The 5 Best Family Lawyers in Brampton [2022]
The 5 Best Family Lawyers in Brampton [2022]

The 5 Best Family Lawyers in Brampton [2022]

The best family lawyers in Brampton can help you win any case!

If you’re in Brampton looking for a lawyer to represent you, there are plenty of qualified family lawyers in the city. Family lawyers are experts in all things to do with family law. So if you need legal help with divorce proceedings, child custody, child support, and other issues related to the family.

We selected these family lawyers based on customer reviews, reputation, years of experience and education, and the excellent legal assistance they provide.

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What's the Average Cost of Hiring a Family Lawyer in Brampton?

The average cost of hiring a family lawyer in Brampton is $300 to $600 per hour. However, many lawyers will offer a reduced rate for their services if you are able to provide a retainer fee up front. This fee can range from $500-$5,000 and is typically required before any legal work can begin. 

Some other factors that will affect the cost of hiring a family lawyer in Brampton include:

  • The severity and complexity of your legal issue 
  • The experience and expertise of the lawyer you hire 
  • How much time is required to resolve your legal issue 
  • Whether or not you will be able to reach an amicable resolution outside of court  
  • The amount of money you are willing to spend on legal fees 

If you are facing a complex legal issue, it is often worth it to invest in the services of an experienced and reputable family lawyer. However, if your legal issue is less complex, you may be able to save money by working with a less experienced lawyer or by resolving the issue outside of court. 

Ultimately, the cost of hiring a family lawyer in Brampton will depend on a variety of factors specific to your case.

The Best Family Lawyers in Brampton
Now that you know the average cost of hiring a family lawyer in Brampton, you may be wondering who the best lawyers in the city are. Here is a list of some of the top-rated family lawyers in Brampton:

1) Kavita V. Bhagat Lawyer

Kavita is a well-known lawyer who helps clients in a number of different ways. Not only does she work to find solutions for those who have been involved in difficult family disputes, but she also helps them to understand the legal system and what their next move should be.

She is passionate about her work and takes the time to get to know her clients so that she can provide them with the best possible service. 

Kavita also specializes in collaborative practice and will disclose all information and engage in negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. This makes her an excellent choice for anyone who is facing a difficult legal situation.

Business Information:
215 Queen St W, Brampton, ON L6Y 1M6, Canada

Customer Review:
“Would 100% recommend Kavita to anyone needing legal services in family law. Not only was she attentive to any needs I had but she was very organized and took the time to make sure there was no confusion. She truly cares about her clients making her easy to confide in, she will always have your best interests at heart.”

2) Anita Perera Law Professional Corp.

At Anita Perera Law, their goal is to provide excellent legal services in all areas of the practice, especially in Family law. They are wholeheartedly invested and committed to providing quality service for affordable prices so that clients can be confident about their decisions with them as they navigate through life’s challenges. 

Their Family Law team at their law firm is here to help you through the complexities of family courts, no matter how simple or complex your case may be. They have successfully argued issues before both superior court judges as well as divisional level courthouses so they know what it takes for a victory! 

Call today for a consultation and see how Anita Perera Law can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. You won’t regret it!

Business Information:
2260 Bovaird Dr E Unit 121, Brampton, ON L6R 3J5, Canada

Customer Review:
“I am very happy with Anita's service. She is very kind and always has the clients best interest at heart. She was very accommodating in regards to the closing of my home and was readily available anytime I needed her. Overall, I could not have asked for better service! I would highly recommend her for any legal services. She is the best!”

3) Simple Divorce

At Simple Divorce, they pride themselves on providing the most affordable and straightforward divorce service available. 

They offer a range of services, from simple cases that only require us to handle paperwork all the way up to highly contested matters such as child custody agreements or property division evaluations. No matter what your needs may be, they have got them covered! 

When it comes to family law, they have the expertise and experience that will make your life easier. From an annulment or divorce in Brampton at a reasonable price – to spousal support demands. They can assist you with anything related specifically to these types of situations.

Business Information:
2 County Ct Blvd Suite 400B, Brampton, ON L6W 3W8, Canada

Customer Review:
“Simple Divorce was awesome. They worked on our separation agreement, The team is ethical & professionals who put their clients' interests first. At least my ex-partner and I don't have any disputes regarding money and property.”

4) Taman Singh Law

Taman Singh Law is committed to providing quality workmanship and customer service. Their qualified team of lawyers will take care of all your family law needs, so you can focus on moving on with your life. 

They understand that dealing with complex family law procedures and matters can be overwhelming, and they are here to assist you through this difficult stage. With years of experience, Taman Singh Law has the knowledge and resources to handle your case efficiently and help you achieve the best possible outcome. 

Contact Taman Singh Law today to schedule a consultation, and let them help you take the next step in moving on with your life.

Business Information:
4515 Ebenezer Rd Suite 208, Brampton, ON L6P 2K7, Canada

Customer Review:
“My family needed some legal advice for some personal matters and Taman helped ease any stress they had. He definitely knows what he is doing. 10/10 recommend.”

5) Baidwan & Baidwan Lawyers LLP

If you are going through a separation, divorce, or dissolution of a relationship, it is important to choose the right lawyer who will provide legal services and support during this time. The team at Baidwan & Baddan LLP has extensive experience in family law and can give your family peace of mind by providing them with compassionate care in their difficult moments. 

Baidwan & Baund’s divorce lawyers are here to help you through your divorce process with expertise in all aspects of family law. They will work hard and do everything possible so that it is done quickly and fairly for all involved parties. With compassion and skill, they will help you navigate this difficult time so that you can move on with your life.

Business Information:
7700 Hurontario St suite 410, Brampton, ON L6Y 4M3, Canada

Customer Review:
“If you're looking for someone who knows their stuff Sukhi would be your person. When all other lawyers decide to make a decision without knowing the case and giving it a thought that's where he begins his thinking and gives you hope. Very professional, understanding and to the point with his work. Couldn't have gotten to where I am without his help. Def. recommended for his work and intelligence and overall very nice to deal with him.”
FAQs About Family Lawyers
There are many alternatives to going to court, such as mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law. These methods can often be cheaper and faster than going to court, and they may be more likely to result in an amicable resolution.
Family lawyers provide services such as divorce, custody, and property division. They also may help resolve other family disputes, such as child support and visitation. Family lawyers can take on any legal matter that relates to the family.
When you hire a family lawyer, you’re hiring a highly-educated and skilled professional who understands the nuances of family law. Family lawyers can help you understand your rights, give you advice, and represent you in court and during negotiations.
Hire a family lawyer when you are considering a divorce, have been served with divorce papers, or if there is domestic violence in the home. Family lawyers can also help with the legal aspects of adoption, child custody, and prenuptial agreements.

Hiring a family lawyer is a surefire way to protect not only yourself but your family as well. These legal professionals all know the ins and outs of family law and will work hard to ensure you get justice! 

If you’re looking for an attorney who will fight for what you deserve, call any of the best family lawyers in Brampton!