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The 4 Best Barbershops in Oshawa [2024]

Looking for the perfect spot to freshen up your look or try a new haircut in Oshawa? You’re in luck! Within the heart of this bustling city, you’ll find top-tier Barbershops offering exceptional services. We selected these top 4 barbers deserving of your attention, based on our careful research, visits, and customer reviews.

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Why Regular Visits to the Barber Are Essential?

Routine visits to the barber are more than a grooming routine, it’s often an essential piece of our self-care regimen. Apart from keeping you neat and stylish, a visit to the barber can uplift your confidence, provide a relaxing escape while ensuring you remain at your best.

The Best Barbershops in Oshawa

Let’s discover Oshawa’s top-notch barber shops, where skilled professionals provide exceptional grooming services tailored to your style.

1) Shear Brilliance Hair Studio

Shear Brilliance Hair Studio greets you with a devotion to customer satisfaction. When we visited, we were impressed by the professionals which were simply stunning in their craft, treating each customer with undivided attention and care, providing a unique hairstyling experience you won’t quickly forget.

Business Information:

Phone: +19057231832
Address: 1251 Simcoe St N #7, Oshawa, ON L1G 4X1, Canada

2) Johnny+Cuts Barbershop

Johnny+Cuts Barbershop impresses with its modern decor and consistent high-quality services. During our visit, the friendly environment stood out, and customers couldn’t stop raving about their innovative and edgy cuts. Searching for a stylish transformation, look no further!

Business Information:

Phone: +12892408711
Address: 3 William St W, Oshawa, ON L1J 1J8, Canada

3) Bored Barbers

The ambience at Bored Barber exudes a cool relaxed vibe, perfectly mirrored in their innovative cuts and styles. We personally loved the chill atmosphere and appreciated their dedication to providing truly unique haircuts. It’s a must-visit in Oshawa!
Business Information:

Phone: +19057288186
Address: 800 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1J 2L5, Canada

4) Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop

When you visit Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop, you are assured a VIP grooming experience. We had a royal time exploring their wide range of services, from modern to timeless haircuts, making for a truly pleasurable barber visit in Oshawa.

Business Information:

Phone: +19055797319
Address: 419 King St W Unit 2255A, Oshawa, ON L1J 2K5, Canada

FAQs About Barbershops in Oshawa
Barbers in Oshawa commonly provide a range of services, including haircuts, beard trims, hot towel shaves, and styling. Some barbershops may also offer additional grooming services.
The policies regarding walk-ins and appointments may vary among barber shops in Oshawa. It’s advisable to check with the specific barber or barbershop for their preferred booking method.
Many barbers in Oshawa are knowledgeable about current hairstyle and grooming trends. Feel free to ask for advice or suggestions based on your preferences and lifestyle.
The average cost of a haircut or grooming service can range from $10 to $90 depending on the barbershop and the specific services provided. It’s recommended to inquire about pricing beforehand or check the barbershop’s website for pricing details.
Final Thoughts

Next time you’re in for a fresh cut, Shear Brilliance Hair Studio, Johnny+Cuts Barbershop, Bored Barber, and Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop promise you more than great hair, they offer an experience. Explore these top Oshawa barbers and let your personality shine! Stay tuned for more top picks in the Greater Toronto Area.