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The 4 Best Glass Railings Contractors In Mississauga [2024]

Ready to elevate your home’s aesthetics and security? Discover the top 4 Glass Railings Contractors in Mississauga who can turn your vision into reality!

Curated for those who demand both style and safety, these contractors are the go-to experts in Mississauga for stunning glass railings. Explore their exceptional work and make your property shine with elegance today!

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What Is The Cost Of Glass Railings in Mississauga?

Here’s the table with different estimated cost ranges for glass railings in Mississauga based on various factors:

Factor Cost Range
Type of Glass $100 – $350 per linear foot
Design Complexity $100 – $1,000+ per linear foot
Length and Height $1,000 – $15,000+
Installation Method $100 – $500 per linear foot
Contractor’s Rates $50 – $150+ per hour
Additional Features $20 – $200+ per linear foot
These are approximate cost ranges, and actual pricing may vary based on your specific project requirements and the contractor you select. For precise quotes, it’s advisable to consult with glass railing contractors in Mississauga who can provide tailored estimates for your project!
The Best Glass Railings Contractors In Mississauga
Now that you understand the potential costs of glass railings, let’s discover the best glass railing contractors in Mississauga!

1) Art Metal Railings Mississauga

With over 18 years of industry presence and a stellar collection of more than 12,000 ironwork projects, this company is distinguished by its exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, evidenced by being voted #1 on consecutively from 2010 to 2023. They offer a comprehensive range of services from design consultation to the installation of intricately crafted railings, all backed by a lifetime warranty and a commitment to excellence.

Business Information:

Address: 1627 Blanefield Rd, Mississauga, ON L5G 4H3, Canada
Phone: +16479306674

Customer Review:
“The best glass railings contractor in the GTA. We did multiple projects with them”

2) Toronto Deck and Railing

A member of a larger family of railing companies including Winnipeg Deck and Rail and Ottawa Deck and Rail, this firm has roots dating back to 2007. Specializing in customizable aluminum railing solutions using the HomeRail system, they offer a variety of styles and colors readily available for prompt installations. Their service is marked by a personalized approach, maintaining open communication with clients and ensuring a transparent and enjoyable project experience.

Business Information:

Address: 1611 Finfar Ct, Mississauga, ON L5J 4K1, Canada
Phone: +14376900100

Customer Review:
“We met with Mac at showroom. He was very professional going over different styles of railing! The installers that came out were very professional and detailed oriented. After the job was completed, they cleaned up and vacuumed the entire work area. We are very happy with the installation and it was reasonably priced! Thanks again Mac! I will definitely recommend TDR .”


At IronSkill, they offer unmatched craftsmanship, transparent pricing, and a lifetime warranty for all your iron railing projects, both interior and exterior. Their cost-effective bulk material purchasing and efficient storage in their Mississauga warehouse ensure affordability without compromising on quality. Choose IronSkill to elevate your space today!

Business Information:

Address: 1723 Mattawa Ave, Mississauga, ON L4X 1K5, Canada
Phone: +16476915162

Customer Review:
“I was putting my house on sale and Iron Skill was such an easy company to work with. They where able to provide us with the fastest time line and the best price. I am very satisfied with my stainless steel glass railings. Highly recommend!”

4) Custom Glass Railings

This company specializes in state-of-the-art frameless glass railings, perfect for bringing a modern touch to any residential or commercial space. From the initial consultation, where your ideas are valued and integrated into the design process, to the meticulous installation meeting strict building codes, CGR is committed to delivering both luxury and functionality. They offer a wide range of glass options including frosted, smoked, and curved, ensuring a unique, tailor-made product.

Business Information:

Address: 4165 Fieldgate Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 2M9, Canada
Phone: +14167311043

Customer Review:
“Best glass services! Paul did such a good job on my home. He is so reliable and even completed the project earlier than expected. Professional and top quality service and results. Would recommend to everyone!”
FAQs About Glass Railings
Tempered glass is the best for railings. It’s strong and safe because it breaks into small, harmless pieces if it shatters.
Glass railings need regular cleaning to stay clean, can be more expensive upfront than wood or basic metal railings, and may break if hit hard.
Yes, most glass railings are safe, especially those made with tempered glass. Proper installation is key, and regular maintenance enhances their safety.

Usually, glass railings cost more upfront than steel. However, long-term costs can vary depending on factors like location and maintenance. Glass railings may be more cost-effective in the long run with proper upkeep.


In conclusion, the top 4 glass railings contractors in Mississauga represent excellence in design and safety. They offer innovative solutions for your space, whether it’s a new project or an upgrade. Explore their services to turn your space into a modern masterpiece today!

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