Highly recommend. Would definitely go back!”

3) Osmow's Shawarma

From fresh Chicken Shawarma, to homemade Falafel, Osmow’s always been able to fulfill anyone’s cravings. They are Canadian-owned and are pleased to guarantee that their Chicken Shawarma is always perfectly cooked and served on a consistent basis. They only use quality ingredients in order to create traditional recipes in their newly interpreted versions.

Business Information:
8750 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4V9, Canada

Customer Review:
“I got the everyday special which I usually get at every Osmow's which is chicken and rice with salad. This specific Osmows food just hit different, it was much much better than any other locations i tried. They put some special croutons on my salad that were just bursting with amazing flavor”
“Amazing place for shawarma or other Mediterranean selections. I always go for the super chicken or chicken on the rocks can't go wrong with either choice. Clean environment and friendly staff from my goings haven't encountered any issues.”

4) Istanbul Charcoal Grill

Istanbul Charcoal Grill is a Turkish and Mediterranean Halal restaurant in Richmond Hill. They offer kebap, doner, pide and shawarma dishes. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and the staff is friendly and helpful. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. Istanbul Charcoal Grill is a great place for an intimate dinner or a large gathering.

Business Information:
10165 Yonge St #3, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1T5, Canada

Customer Review:
“The food at this restaurant is delicious! Everything was perfect and the portions were huge! We got the combo for 2, which was really well presented and left us stuffed. Also, the staff was very friendly.”
“Wonderful Turkish restaurant. We had the BBQ platter for 2 and the kunefe with tea. Great experience and friendly staff. Wish they had a patio.”

5) Persian Kebab House

Persian Kebab House offers Mediterranean cuisines to the fine folks at Richmond Hill. Highly recommend ordering their perfectly cooked chicken, beef, and kebabs which will definitely leave you and your guests full and happy. This restaurant is renowned for great service and friendly staff, which is always available to help you. Plus they even have live music!

Business Information:
141 King Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3L7, Canada

Customer Review:
“I am visiting from New York and I can confidently say this is the BEST kabob I have ever had! Best service, best quality food. The kabob is full of flavor, and so juicy. Portions are perfect. I always make sure to pay a visit here every time I’m in Canada. AMAZING!”
“Delicious food. Very fast service and all employees have a good attitude and are welcoming. This place serves Persian good, Afghani food, & shawarmas. I definitely recommend it.”
FAQs about Shawarma

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that is made of meat that is cooked on a rotisserie. It is considered to be a healthy dish because it is high in protein and low in fat. It also contains many vitamins and minerals, including iron, B vitamins, and zinc.

Shawarma is a Levantine meat dish that is popular in many parts of the world. The cost of Shawarma in Richmond Hill can vary depending on the restaurant. Some Shawarma restaurants in Richmond Hill can have prices that range from $5 to $10.

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish that is made from roasted meat that is shaved off a rotisserie. Shawarma can be made with chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, or any other type of meat. There are many different types of shawarma, but the most popular type is chicken shawarma.

There are many different types of sauces that can be used in Shawarma, and each restaurant may have their own recipe. Some of the most common sauces include tzatziki, hummus, and garlic sauce.


Shawarma is a delicious Middle Eastern dish that can be made with chicken, beef, lamb or turkey. It’s typically served on a pita bread with salad and sauce. Richmond Hill has many great shawarma shops, but the five we’ve listed are our favourites. If you’re looking for a quick and tasty lunch or dinner option, shawarma is definitely worth checking out!