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The Best Family Lawyer In Etobicoke [2023]

Discover Etobicoke’s top family law firms, chosen for their exceptional services and positive client reviews. These passionate professionals specialize in Canadian family law, providing guidance in areas such as divorce, custody, property division, adoption, and more.

With extensive experience in employment law, these firms navigate employment-related matters smoothly. Whether you need assistance with family or employment law, these top-rated attorneys are committed to helping you regain control. Benefit from their expertise, wide range of services, and years of experience.

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How Experienced Should My Family Lawyer Be?

When hiring a family lawyer, it is important to consider their experience level. Look for a lawyer who has experience handling cases similar to yours. Ask how long the lawyer has been practicing family law. Consider the lawyer’s personality style and communication preferences. Hiring a reputable lawyer with a solid track record and experience in handling cases similar to yours is recommended.

An experienced family law attorney will have the knowledge of how the different parts of the law and especially family law work together, so even if they haven’t handled a case “exactly” like yours—odds are, they’ve seen enough similar things to have a solid plan of how to approach it.

The Best Family Lawyers In Etobicoke

1) Mahdi & Leite Family Law Office

With locations in Toronto and Mississauga, Mahdi & Leite Family Law Office specializes in all aspects of family law. The firm is dedicated to equipping clients with the necessary legal tools and information to navigate the complexities of family law. They offer a comprehensive range of services, both in and out of court, including marriage, divorce, and separation; child custody, support, and access; division of property; and wills and estates.

The practice’s partners, Natacha Leite and Poroshad Mahdi, focus on understanding the nuanced circumstances of each situation to adopt an individualized approach.

Throughout the divorce process, the firm provides cost-effective and timely advice and guidance, ensuring clients are supported at every step. Their legal professionals assist with various issues, such as parenting plans, support payment calculations, and enforcement of support orders. They also offer advice and representation in spousal support matters, including negotiation of support agreements.

Furthermore, Mahdi & Leite helps clients effectively navigate the intricate landscape of property division, encompassing the equitable division of assets and debts.

To assist clients, Mahdi & Leite offers a free consultation to residents of Toronto and Mississauga. They can be reached via phone, web, or email ( to schedule a consultation or seek answers to any questions. The firm’s website also provides useful links to valuable resources related to family law.

Business Information:
4711 Yonge Street, 10th Floor Toronto ON, M2N 6K8

Customer Review:
"Ms. Poroshad is smart, she's professional, she's got a lot of experience. She was amazing in court, like a warrior, defending you to the best of her ability. She promptly responded to my emails and gave practical suggestions after a comprehensive and rational analysis of my case. I was lucky enough to hire her as my family's attorney, giving me a new lease on life."
"I have known Natacha for ten years, during which time she has provided me and my family with excellent legal services. She has always been professional, knowledgeable and friendly as well as patient when it came to dealing with my elderly family members. I never thought I would say the following about a lawyer: but she is a lawyer I trust. I strongly recommend her."
FAQs about Family Lawyers
The process for handling family law cases can vary, but it generally involves consultation with a family lawyer, investigation, negotiation or litigation, and resolution through settlement or a court decision.
To start a divorce in Ontario, you will need to file an application for divorce, along with supporting documents such as a marriage certificate and a completed financial statement. Consult a family lawyer for the full scope of documentation needed for your case.
During your case, you can expect various stages, including gathering evidence, attending court hearings, participating in negotiations or mediation, and potentially reaching a settlement or receiving a court decision. The specific events and timeline will depend on the complexity of your case and the approach taken by your lawyer.

Hiring a family lawyer in Etobicoke is vital for navigating complex family issues, protecting rights, and achieving favorable outcomes. Ask the right questions, understand the process, and choose an experienced lawyer with a solid track record. With proper representation, individuals and families can confidently move forward with a positive resolution.

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