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The 2 Best Car Detailing Shops in Oshawa [2024]

Whether you’re preparing for a car show or simply want your vehicle to look its best, finding a top-notch car detailing service is crucial. Oshawa boasts some excellent options for car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. And for more auto blogs by us, be sure to check out:

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Here, we spotlight the three best car detailing shops in Oshawa for 2024.

1. Sunshine Detailing Oshawa

Sunshine Detailing Oshawa is renowned for its comprehensive car detailing services that cater to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, this shop stands out as a leading choice in Oshawa. They offer:

  • Full Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Paint Correction and Polishing
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Engine Bay Detailing

Sunshine Detailing Oshawa prides itself on using premium products and the latest techniques to ensure your car receives the best care possible. Their attention to detail and personalized service make them a favorite among locals.

Customer Review:
“Jeff did an amazing job at getting 10+ year old stains out of my car. My car no longer smells like cigarettes, has no coffee stains, and feels like I just got it off the lot. Jeff and his team were very knowledgeable and even helped diagnose an issue with my car.”

2. Mr. Shine Wash

Mr. Shine Wash provides a variety of detailing services designed to keep your car in pristine condition. Known for their efficient and thorough service, they are a go-to shop for car owners looking for reliable and high-quality detailing. They offer:

  • Basic to Full Service Washes
  • Interior Cleaning and Shampooing
  • Waxing and Buffing
  • Scratch and Swirl Removal

Mr. Shine Wash offers a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets. Their experienced team ensures that every vehicle is treated with care, making them a trusted name in car care in Oshawa.

Business Information:

Address: 678 Simcoe St S, Oshawa, ON, L1H 4K3
Phone: (905) 725-4543

Customer Review:
“This was my first time getting my car cleaned and I called prior to going and the girl I spoke with was very nice and kind. When I got there the guy directed me in and was very helpful as They all showed me where to go to pay and wait until my car was done! The guys working on my car did a great job, very impressed I will be returning!”
FAQs About Car Detailing

Car detailing is a comprehensive cleaning, restoration, and finishing process for both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. It includes services such as washing, waxing, polishing, vacuuming, and upholstery cleaning. The goal is to make the car look as close to new as possible and protect its appearance.

Car detailing can be expensive due to the time, labor, and high-quality products involved. Detailers spend several hours carefully cleaning and restoring each part of your vehicle, often using specialized tools and premium materials. The level of detail and expertise required justifies the cost, resulting in a thoroughly cleaned and protected car.

Yes, car detailing is worth it. Regular detailing not only keeps your car looking great but also helps maintain its value. It protects your vehicle from environmental damage, prolongs the life of interior components, and can even improve your driving experience. For those who take pride in their vehicle’s appearance, detailing offers significant benefits.

Paint correction is a process that removes surface imperfections from a vehicle’s paintwork, such as swirl marks, light scratches, and oxidation. It involves using abrasive compounds and polishes to carefully remove a fine layer of clear coat, leveling the surface and restoring the paint’s clarity and shine. This process can significantly enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance.


Choosing the right car detailing shop can make all the difference in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your vehicle. Whether you need a simple wash or a full detailing service, these three shops in Oshawa offer exceptional service and results. Visit their websites or contact them directly to learn more about their offerings and to book your appointment.