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The 5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Oakville [2023]

Craving fantastic seafood in Oakville? Look no further! Our top 5 picks guarantee a taste of the ocean’s best. From juicy oysters to tender lobsters, these places have it all.

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Indulge in a sea of flavours in Oakville’s best seafood spots today!

1) The Mermaid

The Mermaid and the Oyster’s showcase of the finest locally-caught seafood is the perfect spot to try out fresh delicacies and satisfy every craving you have. Their highly knowledgeable and inviting staff also gives great recommendation if this is your first time there.

The restaurant is know for its Seafood Stew, Tuna Poke, and Seared Tuna Slaw, all of which were tasty and fills you up, as well as their oyster and fish tacos, all of which are well-received. 

Business Information:
 250 Kerr St, Oakville, ON L6K 3B2

Customer Review:
“Had lunch today on The patio. The server was so kind and put on the outdoor heater for us. Great fresh oysters / tasty fish tacos and delicious crab & shrimp avocado salad. Hidden gem. Love this place. Cheers
“Randomly found this place. Small but super cute inside. Great service!! Most importantly delicious lobster roll! This place did not disappoint! Must try in Oakville :)”

2) Noble Bistro Oakville

The Noble Bistro is a seafood restaurant in Oakville that offers fresh, local, and sustainable seafood options. 

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and a menu that includes dishes such as fish and chips, calamari, crab cakes, and salmon. The Noble Bistro also serves a wide selection of wine and beer.

The Noble Bistro is the perfect place if you’re looking for fine dining, cocktails and wine in an unfussy environment.

Business Information:
218 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 1H8

Customer Review:
“Ordered Lobster Bisque (if more creamy and adding a bit of Lobster meat in, then would be great), and Lobster Linguine for the main course (the bread is very crispy and the sauce is just right). Overall, very good restaurant with nice representation and friendly staff with nice service as well. (food: 4.5 stars / service: 5 stars)”
“Very nice place, good food and pleasant service. I’ve planned to come for a period of time, and finally walked in and luckily got a table in patio in late evening. I noticed the plastic curtains for indoor tables which feel safe and distance with neighbor table. I have recommended to my friend.”

3) Halibut House

Halibut House only sources locally high-quality ingredients, using Ontario potatoes for the fresh cut fries, and only wild and chemical-free fish. They immediately fry fish and lightly batter it to provide their customers that satisfying ache of biting into an excellent, crisp bite. 

Halibut House offers the best dishes like Calamari Bites that have a spicy taste. They are amazing, and their fish and chips are amazing. Their portions are very generous and they also have very affordable pricing for daily specials.

Business Information:
 2151 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6N 1K5

Customer Review:
“Picked up a couple orders of halibut with fries/onion rings and coleslaw this afternoon for the first time from this restaurant and my wife and I absolutely loved the meals!! We strongly recommend this location for any fish & chips lovers.”
“Light and crispy batter with super fresh and crispy fries, the fish was sooo delicious and made even more so by the homemade tartar sauce. Huge portions as well and the service was quick and friendly! My cravings were satisfied 😋 I would come back for sure!”

4) Bronte Fish & Chips

Bronte Fish & Chips in Oakville offers delicious battered fish n’ chips for the entire family. They’re proud to have been a child-friendly restaurant for more than 50 years now, and they often serve smaller meals for children.

Their fresh halibut, cod, haddock is cut daily, and like any true fish and chips restaurant, all of their fries are cut from fresh potatoes! Best dishes at Bronte Fish & Chips include Halibut and Chips, Scallop Dinner, the seafood platter and much more . 

 Don’t hesitate to try their other seafood options if fish and chips aren’t your specialty!

Business Information:
2313 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6L 1H2

Customer Review:
“I stopped here yesterday for a much needed late lunch during a long bike ride. It was superb. I’m from a coastal town in the UK so know a bit about fish and chips- and this was easily the best I’ve had since I arrived in Canada about 7 years ago. Much, much better than some I’ve had in very fancy places. Not only that but far superior to the vast majority I’ve had in the UK. Run by a really nice, friendly young couple too. Highly recommended.”
“See that? Me taking a big bite out of that delicious piece of fish. The chips were delicious too. Add nice, friendly service and we’ll make this our go-to for family Friday night fish & chips.”

5) Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar

Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar’s chefs are extremely adept at using the Teppanyaki grill’s kitchen implements while cooking. The chef masters will dazzle you with their samurai-like swordsmanship while they chop, dice, juggle, and amuse while serving up some of the tastiest food imaginable. 

Hibachi Teppanyaki & Bar have a great variety of seafood dishes like sweet potato tempura hand roll, shrimp crunchy roll, shrimp & vegetable tempura and much more.

Business Information:
105 Cross Ave, Oakville, ON L6J, Canada

Customer Review:
“Hibachi Oakville was a most pleasant experience. The chef was brilliant and superb. Top quality food and such skill in preparing the food. The establishment was very clean and pleasant. I would 100% come again and would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, entertaining meal.”
“Pretty cool teppanyaki experience in Oakville! All items we ordered cooked very well table-side and tasted great. Being our first time here, we definitely appreciated the great hospitality by our awesome chef as well.”
FAQs about Seafood

There are many different seafood dishes that are popular all over the world. Some of these dishes include sushi, crab legs, shrimp scampi, and clam chowder. Seafood is a healthy and delicious option for dinner, and there are many different recipes to choose from.

There are few affordable seafood options to choose from. The first is fish and chips which is a classic meal consisting of battered and fried fish served with fries. Another option is shrimp scampi. This dish is made with sautéed shrimp and garlic butter sauce, and it is often served over pasta or rice.

Eating seafood is a great way to get the nutrients you need to be healthy. Seafood is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help protect your brain from age-related decline. Additionally, seafood is a low-calorie food that can help you lose weight.

The recommended number of seafood servings per week may vary depending on your age, health, and weight. However, the general consensus is that seafood should be eaten at least twice a week.


Seafood lovers in Oakville will not be disappointed with the five restaurants featured in this article. Each one offers a unique and delicious seafood experience that is sure to please. From fresh catches to classic dishes, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

So, if you are looking for a great seafood meal, be sure to check out one of these restaurants!